'I never thought this would happen' October 26, 2004

Heyhoe-Flint to sit on MCC committee

Wisden Cricinfo Staff

Rachael Heyhoe-Flint: MCC's first committee-woman © Getty Images
Rachael Heyhoe-Flint, who led England to victory in the inaugural Women's World Cup in 1973, will become the first woman to sit on the MCC general committee when they convene tomorrow at Lord's.

Heyhoe-Flint, 65, has already served two years on MCC's marketing committee, and was among the first women to join MCC as a member after the all-male rule was relaxed early in 1999.

"I come from a business background," she said, "where we treat people as customers and clients and not just paying punters. I hope to bring some of that to Lord's." Her CV, besides cricket, includes being PR director at Wolverhampton Wanderers and being the UK's first female television sports presenter, on ITV's World of Sport in 1973.

In March Heyhoe-Flint comfortably won a place on the general committee, gaining over 3000 votes. After her election, which took effect on October 1, she said: "I never thought this would happen, nor so quickly. I'm really chuffed."

She elaborated: "I join as MCC is investing £8.2 million in refurbishing the pavilion, but I won't be calling for frilly curtains or chintzy settees. It has probably not gone unnoticed that a woman turns up and the first thing that happens is the house gets redecorated."