Episode Twenty Three - Dead Bug and Ball

Another very functional core exercises for a cricketer using only a swiss ball. As the exercise requires movement of both arms and legs together with a fair amount of coordination it is a very functional exercise. It is also a very safe exercise to perform as you are lying down with your lower back not leaving the floor while performing the exercise. The exercises can be performed almost anywhere -- important things to remember is that this is one of those exercises where you want to keep the ball as still as possible while movement is taking place. Also muscle endurance will be of the main objectives performing these types of exercises.


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Gillette Fitness Zone video series presented by Adrian Le Roux will explore fitness exercises to enhance the performance of the modern day cricket player. The 25-episode series will focus on the functional exercises that can be done anyplace anywhere; and then move on to functional and core stability exercises that involve lot of movement and power.

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