Afro-Asia Cup 2007 April 5, 2007

Bangalore and Chennai to host Afro-Asia Cup

Cricinfo staff

The dates for the second Afro-Asia Cup one-day series, which is being staged in India, have been announced.

The three matches, which the ICC have granted full ODI status, will be played in Chennai (June 6) and Bangalore (June 9 and 10). All games will start at 2.30pm and will be day-night matches. The organisers have said that the two sides will be known as the Asia Tigers and the African Lions.

The timing is slightly surprising given that it is in the monsoon season, but such are the demands on the teams that it was one of the few free periods in the calendar. India will have just finished their series against Bangladesh, and none of the other countries who will supply players are in action.

The first staging of the tournament, which is a fund-raiser for the African Cricket Association and the Asian Cricket Council, was in South Africa in August 2005. On that occasion the outfields had to be painted green for television audiences, so far out of the normal season were the games played.