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India 'satisfactory' despite early exit - Dhoni

Abhishek Purohit in Colombo

October 2, 2012

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MS Dhoni, speaking with a catch in his voice that betrayed his acute disappointment, has called for a "practical" assessment of India's failure to make the knockouts of the World Twenty20 for the third successive time. Dhoni said it was important to remember that India had lost only one game during the tournament, against Australia, and he maintained that rain during that match had handicapped his bowlers.

"The same question was asked when we lost in England and Australia," Dhoni said when asked whether the side needed an overhaul after recent failures. "This is one question that arises when we have not done well but just see the performance in this tournament. We lost one game and lost it badly.

"We all know what impact rain has on the bowlers, especially spinners and bowlers who don't bowl 140 [kph] plus. Let's get practical about what the reason was and then assess if it's the fault of the players. It is not. It can happen in this format. You are at the stage where other games are having an impact. You don't want that kind of situation to happen but sometimes you are just forced to accept what is pushed on to you."

India had to beat South Africa by at least 31 runs to qualify for the semi-finals ahead of Pakistan on net run-rate and Dhoni said that was too steep a difference to achieve. Overall, Dhoni said India's showing in the tournament was acceptable. "The performance was otherwise satisfactory. We didn't think that the other match [Pakistan v Australia] would impact us so much. We knew that it would affect us but the required margin while winning was too big so we had a problem."

Dhoni said going into the game, India's plan was to restrict South Africa and chase the target with a few overs to spare. "As per the equation our strategy was to field first and then score whatever the target at a fast pace, 15 or 16 overs. So that is why we thought that if we play an extra batsman that would be helpful for us. We needed to win by a margin of 30-odd runs so [I] was not so comfortable while making the strategy because when you are batting first you don't know what is a good score."

During South Africa's chase, India were relying on the fast bowlers to get them early wickets, Dhoni said. "We wanted to make use of the new ball initially. I knew that if our fast bowlers could swing it a bit and get those early breakthroughs in the first six overs, then we could put pressure through the spinners. But if we tried the other way around, it is more than certain that if the fast bowlers come on later, it will be difficult for them to get batsmen out unless they play a rash shot. We started with fast bowlers, got the breakthroughs, but then they batted quite well and Rohit's (Sharma) over went for runs. But 120 was quite a low target to defend. We won this game by one run, so it is difficult to say that if a few strategies had been changed, we could have defeated them big."

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Posted by Narbavi on (October 5, 2012, 4:58 GMT)

@Janahitha: Lol,i really feel pity for you, your team is the one which struggles like hell in overseas conditions, you need proof?? your team hasn't won a single test in Australia, infact not a single test in india too, and not a single series in england, whereas you make fun of us,

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 4:17 GMT)

I seriously think Indian took this very easily... since they came here as favorites... that 5 mins rain could not made a huge difference.... most importantly Indian team was the only team who played all their matches at same venue... so they had the most out of it. they knew each & everything of that wicket.... it was a silly excuse from a captain like Dhoni... what i think is Indians took this very easily & they depended on other teams to keep them up. all teams knew how the game will be played & points are awarded, so then why they didnt play according to that? from the begining AUS & PAK was on top of the points table... so Dhoni shouldn't be blaming anyone else than him self & his team....!! they have played so much in Sri lanka & specially most of their matches at R. Premadasa stadium, they knew the pitch almost same like Sri lankans did... so please no excuses.. dew factor is a well known thing in India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka... so you were prepared for it......!!!!

Posted by   on (October 5, 2012, 4:09 GMT)

Dhoni must realize that being satisfactory is not good enough at this level. We're not playing U11 cricket for Gods sake. Dhoni needs to make room for the next captain!

Posted by   on (October 4, 2012, 18:05 GMT)

India really missed yousuf pathan......

Posted by raindelay on (October 4, 2012, 11:43 GMT)

What dhoni satisfied? then why he is travelling to srilanka for wt20.. We all know win or loss is part of the game but answers like these will irritate indian fans definitely, india does not make semis last 3 T20 world cup under DHONI and he is tellling answers like this "I m satisfied" ,"because of rain we lost" "select horses for courses" we all know dhoni won us 2011 50 over world cup and a fantastic 50 over player but not t20 specialist , look at his t20 int stats nothing impressive...dhoni better retire in t20

Posted by Rahul_Acharya on (October 4, 2012, 11:38 GMT)

When Ganguly's team lost in the Final of 2003 world cup, the whole country was proud of the team's achievement of being runners up. Coz, people had seen a fighting team. Losing is not a issue, but losing with such huge margins without giving a fight hurts. And blaming rain after that is foolishness. At the start of Super 8, Dhoni knew that we had to be the top two among Aus, Pak, SA and Ind. And he failed to achieve it. Thats it. Aus, SL and Pak too have won 4 of their 5 matches. The reality is they played better than us to be qualified.

Posted by Fast_Track_Bully on (October 4, 2012, 10:55 GMT)

@Janahitha. But that's enough for us to beat SL in all around the world. So who is 'Useless boys'?

Posted by VivtheGreatest on (October 4, 2012, 10:12 GMT)

It was Dhoni's tactical blunders that were a major factor in India's exit. Like Bedi said he has got an extremely long rope. He should stop making silly excuses like rain etc and admit that we weren't good enough

Posted by Indiateamfan on (October 4, 2012, 9:22 GMT)

I seriously wonder where all these critics were when we were on high. Just one game failure shouldn't attract so many criticism. First remember they are INDIANS who WANTS INDIAN team to WIN. They don't go out there to loose. Dhoni had proved himself and is not in need of the advice of those people who can't even stand for 30 mins on that playing field.

Posted by alwaysindia on (October 4, 2012, 7:13 GMT)

@ Janahitha can you please tell me where did india win 2007 world t20, cb series 2008 or simply world cup 1983

Posted by g.narsimha on (October 4, 2012, 7:09 GMT)

KING OWL-U ARE JUST signifieng u r name what about paks batting had it not been GULS fluck 15 ball 30 where would have u r team landed , so dont make tall claims it is not a bib to to in semis , u r team is just lucky other wise would not have reached 3 digits vrs sa its fluck -

Posted by g.narsimha on (October 4, 2012, 7:05 GMT)

KIWIROCKER - What about u r teams lucky or infact fluck win over SA , had it not been GULS fluck 15 ball 30 u r team would not have reached 3 digits as usual , SA , AUS DID FOR U so be happy ,in this tournment our bowling was better than u rs as we could able to take all 10 wickets in 4 games , how can u claim that pak not lost ,infact was just crushed , 8 wicket loss is huge , for u r information we just not only won one wc cup only in ind ,we won every where beating u r over hyped team , i cant emagine what will happen to u r team in AUS, SA , EVEN WITH AAMIR, AASIF LAST TIME IT WAS TOTAL WHITE WASH , the lone spinner will not do any thing as he was pathetic ,sent to cleaners to all patrs of AUS last time ,so instead of worrieng on IND u better think of u r team which doesnt have batters, pacers , what will be the fat of this team out side uae ?

Posted by AjaySridharan on (October 4, 2012, 4:24 GMT)

You can't fault Dhoni for not qualifying. He won this match, though scratchily...but to be fair, both teams lost interest in the outcome of the game once SA crossed 121. If Aus v Pak match had been much tighter, this game would have been approached differently. India did make some tactical errors...Sehwag's almighty heave, dhoni not coming in ahead of Rohit, playing three pacers...but playing 7 batsmen was an acceptable strategy when you have to win big. Tough luck...that's all one can say

Posted by vivekk83 on (October 4, 2012, 2:44 GMT)

India have never been the best T20 side and so to expect to win was nothing but day dreaming. when you win 4 games out of 5 and get knocked out, its a bit of a lottery and unfortunate. This was the group of death and India were good , but not the best. for all that was said of the bowling at the end of super 8's, 3 bowlers from India in the top 12. May be India missed a trick or two in chasing quickly against pakistan ( could have sent raina to slog ahead of yuvi) and may be pushed the Ozzie game by another over by not bowling Rohit sharma...If there is something to criticize Dhoni /Duncan on, i would put my finger on this... IF sehwag is dropped, there is a problem, if he keeps getting out for single digits it's a problem.. Why can't we as Indian cricket fans give some breathing space to them. They are humans after all and let's learn to keep expectations down and enjoy what the game has to offer. Pity, that many of us who comment haven't been on the field for a full 100 overs in aday

Posted by qayyumpuri on (October 4, 2012, 1:54 GMT)

MSD is a good talker. Its foolish to say that he is satisfied with the performance. when you have achieved nothing how can you be satisfied. To win or loose requires only a tiny difference in performance is required and thats it. Accept your defeat MSD.

Posted by TRAM on (October 4, 2012, 0:13 GMT)

India needs a captain WHO WANTS IT. Today, based on the body languages I see only 3 people who WANT IT. Kholi, Ashwin and Raina. Every one else is lethargic, disinterested, take it for granted OR plain simply too old/jaded. Youngsters like Dinda or Tiwary are excluded from this remark.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 22:28 GMT)

Apart from India, I never seen such cricket fans who criticize their team like this !! we should support the team India !! no worry boys next cup will be ours !!

