County news November 27, 2012

New Road falls victim to UK floods

ESPNcricinfo staff

The flooding that has cursed many parts of the UK has claimed a predictable victim - Worcestershire's New Road ground which is under water yet again.

Worcestershire have said that relocation of their administrative operations has meant that there has been less disruption than usual, although construction work on a new 120-room hotel and restaurant has been threatened almost as soon as it has started.

The redevelopment includes new conference and executive suites and is essential to safeguard Worcestershire's financial future.

Prolonged and heavy flooding would put pressure on a deadline for completion of the club suites by June 2013, with the new hotel and restaurant scheduled to open in October next year.

Worcestershire have constructed a temporary bridge to gain access to the Graeme Hick Pavilion so all functions, including a comedy night this Friday, go ahead as scheduled.

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  • John on November 28, 2012, 9:36 GMT

    You have to feel sorry for Worcs and anyone who has been affected by these floods. I was talking to a neighbour yesterday (I live in the South West which has had some flooding) and his opinion was that alot of this could have been prevented. He said that the rivers etc don't get monitored/looked after and if that a big part of the problem is that there is so much silt etc doen there. He said if they were regularly dredged then many of these floods could be prevented. But this would mean the government/councils using common sense and spending a comparatively small amount to have these rivers looked after rather than spending more money to repair the damage.

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