ICC awards 2012 September 15, 2012

Kumar Dharmasena voted Umpire of the Year

ESPNcricinfo staff

Sri Lankan umpire Kumar Dharmasena has won the David Shepherd trophy for the Umpire of the Year at the ICC Awards ceremony in Colombo. It is the first time he has won this award.

The other nominees were five-time winner Simon Taufel, three-time winner Aleem Dar, along with New Zealand's Billy Bowden, England's Richard Kettleborough and Australia's Rodney Tucker.

"This award means a lot to me, after playing cricket for 12 years. It's for the Sri Lankan umpires and the community who looked after my growth," Dharmasena said after accepting his award from Graham Gooch. "Honestly, I feel I had a great year on and off the field and I feel having been a cricketer has helped me with my decision making as an umpire and to give better decisions."

The David Shepherd Trophy for ICC Umpire of the Year was voted on by the 10 current Test captains and the Elite Panel of ICC match referees and is partly based on the umpires' performance statistics.

Dharmasena, who made his international debut as an umpire in 2009, joined the Elite Panel in May 2011. In the voting period he stood in seven Tests and 13 ODIs.

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  • Tanveer on September 17, 2012, 19:31 GMT

    Hahahahaha Ridiculous decision. Can someone count the mistake of Aleem Dar/Simon Taufel and the winner Dhermasena. I am pretty sure Both Aleem Dar and Simon Taufelr did least mistakes

  • faizan on September 17, 2012, 13:57 GMT

    ICC need DRS for there decision not to pick any Pakistani specially Aleem dar and saeed ajmal, even hashim amla who scored heavily throughout the year..

  • Luke on September 17, 2012, 10:32 GMT

    Absolutely baffling. I was amazed when I saw his name on the shortlist. the ICC should be thinking about rescinding his Elite Umpire status. Every time I see him he makes at least a couple of mistakes. In the England v Safrica series he had his decision overturned by DRS about 7 times. He was clueless. Aleem Dar or Kettleborough would have justified this award. And HOW is Billy Bowden still and umpire?!?!

  • Muhammad on September 17, 2012, 7:13 GMT

    4th test Aus vs India: Khan to Marsh, OUT, oh dear, Marsh has been given leg before, was that in line with off? Nope, he has got a rough one, the ball would have taken out off, but he was struck outside the line, nothing going Marsh's way at the moment

  • Muhammad on September 17, 2012, 6:16 GMT

    Ist test bangladesh-v-west-indies-2011 38.1 Samuels to Shahriar Nafees, no run, pads away to an armer, and this was surely plumb! That was hitting off and middle, how is that not out Mr. Dharmasena? 2nd Test 32.1 Shahadat Hossain to Bravo, no run, angled in from outside off, defended back to the bowler. The umpire seems to have let the previous over go with just five ball.

    69.3 Bishoo to Mushfiqur Rahim, no run, much closer, big appeal for lbw turned down. Another straight one that hurries in towards middle and leg as Rahim plays back. Was that missing leg? Dharmasena thinks so, I don't. India vs West Indies 1st test 79.5 Ashwin to Baugh, 1 run, 86.8 kph, optimistic lbw appeal, umpire Dharmasena says no since it hit just outside the line of off stump. Given a run, which seems to be the wrong call. 14.3 Sharma to KA Edwards, no run, 139.0 kph, that's got to be really close, it was pitched up and homing in on the stumps, umpire Dharmasena is unmoved, replays do not

  • Mike on September 17, 2012, 1:21 GMT

    I agree with this award, this guy has impressed me a great deal. I am yet to see him make a poor decision. I do agree Aleem is the best over time, overall though, but this guy deserves to win it this year.

  • Guru on September 16, 2012, 16:28 GMT

    Could we have a DRS? am sure the verdict will be overturned

  • Dummy4 on September 16, 2012, 13:05 GMT

    Dharmasena- ???????????????

  • udendra on September 16, 2012, 11:57 GMT

    Do we have a stat record in the umpire profiles at Cricinfo? would be helpful these days.

  • Dummy4 on September 16, 2012, 8:13 GMT

    just ridiculous , Aleem Dar is the best Umpire for last years , and at the moment too he is the Best in the world . Dharmasena not even around the best , ICC awards are just unfair and look like based on quota system ... this year srilanka got the favours of ICC ...

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