Posted by anita1_cric on (October 3, 2012, 21:58 GMT)

Simple ....MSD True image coming out ...........MSD is fluke long as fluke helps India win planning but silly excuse ....we call MSD cool ...he must be called fool

Posted by vito_sl on (October 3, 2012, 19:58 GMT)

This is no suprise! That's why Indian team is known as "Flat pitch boys...".They can't win outside India. They crashed out in 2008 Worl Cup in WI, then follows T20 World Cups in WI and in England. Get use to this or introduce youung talent. Time to say bye bye to all the Grandpas in the team..

Posted by zuber21886 on (October 3, 2012, 18:34 GMT)

rain certainly changed the game against australia, thats a practical factor, which can only be realized if we are playing in real, this Indian side is having a good potential to get the cup, but it wasn't in the favor.

Posted by shazzar on (October 3, 2012, 18:33 GMT)

Petty excuse by dhoni, poor tactics and a few out of form batsmans is what cost india. 1) Knowing rain was forecasted, India should have batted 2nd against aust, especailly when there and and aust strength was batting 2) Knowing nrr could come into, they should have improved theres with wickets in hand against pak, pak were simply handing them the chance from the off especdally when hafeez was busy trying to contain india to imrpove there run rate 3) last match showed why india did not deserve to go though automatically, the likes of sehwag, gambir and sharma are simply not in form. Should have aimed for a target of 180 and gone for it all out. Not try to give up at the toss and engineer a win to keep the media happy back in india The sad point is they could have gone through as pakistan or safrica were not excatly shining either and aust were not really tested with spin.

Posted by Indiana_jones99 on (October 3, 2012, 18:16 GMT)

After the defeat to Pakistan in the warm up match, I did not rate India's progress highly with the bowling attack India had. They have managed to do better even though they are out of semi-finals and the tournament. Good luck the semi-finalists and if Pakistan cannot win it there will be a new name on the trophy.

Finally here is the table that matters (WC stands for World Cup) :

Team ODI - WC T20 WC U-19 WC Total (Gold) (Silver) (Bronze) Australia 4 0 3 7 India 2 1 3 6 West Indies 2 0 0 2 Pakistan 1 1 2 4 Sri Lanka 1 0 0 1 England 0 1 1 2

The ODI World cup is the most coveted and is rated higher (Gold) in the above table affecting the placements (WI ahead of Pak)

Posted by SLBU on (October 3, 2012, 17:53 GMT)

Still criticize the 2 minute rain in Australia game. rain was not the reason for the defeat , fantastic batting of Watson and Warner. poor Dhoni.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 17:04 GMT)

Guys, I dont know why we are making big scene out of it. India dint qualify for semi's is not the end of the world. We did play the giants like Aus, Pak & SA in super 8. There is no way we can beat SA with a margin of 32 runs either we bat first or second. India played good cricket except the match against Aus. Overall perfromance was very decent with the available bowling options. best of luck India for your future series.

Posted by Hardy1 on (October 3, 2012, 16:49 GMT)

To be fair 4 wins out of 5 is very good, it's just the pathetic manner of the defeat against Australia that cost them. I reckon that if India had won the toss and batted second in this game it could've made all the difference. Alas, not to be. It didn't matter to me who went through since both India & Pakistan have won the World T20 and it'd be nice to see one of the other 3 teams in the semis go all the way this time. The Pakistani dominance of the T20 World Cup is getting boring quickly.

Posted by nithbtns on (October 3, 2012, 16:34 GMT)

Now dhoni might be thinking we could have gone to the new jersey. Then thats it, he can blame the outfit for the early exit. Simply done. Lol

Posted by Al_Bundy1 on (October 3, 2012, 16:29 GMT)

Opening batsmen and bowling were India's biggest problems. Gambhir and Sehwag don't belong in T20. We need youngsters like Rahane, Manish Pandey etc for T20. Ashwin and Harbhajan are no where near Ajmal or Raza. Chawla and Dinda are club level bowlers. Why were they selected ahead of the likes of Muralik Karthik, Munaf Patel, or Parvinder Awana?

Posted by Prakmca on (October 3, 2012, 16:28 GMT)

No one can't necessarily praise any for one odd good show after 20-30 flop shows. This is what happening with Harbajan and Zaheer, in fact we have include Rohit Sharma & Sehwag also. Still I am seeing that Harbajan's 4 wickets against England. Everyone in the world knows that it is not because of Harbajan's talent, it's because of England's poor batting. Really surprsing how the Indian cricket legends they are praising Harbajan. Please Stop doing that.

Time to drop all the 4, look for fresh promising talents...

Selectors do not let the Indian team to fail again in Future. Fresh Selection committee, we need alll fresh to team.

Posted by Nampally on (October 3, 2012, 16:07 GMT)

It is ironical to see Dhoni callong for a "Practical assessment" of India's failure to make the Semis while defending the team. While I agree this team fought hard & were unlucky to be nosed out with the same Win/Loss record as the other 2. At the same time the batting potential of this team never quite showed up. Sehwag, Gambhir & Rohit Sharma failed consistently. Surely that is one obvious conclusion & does not need a Rocket Scientist to make.Second conclusion is India had specialist T 20 bowlers in Rahul Sharma, Murali Kartik (Spin), Praveen Kumar, D.Kulkarni, Munaf & Nehra (seamers). These are experienced guys who can bowl at the right spots to be economical wkt. takers. Why were they excluded from the squad? Choose the Right guys to do the job - Lesson for the Selectors. Gambhir & Sehwag definitely need to be replaced as openers with 2 off Chand, Rahane, Vijay, Dhawan, Mukund. Pujara should lead India in the Tests + ODI's & Kohli in T 20. Rohit produces or is out "Talent" or Not.

Posted by rosh280 on (October 3, 2012, 15:48 GMT)

it is really shame on dhoni to say these type of stupid things. dhoni has to request selectors that i need some options. kaustubh pawar, murtuja vohra, rahul dewan, sarul kanwar, sunny singh, amitoze singh are great players reckon the chance to get the place in indian team. kaustub pawar, murtuja vohra, sunny singh, amitoze singh, surya kumar yadav, jalaj saxena, bhuvanesh kumar, abhishek nayyar are great alrounders of the standard of robin singh, ajay jadeja, ravi shastri, kapil dev, mohinder amarnath, sandeep patil type. they can score centuries, hit boundaries, sixes at will. murali vijay,ajinka rahane, mandeep singh, ashok menaria are the real choice to indian batting. bowlers like rituraj singh, pawan zuyal, deepak chahar, sandeep sharma, kamal passi,baba aparajith, ravikant singh, mrtuja vohra, kaustub pawar are the real bowlers to find chance in indian team.shami ahmed is a great one to choose. vijay zol and prakash chopra can be best for test future.

Posted by IcTP on (October 3, 2012, 15:24 GMT)

@ voyager on (October 03 2012, 13:44 PM GMT): Agreed. Manjrekar's assessment that "India will feel hard done by" has no basis. India had the advantage of familiarity with the conditions, via playing all its five games at one stadium (the Premadasa, Colombo). They had the advantage of playing the final game of their half of the Super Eights, i.e. knew what had to be done. (Plus, if it was on the same pitch as the Aus vs Pak before it, that would have suited India's spin-reliant attack even more.)

As not enough people seem to be noting, it was clear during the Ind vs Pak game itself that NRR might eventually become an issue. As it indeed turned out, India's failure to chase the Pak total down quickly lost them valuable "NRR points" against both Aus and Pak, and swung the balance further in Pak's favo(u)r at the start of the final Super Eights day.

To be clear, India failed to give itself the best chance to qualify for the semifinals by not optimizing during the Pak chase.

Posted by spookygobee on (October 3, 2012, 13:58 GMT)

Just face the truth people... Anyone is a champion in his own backyard.... This time, Its Sri Lanka. Last time, It was India.... Next time, who ever the host is...

Posted by PTtheAxis on (October 3, 2012, 13:54 GMT)

yes satisfactory meaning that dhoni can stay on as T20 captain despite not reaching semi-finals in last 3 world cups. pathetic.

Posted by Kurapati on (October 3, 2012, 13:51 GMT)

Shame Dhoni, Stop giving nonsense at the press. You brought us down at the Worldcup. What are you saying now? thought of fielding first and then chase the target with overs to spare? what a joke it was.. As everyone know our strength is batting and we have all paper tigers in our team and with that we should bat first and play with a burning enthu to win and put a target around 200. India never chase in these kind of matches as if one wicket falls that is it with the chase.. Keep your stupid ego aside and stepdown as captain. Enough of your worst strategies on field. 120 is tough to defend?? then try to score 200 you have 7 batsmen in your team. Nobody understand why Rohit is in the team and he gets the bowling ahead of the specialist spinner in these kind of matches. In a way it's good though we didn't make semis as everyone expects top 4 teams in semis and we doesn't belong there. T20 should have qualifier round and India must go throught that inorder to participate. Pathetic

Posted by voyager on (October 3, 2012, 13:44 GMT)

India was eliminated in the game against Pakistan. They could have gone all out to thrash the 128 target in less than 15 overs but did not had the guts to attempt that. Pakistan realized midway in the India game that they are not going to win it and used their brain to play good percentage cricket.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 13:39 GMT)

India lost because they did not play as a team.Every one tried to make a statement for them self.If you think you are better than every body else you are not a team member.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 13:37 GMT)

Those who say Srilanka will win the cup, cannot be true SL fans. We have been bridesmaids before and there's no certainty that it wan't happen again. The thing is we are a force to be reckon with in the major tournaments and we are consistent at that. Let's take heart of it even if we didn't win. World cup doesn't matter in the long run. Look at our neighbors won the cup 2011 now out of tournaments in straight sets. Former champions England out of the tournament. Who cares about them now. Take all blacks for example. They won the first rugby cup but never again until recently. But they were loved,feared and revered through out the time. That matters.

