England v Pakistan, 4th Test, The Oval August 21, 2006

Former Pakistani players back Inzamam

Former Pakistani players have rallied behind Inzamam-ul-Haq for protesting against Darrell Hair's allegation regarding ball tampering. Some have even said that Inzamam should have led his men off the field immediately after Hair decided to change the ball.

'The star of the show definitely was umpire Darrell Hair, but as a villain of the piece' - Rameez Raja © Getty Images

Imran Khan, Pakistan's legendary captain

Inzi should have reacted far sooner than he did. Had I been in Inzi's place I would taken a stand right there and then when Hair decided to change the ball and accused the Pakistanis of ball tampering. I would have insisted on the managers of both teams and match referee coming out to register my protest. I would never have meekly accepted Hair's judgement the way Inzamam did. Hair's brash and provocative manner makes him the main culprit in letting things go out of hand. During my career I have seen such umpires who go out of their way to make their authority felt. They are umpiring fundamentalists. Such characters court controversy.

Intikhab Alam, former captain and coach

I feel Inzamam should have taken the decision of leaving the ground at that very moment when the umpires decided to change the ball or he should have kept on playing as Pakistan were in a winning position.

Rameez Raja, former captain and former PCB CEO

The star of the show definitely was umpire Darrell Hair, but as the villain of the piece. With a lot of negative background, and serious protests by the India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka boards on earlier occasions, it was really flabbergasting to see the ICC installing him once again in a Pakistan game. Grossly aggrieved, the Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq and the team were in their right to protest. The pride of an entire people has been tarnished by his ludicrous and highly insensitive decision. I'm sure the Pakistan captain would not have changed his stance and entered the field again had he not been bulldozed by diplomatic pressure. Pakistan's bold stance has certainly exposed Hair. Will it be the end of the road for him? If it is it would not be a day too soon.

Jalauddin, former fast bowler

Inzamam did the right thing by not coming out after tea. But the only mistake he made was to get on the field after the ECB and PCB's intervention. Hair has accused the Pakistan team of cheating and it's a serious allegation.

Moin Khan, former captain

Had I been in the place of Inzamam, I would have immediately led the team off and would not have returned until the umpires had explained their decision. Pakistan team is a victim of circumstances and I think people who have something between their ears would understand Inzamam's actions. It's a testing time for the ICC because they now need to come out with something otherwise international cricket would turn on its head.