August 21, 2001

ICC confirms John Reid appointment for Asian Test Championship

The ICC has confirmed the appointment of New Zealand's John Reid as match referee for the forthcoming Asian Test Championship matches involving Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), through the Asian Cricket Council, had lodged an objection to Reid's appointment, but ICC policies do not permit any member country to veto the appointment of independent referees or umpires. This policy was re-confirmed at the ICC Executive Board meeting in Nairobi, Kenya in October 2000.

"I have spoken personally to the Pakistan Cricket Board and John Reid about this matter and explained the ICC's position. The PCB has assured me that John Reid will receive the same courtesies that are extended to all ICC officials visiting the country, and for his part Mr Reid remains keen to fulfil his appointment covering the four Test matches," commented ICC Chief Executive Officer Malcolm Speed.

The first match in the Asian Test Championship (ATC) will be Pakistan v Bangladesh in Multan from the 29th August. ICC umpire Darrell Hair will stand in that match and the Pakistan v India Test in Lahore. Rudi Koertzen will umpire the ATC fixtures between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in Colombo and India v Bangladesh in Bangalore.