Posted by TigreTiburon on (October 3, 2012, 13:37 GMT)

I agree with MSD on this one....we only had ONE bad game, and it cost us a place in the semis...on the other hand, WI lost more than India and yet they are in the semis....however, fielding is the biggest concern for me, especially when I see how Ashwin fields like he's 70.....

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (October 3, 2012, 13:33 GMT)

one thing is sure . tommorow the first semifinal will be played between PAK & SL . that means either of them would be get out of tournament . who ever it is , fans of pak/ sl be ready for a load of comments from indian fans . many pak & sl fans have written some harsh things about indian team , they r making fun of india like india had lost all the matches in super 8 . many indian fans are waiting for the first semifinal & i can assure you they will not stop critisizing the losing team . SO PAK/ SL FANS BE READY . TODAY YOU R LAUGHING AT US . TOMMOROW WE WILL LAUGH ON ONE OF YOU .B/W BEST OF LUCK TO BOTH TEAMS I REALLY WANTS THIS T20WC TO REMAIN IN SUBCONTINENT .

Posted by alwaysindia on (October 3, 2012, 13:23 GMT)

@ab rar, your cricketers dont deserve to be in ipl. also,for your kind information batting against sa is much more difficult than against pakistan . do you remember how indians smashed same Gul, Afridi and Ajmal in asia cup or warm up match or super 8s .you can be a good bowling side but not against india. some people say that indian bowling is weakbut they are the only side who have dismissed the opposition 4 times out of 5.

Posted by Nampally on (October 3, 2012, 13:10 GMT)

I agree with Dhoni's assessment of the Indian performance, in principle. The tactics of bowling ZAK & Irfan for 3 overs each with the new ball was good because these guys are good swing bowlers. I had commented before the game that inclusion of Tiwary (instead of Rohit) would give Dhoni a leg spin option while retaining the batting strength. That might have helped in dismissing De Plessis early. He was the only batsman who carried SA batting. If India could get him early, India had a good chance of dismissing SA for <121. That was the only other opportunity missed. Sehwag's wild swing, especially after Kohli's dismissal, was irresponsible for a Senior player. India could find lot of excuses but the fact is Indian batting needed at least 200 to be assured of a 31 run victory. Gambhir & Sehwag failed again. The bowlers did a magnificient job & Balaji responded brilliantly in the 20th over. India deserved to move to Semi's after total annhilation of Pakistan in a head to head match.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 13:09 GMT)

In the Australian match,the run rate damage was devastating, it was known at the end of that match itself and this is not being stated in hindsight, a common fan knew that, Dhoni as captain of the Indian National Team should have known better on how it could come to bite us back and on how to mitigate that known risk.

Risk : Poor NRR creating a very tough qualify scenario in the future Risk Mitigation : Try to Decrease the NRR difference, especially if an Opportunity presents itself where the risk of loss in match is low. Execution : NONE,Opportunity presented itself in the Pakistan match and the mitigation plan(if there) was not executed.Was it because there was no risk mitigation ? or worse, risk not identified? or was it because of Kohli was not following the plan ?

Even in the last match SA match, should have planned for 180 first but instead it seemed like team was aiming for 200, instead ended up with 150. The batting didn't look impressive.

Posted by TharinduChat on (October 3, 2012, 13:01 GMT)

Pathetic excuses to cover up pathetic performances. It's true that India won 4 out of 5, but they won the SA game by only one run and even Afganistan managed to give a real scare Indians. Then they were humiliated by Australians and comfortably won against only England, who are terrible against even club spinners, and Pakistan.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 12:41 GMT)

Dohni got his batting line up wrong and his bowling line up was inconsistent during the course of the tournement. Gambhir looked out of touch and limited in his stroke play which led him having to play a rash shot to try and release the pressure and Dohni found himself coming in too late. The bowling compared to Pakistan and south africa looked toothless as Pathan was a bowler when the ball didnt swing you could play him with a cricket stump.I would have played Ohja as he offers the team variety and has shown that in T20 cricket(Particulary in the IPL By taking lots of wickets) he is a very useful bowler. Rahane should have played as he plays all around the ground and plays with Freedom.During the IPL he batted with maturity and skill.

The team I would have played would have been...

Sehwag Rahane Kohli Raina Dohni Yuvraj Sharma/Tiwary Ashwin Munaf Patel Ohja Zaheer Khan

Posted by torsha on (October 3, 2012, 12:40 GMT)

Well said MSD and rightly so. There is no way to get dissapoint cuz we know our team very well.

Posted by Cric_info_pak on (October 3, 2012, 12:34 GMT)

india should call them unlucky they were lucky enough ... first they got easy group then they ,... india was lucky that game against pakistan watch my rehman malik,,,, india is lucky that they got home cricket ,,,,, india lucky that BCCI got lots of money ..... don't call unlucky that we win 5 out 4 win ,,,, they win lucky against SA even that how much they want to qualifiy for next round unlike pakistan they have to beat more stronger team with out knowing .....

Posted by on (October 3, 2012, 12:30 GMT)

why didn't our selectors try some real fast bowlers , we just have some medium pacers who are useless once the ball gets a few overs old , i don't think India can win any international tournament with this bowling , spinners are ok except chawla, and someone please kick out sehwag, chappel was right about him

Posted by Naresh28 on (October 3, 2012, 12:30 GMT)

@kiwirocker - I disagree that India only play well at home. We have four legends who scored overseas and broke records e.g Sachin was highest scorer in 2003 WC SA What I do agree on is that Indian team is carrying to many old players while youngsters are sitting waiting their turn. Time for wholesome changes. CHAND, MUKUND, RAYUDU, MENARIA, MANDEEP have performed well in NZ a few days ago. PUJARA, VIJAY, DHAWAN, BIST, RAHANE, SAHA - there is no shortage of batsman. Bowlers will be a problem.

Posted by TrueFactors on (October 3, 2012, 12:23 GMT)

IPL is only reason for India loss. Watson exactly knows all about Indian pitches and their bowlers. Same thing for Huss who knows about Dhoni and all bowlers. India is over exposed. Malinga is facing exactly same issue due to IPL. He is a great bowler, but Indian batsmen play him with ease. Pak and Eng are not playing IPL hence they could not face India and lost it big. Even NZ players know how to play against India and win. SL players are also over-exposed to India due to that. If India was going in Semis, then it was easy to say, India was going to trash Sri Lanka. Not because of Indian batting talent, but because of over-exposure of players' game. So, if something is to blame, then its Only INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE - who trained players for these matches... In older days, players were playing in county and getting expert for England conditions, where later they were going, playing excellently and won.

Posted by ian_ghose on (October 3, 2012, 12:17 GMT)

I think Dhoni was of a similar opinion even after India suffered two 4-0 white-washes on the road. Sounds like he has very low opinion of himself and his team, and thus equally low expectations. I still can't get my head around how these guys can be so comfortable in being mediocre and yet, be multi-millionaires! Something is so badly wrong here....

Posted by GDan on (October 3, 2012, 11:55 GMT)

Rohit Sharma has been given enough opportunities to perform. India should look for others, we have plenty of talent. Just now its only Virat, Virat and Virat. He too will fail in form, then what? The other big guns like Sehwag, Gambhir too need to know that their positions are tenuous - we should be looking for their replacements as well. Enough of pandering to these powerful seniors who think that they can decide when to call it a day. They can continue to think this way but our selectors do not have to choose them. Can't just blame MSD if he has limited choices on building a team.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 11:53 GMT)

Bharat had to repeat what Pakistan did earleir. Both were defending 150. Pakistan got their opp for 117, India had to do so for 121. Pak bowled to an in-form batting line, while Bharat bowled to a bunch of folks struggling with the bat.

Suffice to say, Pakistan holds a sizable edge with the ball over bharat and the batters were not any less than the bharti effort on the day either. So they deserved to go through.

Pakistanis are the most consistent and successful T20 side. By not having these blokes in the IPL is not denying them any experience. Infact its all for Bharat to gain from which they have chosen not to do so. You can chase all the '200's you want to in IPL, but if its not against Gul, Afridi and Ajmal, it pretty much sums up to nothing as evident from bharats early exits from the last T20 WCs.

As for the last round, its going to be an Imran Nazir show. Big games just bring the best out of him.

Posted by PkRules on (October 3, 2012, 11:48 GMT)

I am a Pakistani, but I am a big fan of Indian cricket. It was sad to see the Indian team going out in this fashion. However, if you analyze what has happened, you'd come to the conclusion that it was more than rain that caused this. How can you explain such a strong batting line up to not go above 140-150? The form of all the batsmen except Kohli was questionable. Raina, though given so many chances by other teams, only managed to be at 120 odd SR. Why did MSD not bat himself high up the order? With 7 batsmen of this caliber, why did the batsmen not take more risks to push the total? Why did MSD not go for the kill against SA?

There are many question marks and some tactical blunders that caused India to go out in this fashion. Better luck next time.

Posted by timtom on (October 3, 2012, 11:44 GMT)

Well done DHONI and team India... 4 wins in 5 matches.. Just out of luck and situations which are not in our control...That India won these many matches with under performing seniors, batsmen and poor bowlers in itself is an incdredible achievement... Indian fans are being unreasonable here..Yes INDIA want T20WC...but where are resources....Just compare the vibrant and energtic team of 2007 with this...Senior players came as under performers and continued to be so..Imagine a situation when Pathan has to open... Dhoni has done a marvelous job as usual in team selection and marshaling of resources to at least achieve this result..

