Champions Trophy 2008 August 3, 2008

Taufel confident over security in Pakistan

Cricinfo staff

Simon Taufel: "If I'm selected to be an umpire, I will not hesitate to go" © Getty Images

Simon Taufel, the world's No. 1 umpire, will not hesitate to stand in the Champions Trophy in Pakistan in September. Taufel has been to the country on ten occasions, most recently for the Asia Cup in June, and is confident over the security arrangements.

"There are no guarantees in any area of life," Taufel told the Sunday Herald. "In all my experiences there, the Pakistan people have been friendly and hospitable. Everything is absolutely first class.

"They make a huge effort in the security stakes. At no stage have I felt worried, in danger or threatened in Pakistan. If I'm selected to be an umpire, I will not hesitate to go."

Taufel's comments come in the wake of fears that members of the Australian team could opt out of the Champions Trophy. Ricky Ponting indicated in June that his team-mates were uneasy over touring, while Andrew Symonds was not convinced about safety. However, the players are expected to take a final call after security briefings by Cricket Australia.