Episode Five - Back Squat

It is important that you do a proper front squat with good technique and execution before you move on to back squat. The back squat will allow you to lift a slightly heavier weight compared to front squat as the bar is lying over your shoulders - but with heavier weight comes more resistance and stress on the back and legs so the technique and control over the weight is very important. As with the front squat it is a fantastic exercise to develop base strength. It is an exercise with a higher risk but with the right technique and gradual progression in terms of resistance there are some real benefits. As it is a bilateral and symmetrical exercise it also creates good balance between the muscle groups of both legs.


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Gillette Fitness Zone video series presented by Adrian Le Roux will explore fitness exercises to enhance the performance of the modern day cricket player. The 25-episode series will focus on the functional exercises that can be done anyplace anywhere; and then move on to functional and core stability exercises that involve lot of movement and power.

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