Posted by Fast_Track_Bully on (October 3, 2012, 11:34 GMT)

@WishW. And your fluke team won all the matches and all the cup after WC 2012? Thrashed by India in Australia, BD, at your home and will call it fluke as you cannot forgot them.

Posted by SlamBam143143 on (October 3, 2012, 11:30 GMT)

It Seems dhoni has lost his sense , by taking in such a negative manner if u see mr dhoni except for virat performing consistently no other batsman was in form in bowling department no bolwer was there to show that he was in command else in some patches , so plz stop giving excuse and act if u want to help getting back indian team back on track , u r constanly raising the fingure on senior players performace. but have you seen your peformance , we lost to New Zealand becoz of you , and u blame others if you want to be respected then you get u r self dropped and take surensh raina with you for the betterment for of indian cricket.coz u have given suresh raina ample chances but other than flat tracks he cant play any where else. so this way u can help indian cricket

Hope he reads this so that he can seriously think for the betterment of indian cricket

Posted by Fast_Track_Bully on (October 3, 2012, 11:29 GMT)

@taxa. FYI, WI lost 2 games and still they qualify as they are in an easy group. And India lost only 1. And your Lanka can enjoy as we were the only team which will ensure your defeat in the semis. We proved it in last T20 against you. And your team placed in 1st T20 rank even though you lost to the 2nd ranked team more often!

Posted by Fast_Track_Bully on (October 3, 2012, 11:20 GMT)

Well done team India. India lost only 1 game in the total 5 played. And I am suspicious about the approach of Australia against that pakistan game. It seems to be fixed that both teams can reach semis. And in semis, SL will win and so as Aus. There was only one fear for SL and that was India. They must be relieved now. India were unlucky in the last few series. CB series , Asiacup and now this.

Posted by TheTraveller on (October 3, 2012, 11:17 GMT)

@ Taxa Well! India's fast bowling is weak thats true. But against good fast bowling SA & Australian batsmen do struggle. Australia got out on 50 odd runs last year in Test. SA batsmen struggled in TEST against Indian weak bowling attack in SA.

Posted by Narbavi on (October 3, 2012, 11:11 GMT)

@taxa: these t20 rankings change every week, lol look at u holding on to it, atleast we have won the title once, what about your team?? And its ok, we were ranked no.1 in tests which you won't achieve ever!!

Posted by Herath-UK on (October 3, 2012, 11:10 GMT)

Feel sympathy for Dhoni,it is a balancing act for any captain.His views should be listened to by the Board; in that regard Mahela's are respected well by the SLC. It is the bowling aspect not the batting that should be closely scrutinised. Ranil Herath - Kent

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 10:51 GMT)

well people are giving excuses over india exclusion, but the fact is that india had a advantage of knowing that what they will need to qualify for semi, which pak did'nt knew that yesterday.! but well played.

Posted by da_man_ on (October 3, 2012, 10:49 GMT)

Bala Subramaniam: Pray tell, why exactly should Australia have beaten Pakistan? We weaved a web around the Aussie batsmen as stated by Bailey himself. We showed good intensity in the field. With our bowling attack we don't need to go out and score 200 odd runs to be able to win comfortably as our bowlers are more than competent.

Posted by nazim242003 on (October 3, 2012, 10:46 GMT)

Better luck Next Time india, Dissapointed Indian fans can just move on... Sri Lanka has as good a chance to win the cup

Posted by taxa on (October 3, 2012, 10:41 GMT)

In the aussie match, the ball was flying into the stands and raining sixes, hence wonder why dhoni was complaining about a wet outfield.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 10:41 GMT)

I am not impressed with India in this tournament, most of all Gautam Gambhir for his awful form and Dhoni who I thought made quite a few tactical blunders. This would have been the right tournament to blood in a few youngsters like Baba Aparajith and Unmukt Chand. Hope to see these two in the team soon. And throw Rohit Sharma out in the cold for a season and send him to play county cricket!

Posted by Aravind_always on (October 3, 2012, 10:25 GMT)

Why dhoni blame rain for australia loss??India can never defend 140 runs against aussies even in the best bowling conditions..

Posted by Naresh28 on (October 3, 2012, 10:24 GMT)

@waqtpk - yah we will never know. Dhoni hides real issues and who knows maybe there is discord in the team with two camps? Our openers failures impinge into the middle order.

Posted by Edassery on (October 3, 2012, 10:21 GMT)

Alexk400, Raina as the test captain? You must be joking! I would straight away hand captaincy to Virat Kohli. Remember what SA did after team pollock failed a couple of WC ago? One has to permanently drop Sehwag/Zaheer/Gambhir from T20s and rebuild the T20 team. You need to also rebuild the test team with Yuvraj, Raina etc never playing that format again. Bring in the likes of Pujara, Badrinath for test alone - just like the way they were treating VVS. And Rohit Sharma should never ever play for India in any format!

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 10:21 GMT)

Can anybody explain the logic behind inclusion of Rohit Sharma,Sehwag and Piyush Chawla in this squad when better options like Rahane, Tiway and Pragyan Ojha are sitting outside ????

Posted by Naresh28 on (October 3, 2012, 10:04 GMT)

TIWARI was the only Indian player who did not play a match. Feel pity that we fans/captain backed Rohit when Tiwari was there. Our top four has only Kohli left doing what he is meant to do. The end has come for Rohit he comes across as another Shewag type of player.

Posted by taxa on (October 3, 2012, 10:02 GMT)

@narbavi- well all new India will never qualify. look at history.. so there was nothing to be afraid of. the best teams have gone through accept it, and digest that into your system. Sri Lanka is ranked no 1 in 20/20 cricket. India can attempt to be so in 2020.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 9:57 GMT)

Dissapointed Indian fans can just move on... Sri Lanka has as good a chance to win the cup as Pakistan or WI. I really do not think Australia has any chance... it was always fools gold with just one man performing for Aussies...

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 9:57 GMT)

I strongly believe that there is a huge potential in India. I am not sure why Indian selectors are not bringing out quality bowlers. They have good Batting unit but poor bowling attack. One thing for sure, either you are extremely fast or your are smart spinner. India has medium pacers and not so smart spinners. You cannot win high profile matches based on your existing bowling unit..

Posted by Thyagu5432 on (October 3, 2012, 9:57 GMT)

While it is very disappointing that India is out but I think very little could have been done about that. They were destined to fall by the way side. Warner/Watson score, Aussies win. They did against India but failed against Pak. The way both of them got out against Pak was not about great bowling but about kiddish batting. There ended the matter. It was always going to be a tall order for India to put up a huge score against the likes of Steyn and Morkel and then expect to beat them with 30+ runs to spare. Never going to happen and it didn't happen.

Now off to Champions league. Well, I almost forgot, WT20 is still not over yet. The news channels on TV will tell me what happened.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 9:56 GMT)

Dear Alexk400, are you crazy to put Raina as a captain? He has a poor captaincy record as compared to the other players.

Overall, India performed very well. I feel that Aussies should have won that game against Pakistan. Dhoni gave away too many singles which costed them. Moreover, Dhoni should have brought Balaji early in the attack so that Zaheer or Pathan could have been used whem the 4th wicket partnership was developing

Posted by taxa on (October 3, 2012, 9:52 GMT)

all other teams also in the semis won 4 out of 5.. but was better than india. If by any chance they got in non of these excuses. Against the aussies they got thrashed. if not for the whether, the game would have ended half an hour early. be professional, without blaming it on the rain

Posted by taxa on (October 3, 2012, 9:48 GMT)

India is out.. they think they are allmighty.specially Yuvraj and virat. However, they both flutter against good seam bowling. thats a fact. enjoy the flight back.

Posted by AunShak on (October 3, 2012, 9:47 GMT)

seriously dont agree with it ... blaming rain is just an excuse for me ... there is no reason for all the bowlers way short and into the pads of watson and warner ... not getting the turn is something else but to keep bowling short into the pads just not justify his blames ... it was a bad performance ... they were clueless and they were over confident that they outdid england with the same attack and they could do sam e with australia for me it was bad execution .... and that is the problem with indian bowling ... and please dont blame rain for ashwin stopping before delivering every ball and then feeding it on the legs to get hit for runs is not a blame for rain .. isnt that suppose to be the smart move of ashwin to stop before delivering then how did he go for runs then

Posted by taxa on (October 3, 2012, 9:44 GMT)

Indias strength is only in India, and they are vulnerable against good fast bowling. Like The aussie and SA match. On the other hand SL and Pakistan are better teams as they are consistent all over the world. The format was known upfront. Best is not to find excuses and be sympathatic to your self. Accept the fact and improve. I think the 4 more adapt teams have entered the semis.

Posted by DaisonGarvasis on (October 3, 2012, 9:36 GMT)

This tournament there are better deserving teams to go to the semis. With India's bowling India doesnt deserve to be in Semis. Having said that, India did well with available resources. So leave it at that.

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (October 3, 2012, 9:33 GMT)

will support pak for 1 st semifinal & wi for 2 nd semi . if there happens a final b/w pak & wi then i will support wi .

