NZ v Eng, Group A, Wellington February 20, 2015

'An innings worthy of standing his ground when he was bowled'

ESPNcricinfo staff

If England thought being swung out by Tim Southee was their low point of the day, they had another thing coming. New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum strode in, slammed an eye-watering 77 off 25 balls - 74 of which came in boundaries - and knocked them out. It was the fastest fifty in World Cup cricket and almost killed the match before the supper break and they say one-day cricket meanders.

Shoddy work then, he let the chase travel to 12.2.

But not too many people would be blaming McCullum. They were a little wowed by the batting on display.

But what could have possessed McCullum to be so belligerent?

If Regional stadium was a dark alley, McCullum was the boogeyman and the England bowlers would have a few sleepless nights after this. Steven Finn might be the most afflicted, as he claimed the most expensive two-over spell in ODI history.

The target was 19 runs away. McCullum was four sixes from the fastest century in World Cup Cricket. But the fairytale was not to be as Chris Woakes broke through

Now that that's done, what did the home fans have to look forward to?

Just when the umpires thought this match wouldn't last long enough for them to be caught under the magnifying glass...

But there is always a reason.

After forty-five minutes of the crowd not having to dodge cricket balls hurtling at them...

Not to be as Martin Guptill was bowled by a ball that kept a touch low

The carnage almost overshadowed a stunning display of swing bowling from Tim Southee, but bowlers tend not to forget. And team-mates certainly don't.

He was close to being a certifiable one too. Had Southee picked up one more wicket to go with his 7 for 33, he could have had the best display by a bowler in a World Cup.

Outswingers that hit top of off stump, outswingers that hit base of off stump. Today was not the day to be an England batsman. And Stuart Broad came in with the score at 108 for 6 and was out for 4

So what can say after a team loses a day-night match ended before it became dark do?