Episode Ten - Box Jump and Extension

Box jump and extension is a more functional exercises that includes some plyometric exercises. It is important to know these so that when we come to the more advance jumps and movements our technique are correct and our bodies will be able to cope with the added load. The basic box jump is an important part of the training arsenal. A good jump with the correct technique has a lot of benefits in itself but also lays a foundation to do more advanced jumps and high intensity plyometrics later on. Always try and improve your box jump height, it's an effective way to monitor your progress.


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About Gillette Fitness Zone

Gillette Fitness Zone video series presented by Adrian Le Roux will explore fitness exercises to enhance the performance of the modern day cricket player. The 25-episode series will focus on the functional exercises that can be done anyplace anywhere; and then move on to functional and core stability exercises that involve lot of movement and power.

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