Posted by rahulcricket007 on (October 3, 2012, 9:30 GMT)

had to feel for kohli . he almost cried when south africa reached 122 runs . don't worry bro . WE R PROUD OF YOU . YOU R LEGEND IN MAKING . YOU R FUTURE CAPTAIN FOR INDIAN TEAM & WILL LEAD INDIA TO NEW HEIGHTS IN FUTURE .

Posted by Pandyan on (October 3, 2012, 9:30 GMT)

Its the right time for the new selection committee to look ahead for the future, its better for Dhoni to step down from the captaincy after all these losses in tests, Odis and now in t20 also, he has his own mindset and thinking which is not getting results in favour of Indian team his selection of Rohit Sharma inspite of all failures has caused Indain team several defeats and now in crucial games dropping Sehwag and opening with Irfan and not using players with their potential has caused us to exit the world cup. Its serious time for Indian team to think of the future if we still persist with the same captaincy then we have to see the same results in future too. India have there future matches at homeground so obviously they are going to do well if we count all those matches then we are going to lose in South africa also.

Posted by omanakuttan.p.j on (October 3, 2012, 9:27 GMT)

Dhoni has to understand that street players like us has bit of brain and know how to plan a game. why such a talent wasted player like Rohit Sharma still plays for india , We seen many many times how sluggish he batts and his body language. and seen senior players were hiding in the field. Why Suchin didnot want to play t20 itls , He knows the pace of the game and importance of every run you and runs you save. Dont measure IPL is a selection criteria for indian team. PLease remove Dhoni ,Zahir, Sewag, Gambir, Rohit from T20 teams and Inject more fresh and eenergetic talents into the team , even in deaft ,they show the charecter, i still remember face of patil when he took the keniyans in 2007

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 9:25 GMT)

Lots of people are saying that the best teams are in the semis- like the West Indies who have Won 2, Lost 2 and NR 1? Just because they have flashy players like Gayle, people are saying that they are the best team so it's just perception. Furthermore, people are saying Afghanistan and South Africa should have beaten India- well news flash- they didn't! India won and not by a fluke- they deserved to win it. Put this into perspective, we were complacent against Afghanistan but won, we hammered England, we lost to Aus, we hammered Pakistan and we beat South Africa- so we beat an associate team, beat the reigning champions & no 1 ranked team, lost to the form team, beat the most successful team in T20s and beat the no 2 team in the world. But we failed to qualify. I think that's a reasonable set of results - could have done better but we didn't fail terribly either! Let's be reasonable chaps!

Posted by KiwiRocker- on (October 3, 2012, 9:25 GMT)

Indian selectors and Indian coach also has to take a blame for this shameful exit. There is no point yapping about four wins in five matches as the fact remains that Indian failed to make semis despite enjoying huge advantages as compared to other teams such as one ground, no travel and special start times! Pakistani selectors have dropped Younis and misbah. Can Indian selctors drop Sehwag and Gambhir? Fact remains that Sehwag is an unfit flat track bulley and deep divisions in Indian team are obvious. What exactly Pathan is doing? He can not bowl, can not bat or field. Zaheer and Yuvraj iare unfit. Rohit Sharma is a talent that never wins matches. R.Ashwin failed when it was time to stand up! He should look at Saeed Ajmal and learn. What exactly Dhoni did in this tournament? Indian batsmen, bowler failed against Australia and SA. They won against Pakistan due to a tactical blunder by Pak captain so unsure why Dhoni is satisfied! Its time to make some tough decisions!

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 9:23 GMT)

Dhoni has to admit his battery of bowlers has been among the weakest in the tournament Zaheer Khan is clearly past his best Irfan Pathan is a hack and Ashwin is nowhere near what the media makes him When he seen the fielders Ashwin and Balaji would earn the tag of the competition laggards The batting batting besides himself and Kohli has seen better days Sehwag has had no motivation left and Yuvraj will take a while to get into top gear Rohit is not among the runs Dhoni needs to sit down with the selectors and persuade them to take hard decisions Finally he carries the cross

Posted by KiwiRocker- on (October 3, 2012, 9:20 GMT)

Dhoni's attitude has been a huge disappointment. Dhoni keeps blaming rain for loss against Australia. Rain also started when India was batting. Dhoni needs to stop making excuses. Indian bowling is one of the worse and it is well proven. Indian only won against Pakistan because of tactical blunder by Hafeez to bat first. India won world cup in 2011 because of 65M grounds, dodgy DRS decisions and special bowls, however Dhoni and his team has now been found out. What a joke that house of IPL has not even reached in semis in last three editions. Indian batting is one man army revolving around Kohli.Sehwag was dropped and brought back without any rationale. Indian selectors and Indian captain has to take a blame for this shameful exit. Difference between Duncan and Watmore is obvious! One fronts up and Pakistani players showed amazing character against Australia while the other is hiding behind while Dhoni is making lame excuses! Get rid of Sehwag, Gambhir, Pathan, Zaheer, Harbhjan!

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 9:15 GMT)

Facts have to be accepted. Win the games and go to semi so that you need not rely on calculators and run rates. Its time to reshuffle the indian batting line up. For T20 we need more energetic and dynamic players who can run quickly in between the wickets. From the present team batsmen, only Kohli, Raina and Dhoni deserve to play in T20. Dhoni is a good captian but at times he becomes over smart and pays for it. A team like SA will struggle against spin and he gave the ball to ashwin on the 10th over. By that time the match was almost over. Its not a shame to discuss with other senior players like sewagh or Gambhir or Zaheer regarding the bowling plan which all other team captains do. Anyway, Indian played average cricket and resulted in average rewards.

Posted by akbaassu on (October 3, 2012, 9:06 GMT)

throw rohit out of team everything wil improve

Posted by rsurya on (October 3, 2012, 9:02 GMT)

This is the first time I accept what dhoni said and did. It was the rain that denied a win against Australia. U can try hard to even win against Southafrica but India fought to defend 121 but its difficult anyway. Rohit should get some mental training otherwise he is ok. Too much pressure on the senior players is not going to help any team. I wish WestIndies will win this cup. Dhoni should realize that winning is not always important, they way u fight is important. India fought well.

Posted by Hommi on (October 3, 2012, 9:02 GMT)

I don't understand why Balaji was selected.. he is no where near to aveerage medium pace bowler.. Zaheer is their best bowler but he never looks fit enough.. India should bring new bowlers that have energy to bowl fast.. I am not a big fan of dhoni but as a captain i think he is the best for 5 years or so.. Team selection was poor.. Yuvraj is a liability.. in Game against Pakistan he could not strike.. had india won that match in 14 or 15 over (which was very much possible with their batting talent) they would be in super 8 today.. Anways Pakistan is in.. hope they win the cup.. :)

Posted by waqtpk on (October 3, 2012, 9:00 GMT)

Not sure if Dhoni just pretend that there is no problem or he geniunly beleive so. In either case it is a serious problem. May be it was rain this time. What about last three times. How about India's performance in ODI and Test cricket. Does he really beleive that he is doing fine and nothing needs to be changed?

Posted by 100_rabh on (October 3, 2012, 8:44 GMT)

not a bad performance overall..only complaint that i have from Dhoni that he knows that he is the 2nd best batsmen after Kohli in this team on current form. why did he come so late in this batting order. It was visible from his batting that he was in good nick. Still..i agree that resticting Saffas below 120 was next to impossible

Posted by Alexk400 on (October 3, 2012, 8:38 GMT)

I am of the opinion sehwag and gambhir undermined dhoni winning another world cup. Dhoni try to cut that off by dropping sehwag against australia, if india would have won that game , sehwag would not have played single game. I think india has to dump dhoni,sehwag and gambhir from t20 team. I think dhoni is creating negative atmosphere. I want raina to lead indian team with kohli as vice captain in T20. ODI dhoni still rule supreme. Raina should be test captain as well. Kohli should take it over from raina until kohli learn things up close. We should not put pressure on kohli too soon with captaincy.

Posted by Naresh28 on (October 3, 2012, 8:35 GMT) The reason we condemn our own bowling is that we do not seem to be able to defend as low as 130 score. If our batsman give us a nice target say 160 we always manage to win although close win. With India its always weather, pitch condition, who bats first/second - we should always give it our best shot (both teams play on same pitch). Anyway our bowling is only good on subcontinent and not pace friendly pitches. This together with poor openers are the main causes. It happens even in tests. As Akram said our bowling is the weakest link. Fans have constantly asked BCCI to invest in this aspect.

Posted by Alexk400 on (October 3, 2012, 8:33 GMT)

I do not think so dhoni. India did not up the run rate against pakistan. i can forgive that because no one knows the future. But against australia blaming rain for pathetic loss is bad. India did not lose against australia , india was crushed. I never considered pyuesh chawla as a bowler. because small fingers , short , flat trajectory, easy hittable bowler.Sehwag is better batsman if he is not opening well you should have played him in middle over. Sehwag is highest strike rate batsman in india. It was stupid decision. I am not sure india can won against SA with 30 run margin with our bowlers. It is out of question unless miracle happens. India lost this world cup because of poor selection of team against SA. Who is responsible? Dhoni or duncan fletcher. One of them should be dumped. I think dhoni is great captain but he should be relieved of duties in T20 and Test matches. His contribution in both types is minimal. India has to provide positive atmosphere for sehwag or drop him.

Posted by guyfawkes43 on (October 3, 2012, 8:25 GMT)

Srilankan fans dreaming about cup just forget it you will be eliminated in semis,and any of the remaining 3 teams may win but not srilanka..

