Episode Seven - Horizontal Pull-up

The Horizontal Pull-up is a variation of the normal pull-up, and it's slightly easier to perform. There are a few different variations, with the feet positions and the resistance that these positions create. It's an exercise with a low risk of injury as you use your own bodyweight as resistance. Not all of us can do a normal pull-up, but the horizontal pull-up is an exercise that almost anyone can perform. With the different variations it gives you an upper body workout and activate the core with a good body position and bringing in swiss ball or balance trainer.


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Posted by Srikkanth on (February 24, 2013, 7:44 GMT)

Dear Adrian,

Thanks for the amazing videos. However I have few queries:

a) If I m focusing on developing my strength, how many reps should I do? b) Should I do all the excercise in One day or Divided over a week? c) If the excercises are divided, kindly tell me the pattern. d) Is there any rest day between the workouts? Should I do this 5 days a week?

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