July 29, 2002

Thorpe to take time out from cricket

Media Release

Graham Thorpe today announced that he has decided to take a break from all cricket and will not be available to Surrey or England in the immediate future.

Thorpe said: "This has been a very difficult decision for me to make as I have enjoyed being a part of the Surrey and the England dressing rooms this summer and have every intention of continuing my career as a professional cricketer.

"But I am feeling very worn-down and burnt out by events off-the-field which have become a major distraction for me and prevented me from fully focusing on my cricket.

"What I'm planning to do now is take a break from cricket so I can make my children the number one priority in my life and give myself more time to re-adjust to my changed domestic circumstances.

"I'm fully aware of the consequences as far as my England Test place is concerned. This will create an opportunity for another player to come into the team and I have had to balance that possibility against the needs of my family.

"Retirement is definitely not in my mind at the moment. I feel that I have plenty more cricket in me at the highest level and hopefully this break will recharge my batteries and allow me to resume my career once my domestic situation has been resolved."