Posted by CricketAnalyzer on (October 3, 2012, 8:24 GMT)

5. During India's bowling, Dhoni should have given the ball to Ashwin after first 3 overs which he delayed until over 10. This is another JOKE!. Rahul Sharma was given the ball before Ashwin in a tense game which India had to win big. Dhoni was really not thinking or he had gone to a stage where he couldn't think better.... 6. So, if you read all these points, you can conclude that Dhoni's decisions and Australia's croocked tactics were responsible for India's outster from T20 world cup 2012.

Posted by CricketAnalyzer on (October 3, 2012, 8:23 GMT)

3. Everyone knows that South Africa plays pacers well compared to Spinners. What in the world made Dhoni to pick Balaji again for this match when the regular off spinner Harbhajan is fit and performed well against England. This is a blunder from Dhoni as even Dada had said during the pre match analysis that he would play 2 spinners in the match he were to be the captain. How did Dhoni miss this trick? 4. India's batting did well but could have been better if Dhoni promoted himself up the order, say one down as a pinch hitter and scored runs quickly. He did that previously few times scoring big and why didn;t he think of this option is such a tense must win big game? If captain do not lead from front then who should? This is another chance gone wasted. Rahul Sharma is the laziest cricket India ever had. He was made to bat before Youvraj and Dhoni.. A big Joke!

To continue..

Posted by Master_Mihil on (October 3, 2012, 8:13 GMT)

Cant decide on how well India should play to have any kind of satisfaction. This is a team that can chase any target some times. So you have to keep boundaries as what is acceptable for an indian team. Dhoni says their performances in this world cup is acceptable, then it's fine. But i think it's a more of a jab at tournament organizers for putting all table toppers in one group and non-deserving teams enter semi's. If that's what Dhoni expected, he not having the desired effect!

Posted by Dashgar on (October 3, 2012, 7:59 GMT)

India only lost one game in the tournament but I wouldn't say they were good. Australia destroyed them, Afghanistan were unlucky not to beat them, South Africa should have beaten them too. The best 4 teams are through to the semis in the end.

Posted by screamingeagle on (October 3, 2012, 7:52 GMT)

Well, that was tough..having to beat SA by 31. But I am happy with the performance. ie with this team. Bowling was awful in 1 match. I agree with the rain excuse. Maybe we would have lost even without rain, but the margin would have been lesser and that would have made a difference. If it went to 18-19 overs, Aus would have struggled. But enough of ifs and buts, Gambhir needs a break, so does MS. They did not do enough. And Rohit needs to go. Time for younger blood and see how it goes.

Posted by PakCricSpin on (October 3, 2012, 7:33 GMT)

I've been saying this since yesterday. The only reason India isn't in the Semi finals is because of that huge loss against Australia and then the inability to beat Pakistan convincingly when the opportunity arrived and it was there for the taking.

It took India 17 overs to beat Pakistan's low total. And that was all that Pakistan needed to ensure India's runrate never recover. The worse part was that India was in a very commanding position to take control of that inning, but I dunno they just took it too easy beating Pakistan.

So MS Dhoni is not right when he says he Just lost one game badly. He also did not Win the One game against Pakistan well enough, even though he could've.

Posted by PPL11 on (October 3, 2012, 7:27 GMT)

I am overall happy with india's performance but what i would like to see in next edition of worldcup is good mix of youth with experience.. I would like to some of U19 Heros to take over the likes of Sehwag, Gambhir, Zak, etc.... No hard feelings for these guys they played good but i guess in these T20 if your having younger side then there are more chances to win as we did 5 years ago in 2007 with younger side....

Posted by ADI_GUNGALIYA_FANTASY on (October 3, 2012, 7:19 GMT)

I totally agree with dhoni. I think noticiable that when india won the match they all-out the opposition. so, Not a easy task to allout opposition in T20. India have done it 4 times. Opening batting & watson has let down india.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 7:19 GMT)

For the glory of cricket, i wanted West Indies to win the finals.. Hope to see Chris Gayle's magic!!!

Posted by priceless1 on (October 3, 2012, 7:14 GMT)

no surprises here, just another first round exit for the Over rated Indian Team

Posted by Naresh28 on (October 3, 2012, 7:03 GMT)

Indian selectors need to make wholesome CHANGES to Indian team in all formats. We need to get rid of GAMBHIR/SHEWAG as openers. We need new YOUNG BOWLERS and batsman are there to replace some of the OLDER players. These two areas of our game is making team India lose. The whole tournament and ZAKS takes wickets in our last game???? Also I was one who believed that ROHIT was our star player but he has failed - the experiment should stop there. We have players like VIJAY, DHAWAN,RAHANE, MUKUND, CHAND - PUJARA needs to be brought into other formats as well. Good Luck and best wishes to the teams who make the final. May the best team win

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 7:02 GMT)

I am a pakistani supporter, but gr8 fan of MSD, & india not qualify for the sf i think my worldcup is did gr8 for india for last 3 years im happy with maahi performs, he is gr8 player, gr8 captain, but msd not have gud pace bowler, only zaheer is gud, no other bowler to support him, i think bcci should find some pace bowler, or gud spinners like swan............ so india be cool & calm like msd, he is your captain & i think he should remains as a captain, if india find some pace bowlers & spinner i am sure india will be No.1 in all foemats.........i promise, batting is gr8, no need to change thje batsmen, just change

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 6:48 GMT)

It happens in this format, so no need to get disappointed. But, it is high time Gambhir score some runs. He is found wanted in all the formats. Hope the new selection committee is keeping a close eye on him.

Posted by Krishnaraj1983 on (October 3, 2012, 6:44 GMT)

batting first was the only we could have qualified..Mr Dhoni how r u saying tat it is possible to chase and get the score in 15-16 overs against steyn and soon as v lost the toss dhoni decided v r not goin to qualify... he lost his confidence there itself...nd ashwin should have been given the over atleast after yuvi bowled tat over since d only way of qualifyin was by making them all out.. but dhoni said after the match ashwin was the trump card and tats y used him later..i dont understand the tactics..wat r all the support staff and other players doing...anyway hard luck India..

Posted by Arunprasad3011 on (October 3, 2012, 6:42 GMT)

I believe India did well with the team they had and with the bowling they have, they were always punching above their weight and did well too. The batsman could have been better..but..It is always easy for us to criticize , after the match if over, about some of the on field decisions that was taken during the heat of moment. But that's the way it is. If we are so good at making decisions we would have been playing in the Indian team but we are not instead of blaming the format, players, captain or selection committee let's be honest and just enjoy the beauty of the game :) and appreciate our teams effort. Now that my fav team is ousted, my support will be for both SL & PAK to lift the trophy. May the best team win.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 6:29 GMT)

I am happy with Indian team performance. It is bad that we did not make it to semis. So what ? no body died right ? But frankly speaking, our bowling attack is the weakest among all teams and it is good that we still did fight it out. Best teams went to semis. I am fine with that. But I would certainly have played 2 specialist spinners in the side against south africa knowing their weakness against spinners. As an Indian, I am not ashamed at being eliminated. At least we fought hard and did not surrender meekly. I am pretty happy with that. I wish all the best for the teams which qualified. It is bad that pak are facing srilanka in semi. That would eliminate one of them at semis itself. I would have liked a pak vs srilanka final rather. But that is the way things go. All the best to all sides. Indian team, I am proud at the way you fought out. No need to feel ashamed.

Posted by Hate.ME on (October 3, 2012, 6:27 GMT)

There were lots of talks about "Weak" India bowling. 4 out of 5 times, India bowled out the opponent. Anyone ? We don't have likes of Steyns and Malingas but our bowlers hunt in a group. Happy for them. Against Aus they failed, whatever the reason may be, and that cost us the tournament. Opening pair of Gauti-Viru failing to give quick start was also the major reason.

Posted by Nehalriz on (October 3, 2012, 6:26 GMT)

.....and the winner is .....Any Guess??? Pakistan for Finals. I have my own reasons for that & I stick to my guns. At any given day they produce the most improbable. In this tournament they have out played their strength in batting & balling. Fielding is still sluggish but any given day they can be ruthless in field too. Five world class Bats men Four match winning Bowlers & few very smart fielders.Honestly a very rare combination after Aussies. Good Luck!! The best team will outplay others & for me I will give team Pakistan 8 out of 10.

Posted by anver777 on (October 3, 2012, 6:25 GMT)

Poor Ind !!!! same excuses given all the time by MSD... even he himself had a poor show in this WC & he should be blamed more than anybody for this BIG failure !!!! SL vs Aus Final & obviously SL will be the undisputed CHAMPS in 2012 !!!!!!!!!

Posted by prats_bleedingblue on (October 3, 2012, 6:20 GMT)

I am more or less on agreement with what dhoni said..common guys we did play well won 4 out of 5 games..had dismissed other teams 4 times all out...its simple that the format requires dependency on other teams even if a team suffers 1 bad day.but i m not blaming the format either it was same for all..and also those who are criticising dhoni for wet ball excuse please dont behave like lame ducks and show that dhoni had something not known before..its a world known fact that wet ball skits and easy to hit and difficult to bowl with..ya but what could have been better is the way we bowled with that wet ball didnt made things easy for us partial blame on wet ball not complete..and those who are saying india should have batted bla bla in SA game and all..this is not a srilankan bowling line up where we can go and chase 300+ in 36 overs...against this same Saffa bowling pak struggled to reach 130 during night when track is best for batting...overall i think we played well...

Posted by joseyesu on (October 3, 2012, 6:06 GMT)

1) Gambir and Sehwag a big flop.2) Losing to Aus is ok, but with the kind of losing.3) Not able to get the score 130 against in less than 15 overs.4) After getting Amla, Kallis, Devillers in less than 50 runs, india did not have the enough skill to get the SA less than 100...

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 6:02 GMT)

Five years back, Srs. dropped them self now time come for Dhoni, sehvag, gambhir, yuvraj, rohit sharma, jahir, bhaji to drop them self. After 2007, nothing has done those players at international level. so make new team. Rehane/y. pathan/kohil (c)/raina/manoj tiwari/chand/raydu (wk)/i pathan/aswin/dinda/p.kumar...

Posted by haseeb on (October 3, 2012, 6:02 GMT)

@aditya u can say system is not right i agree to u to some extent .. but there are other things to look at as well .. in one group 4 teams all lost a game and in other group 4 teams all were unbeaten tats not even fair as well ..they have to do something abt this u cant pre plan in tournament like this just to make sure tickets sale is good .. i mean either teams should carry points with NRR or super Eight should be decided on group stages points tables like PAK SA W indies and england should have been in one group 2 teams top the tables and 2 which came 2nd in the group games..other group india Aus , srilanka and Newzealand tat would have been a better formation... lets hope ?ICC can look into this matter

Posted by zarishkhosa on (October 3, 2012, 5:52 GMT)

i have read lot of comments from Indian fans and others too ..well u can say india were hard done as they won 4 out of 5 games ..but the thing is they were playing the last game so they knew what they have to do and secondly when u have a bad game and u know this scenario can arise y didnt they tried to chase in 15 overs against pakistan coz u could clearly see in that game hafeez has given up hope so early so he was defensive india should have attacked more ..and with so many changes going on in a big tournament it was difficult for india to go further .in the last game they should have opted for harbhajan for one of the seamers i ll say tactically india was a weak team ..i ll suggest one thing they need to shorten the IPL coz it is doing more harm than good to indian team tats for sure ..

Posted by Hira1 on (October 3, 2012, 5:52 GMT)

Dhoni must admit indians have to blame themself only rather than blaming on rain or other factors; they were poor the entire tournament, though Indians were playing last and know exactly what was required to qualify for the SF could not make it as simple as that....bowling was poor entire tournament and batting relied heavily on one man, I agree with some one here who said that India must now stop celebrating wins in India and start planning on how to win outside their own country

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 5:51 GMT)

Cant even qualify for Smeis and still satisfactory .. be man and admit that you dont deserve.

Posted by soumyas on (October 3, 2012, 5:38 GMT)

@777aditya, NRR method is not flawed. NRR shows how clinical you are in winning over the remaining teams, not just One team... Basically the main reason of india's exit is australia. They chased india's total in 15 overs to make india's NRR worst and lost to Pakistan by 30 plus runs to make pakistan's NRR best. Basically it is Australia who knocked India OUT, nothing else.

Posted by soumyas on (October 3, 2012, 5:28 GMT)

the way indian players played, they don't deserve to be in semis. They need fresh bloods like Rahane,M Tiwari who are hungry to make their career. Kick sehwag and sharma, Sehwag is careless and lost his magical timing ability, sharma can't even put Full Toss ball into fences. And Bring back Praveen Kumar and Yadav for bowling. In Yesterdays match they shud hav played on the merit of ball, Instead playing the roles of keeping wickets and going after the bowler in last overs. rohit sharma wasted 3 juicy full toss balls and took singles he never showed the intent of hitting. also dhoni shud have used Zaheer much earlier than 121 target.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 5:26 GMT)

No shame India.We played well and luck just dint favor us.No blame here.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 5:22 GMT)

first things first,points should have been carried forward from the league stage,though it would not have made much of a difference in india's group,because all 4 teams won all their league matches,secondly,dhoni should stop blaming the rain again and again,these are subcontinent conditions,our spinners should have found a way around it,didn't the australian seamers bowl a different way to get our players out on conditions which are not familiar to them,what he means to say that if conditions are not absolutely perfect our spinners are ineffective,spinners who are supposedly world class,and thirdly,after watching pakistan use 18 overs of spin against australia,he should have bought in an extra spinner,because south africans are poor players of spin,and why bring their premier spinner ashwin close to the 10th over?,tactically dhoni failed.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 5:14 GMT)

ha ha Dhoni's satisfied with India's exit .. lol!

Posted by spas on (October 3, 2012, 5:10 GMT)

Rules have become meaningless once India fail to make it to semis.

Posted by Liyonado on (October 3, 2012, 5:09 GMT)

Well said Ms 777,-And it`s harsh to be done by this way for any team but what`s done is done and looking forward to the finals as all four teams are playing good cricket at the moment .

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 5:06 GMT)

It was Sewhag's rash shot, otherwise India could have added another 20 runs to the score. He has to learn to think and bat. Rohit is not a T20 player!

Posted by rohit39 on (October 3, 2012, 5:04 GMT)

@shankar kalyana- You select your XI before the toss, if you weren't aware of that previously. And it was a good move to have Balaji instead of Harbhajan, because there was rain in the air (it rained 10 minutes after the match finished) , and last thing he needed was a repeat of the Australia match where his spinners couldn't grip the ball thanks to the rain.

Posted by eagle-pk on (October 3, 2012, 5:03 GMT)

Indians should not let IPL fool them. they involved in IPL so deeply and think that IPL is international tournament and count their players on IPL basics which is causing then fail in international arena.

Posted by Kali420 on (October 3, 2012, 5:00 GMT)

We should have a new captain and openers for Team India.

Posted by FreeVoice on (October 3, 2012, 4:58 GMT)

Now the India is out of tournament everyone blaming the format and rules, even the rain. All the three teams in group 2 lost a match with big margins, so saying India played well is acceptable but the other two teams were better and that's evident in run-rate. Pakistan raised the bar for India and that put huge pressure on the match. Taking wickets are not always the criterion for judging the bowler, I guess how he contain runs should also be considered. Best example was WI- Eng match, they contained runs but didn't got wickets. Same happen with Aus-Pak match. It was a tough group no doubt about it but all the teams in semis had a bad day in this tournament and we will see good contests in coming days.

Posted by Nanda_Mcgrath on (October 3, 2012, 4:57 GMT)

No Matter India qualified to semis or not, as Indian Fan I'm very happy that India beat Pakistan very Badly. That win is like winning World Cup for Us. And overall India did well in the tournament, with just one bad outing against Australia other wise team played really good cricket. Well done Team India. And I think It's time for pay back when England and Australia come's for the test series... :)

Posted by thearyanj on (October 3, 2012, 4:48 GMT)

The Super eight is unfair as the top 4 teams go in one group and the teams who came second in the group stages came in one group. I feel that they should have 2 top teams in one group with 2 teams that cames second. That wasy they can actually see whos better as I believe that this time coming second in the Group stages was actually better. Also that south Africa and India may have beaten Sri Lanka and West Indies to the Semi's

Posted by cork123 on (October 3, 2012, 4:40 GMT)

Net run rate should have been considered of the group matches also, otherwise what value those group matches adds to the tournament?... all group winners in same group of super 8??!! there is a mistake in that.. overall, we must say that India played well in the tournament, its hard iuck that India didn't make the semis.. On second thought, it would have been worthwhile to use Bhajji instead of a medium pacer against a suspect SA batting line-up.

Posted by mfnisar on (October 3, 2012, 4:35 GMT)

Well Mr. Dhoni is now blaming the Rain : ) And the fact is that it is the third consecutive time they have been knocked out.

India should focus on league matches only, they are no good for world T20I tournament.

Posted by indiabadri on (October 3, 2012, 4:23 GMT)

With the kind of resources what we had i think India did a good job by winning 4 matches out of 5 they played. But i am really wondering why Dhoni persisted with so called Mr. Talent who has scored 24 run in 27 balls and bowled one over in which he gave 14 runs. It was known that its a do or die situation he could have tried Manoj Tiwari. Secondly the confidence level of Dhoni the day before the match he has told that this could be the last match. I really dont know why he doesnt have a positive attitude. Even in toss when other captains say that they are looking for a win our captain says we will try. Its better not to watch when India Play. Only after the retirement of Sachin, Sehwag, Gambhir, Dhoni, Yuvi, Harbhajan, Zaheer and Rohit sharma we can get to see good cricket under the leadership of Raina or Kohli.

Posted by Narbavi on (October 3, 2012, 4:22 GMT)

The team did play well, one bad loss cost us everything, that's ok, that's the nature of this group, that's why i always said that lanka were too lucky to avoid us, Australia and pakistan in the super 8's!!

Posted by srinideva on (October 3, 2012, 4:15 GMT)

Congrats to rohit sharma for playing magnificent innings of the tournament. His inns change the course of the tournament well done... there is no doubt, why ramiz raja saying he is the talented cricketer and he said he`ll do something special for india tonight. Guess what he did exactly what he said...Superb performance under pressure situation and bowl superbly.. God saves INDIA....

Posted by erameeee on (October 3, 2012, 4:12 GMT)

After 2007 t20 worldcup India won only 2 super eight matches. Fortunately Sehwag played only those 2 super 8 matches. MSD has to accept the importance of sehwag in winning t20 games.

Posted by Narbavi on (October 3, 2012, 4:10 GMT)

@SLDude: So dude how does it feel to see india fly back?? Relieved right because u know ur dreams would have been crushed had we made it to the semis!!

Posted by Just_Pav on (October 3, 2012, 3:46 GMT)

Yup MSD, we accept this and will forgive your failures in the next coming 2 seasons. is it what you expect us to do?

Posted by ushani on (October 3, 2012, 3:43 GMT)

What happened to the "Flat wicket experts"..... They are very good in flat wickets in sub continent. Sri Lankan pitches are no longer sub continents type wickets...

All in all, this results shows that India is cleaver at batting wickets whereas AS ans AUS are the most competent in any type of wickets.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 3:39 GMT)

Dhoni has become "Captain of excuses", How can we call a performance satisfactory when a team didn't even make it to semi finals??!!! . Now the argument about we just lost only one game makes no sense, since we could have easily improve our run rate in both the games we won, but choose not to do it because of fear of failure. Its clearly disappointing. I hope new selectors will take note of performance than excuse and make necessary changes. If we keep doing same as after defeat in England and Australia , which was NOTHING, then we can expect same results all time. Dhoni we needed the CUP not excuses. Sorry.

Posted by WishW on (October 3, 2012, 3:33 GMT)

I think it's high time that the Indian stopped making silly excuses and did a thorough examination of themselves...after the fluke world cup win in home conditions they have not made the finals in the 2 major tournaments they played in..CB series and Asia cup..and lost 0-8 in test matches...there has to be something wrong...and it maybe this attitude of not accepting your failures...

Posted by karizmatic23 on (October 3, 2012, 3:33 GMT)

i didnt understand why would the not play harbajhan Singh. Specially when Pakistan exposed South African weaknesses when they made only 136. On top of that Pakistan played 4-5 spinners on exact same pitch to even get Australian side worrying. why wont u? thats not a good captaincy and then when south africa were only taking singles and doubles why would u not put more than 4 fielders inside the circle to block those singles? Why would u not bring ur premier bowlers like zaheer khan or ashwin until its too late..... Thats just few of the questions even i cant figure out ( being a pakistani fan i am happy he didnot... but being a cricket fan i was disappointed by MSD's captaincy.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 3:30 GMT)

India did very good in this tournament. The semi-finals should be for the top four teams in the world. Despite what the rankings say I don't believe India are a top 4 side. Their bowling attack is attrocious, one of the worst out of the test playing countries. They did well to get as close as they did. Well done India

Posted by 777aditya on (October 3, 2012, 3:13 GMT)

Top two items on cricinfo - India win but fail to make semis // Australia qualify despite big defeat. This system of net run rate is definitely flawed. There should be better criteria, even an additional 5 over match if necessary, for this to be more convincing. India is well within its rights to feel that despite defeating Pakistan (and having a very good record against SL of late) they are not a part of the semis. One cannot blame the Aussies, though, if they just aimed at the qualifying target. Perhaps they think, Pakistan would be an easier opponent to face in the finals! (Huge mistake, if you ask anyone). Windies can win this cup if they manage to bowl better. SL and Pakistan facing off in the semis would rule out a huge contender for the cup. Aussies are also deserving after being ranked below Ireland and playing as well as they managed to.

Posted by timohyj on (October 3, 2012, 3:09 GMT)

For all the talk of india's bowling we had the best bowling in the tournament. What other team bowled out the opposition in 4 matches? one bad match because of the spinners bowling with a wet ball and we are out. The reason india is not so good in T20 is because they don't have big muscle hitters who can edge sixes like australia, west indies, england, and SA

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (October 3, 2012, 2:55 GMT)

I honestly think India did VERY WELL in this tournament. Winning 4 out of 5 games is a very good result on the report card. In the end, the date with the Aussies cost them dearly, mainly due to poor thought process from MS. If there is rain around, you always bat last. These small things should be ironed out by India during big tournaments. For some reason, MS just doesn't seem to learn at all. He also made some tactical blunders with regards to playing his spinners and seamers on contrasting pitches. Anyway, it's over for them. Time to move on and focus on the home tests against England. India need to be ruthless in that series and try to build for the future and plan towards that SA series in 2013. Time to also drop a few personnel in the team. Zaheer Khan, Sehwag, Gambhir etc need to be given a wake up call. You cannot be mere passengers in a team.

Posted by venky_88 on (October 3, 2012, 2:44 GMT)

We are with you Team MSD!!!

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 2:40 GMT)

Lack of candor from MS - unlike him - can't hide the reasons for not making the semi-finals. As for this particular game, Bhaji should have come in place of Balaji, Ashwin & Bhaji should have been used earlier - next to wickets, containment is the best way to induce pressure and Irfant/Rohit are hardly the candidates for that. Also, won't the captain have the right combination in mind for 2 possibilities in every game - one if you bat first, another if you bowl first?? So, yes it was a very uphill climb that was not made any easier with the team selection and the very ordinary batting/bowling. As for the tournament - conditions suited us, rain affected other matches and venues, so no excuses there. It came down to selection (Chawla?? Balaji??), the abject failure of Sehwag/Gambhir as openers and over-reliance on Virat, and very avg bowling that didnt put pressure & take wickets (zaheer had 1 decent game, irfan, balaji etc are hardly potent)...Let's hope the new selectors are bolder!

Posted by denwarlo70 on (October 3, 2012, 2:28 GMT)

So much for the men in blue, huh!! Winning 4 out of 5 matches and yet could not qualify for the Semi's????? Bye byeeeeeeee India, you did not win CWC2012, we gave it to you on a platter, remember?

Posted by Kashifpk1988 on (October 3, 2012, 2:24 GMT)

@ markspark: Exactly right mate.

Posted by Chris_P on (October 3, 2012, 2:08 GMT)

@markspark Spot on. That decision was very odd. They chased a target in Hobart knowing what they needed to do to stay in contention, it is much easier to calculate how to run with the bat rather than hope your bowlers back you up, especially given their form coming into the match. All in all, despite posts on other threads, it wasn't a disaster for India, just not quite on their game in a big tournament. They didn't disgrace themselves in the least. I still think many of the other posts have been way too harsh on the Indian players.

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 2:05 GMT)

I can never understand why Rohit Sharma is in the team his inning 25(27) made Indaia;s way to out of the tournament.

Posted by jamfai on (October 3, 2012, 2:04 GMT)

100% agree with you markspark. Other teams have previously still won or not lost as badly as India did against Australia despite the rain factor.

With millions of dollars at the disposal of BCCI, and over 1 bln people, i find it hard to believe that India can not churn out better bowlers.

It's about time that BCCI stop celebrating wins at home to compensate for huge losses abroad. The drubbing of 4-0 respectively to Australia and England are not forgotten, but i dont see any changes from BCCI perspective

BCCI is too worried about what the majority of the public wants and not focused on taking tough decisions on doing their jobs. People like Michael Bevan, Ricky Ponting etc are left out for the game to go ahead. Youth is given a chance

Time to step it up BCCI . With the popularity of IPL, India still has failed to make semifinals for WT20 since 07. Its about time to take some hard steps, toughen up the selection criteria and invest more money in youth and finding/grooming bowlers

Posted by   on (October 3, 2012, 1:56 GMT)

MS Dhoni is not a good captain & player 4 T20...This is only yuvraj singh who helped india to win the T20 WC & 2011 WC, that was not dhoni's captaincy.

Posted by KingOwl on (October 3, 2012, 1:41 GMT)

Just face the facts - India were OK. But, they were not good enough to be in the Semis. That's all. India, talent-wise are probably middle of the table. So, missing out on the semis is not surprising. I think WI are a bit lucky to be in the Semis. But the three other teams are the best in the business - you see Aus and SL in the finals of all the major ICC tournaments, on a frequent basis. And everybody knows that Pakistan is a highly talented team (though with other problems). India has a great batting unit - but are weak in their bowling and fielding. So, they lack balance. There are no quick fixes for such problems.

Posted by tizzle on (October 3, 2012, 1:41 GMT)

India's approach to the game was still flawed. The batsmen were constantly playing rash shots and there were too many dot balls in the Indian innings. It was clear that India were trying for boundaries throughout, but at the end, they didn't even get that many. If they had looked for more singles and two's, they would have cut down on the dot balls and probably got a another 15-20 runs there. Plus, it has become clear in T20 that spinners do well. India should always aim to go with 2 spinners. And they need to do something about the top order. Sehwag and Gambhir are very unreliable. They could have dropped Gambhir, opened with Kohli and brought in an extra spinner. Congrats to Pakistan. They deserve their semi-final berth. They played a good strategic game against both Australia and India (Indirectly).

Posted by SLDude on (October 3, 2012, 1:40 GMT)

of cause Dhoni, you can satisfy bcoz India played the Grand Final before the semis.

see the title of below article. :)

Posted by crzcric on (October 3, 2012, 1:36 GMT)

lot of people talk about group 1 is weak and group 2 is strong. so be it. but the best teams should select for the semis.thats wht happened. and Mr MSD hw do u explain ur team is the only team who played a tour recently in SL, they got a practice match @ RPS, played all the group mathches and super 8 @ RPS? WOOOOOOOOOOOOW. is it fair to other teams like PAK,AUS and SA??????????????????????? hw abt that huh??????????

Posted by markspark on (October 3, 2012, 1:06 GMT)

The thing is, MS, you chose to bat first in that game against Australia knowing full well that rain was likely later in the match and that Duckworth-Lewis nearly always benefits the chasing team in T20. Not very tactically astute.

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