ICC Trophy 2005 July 4, 2005

No change to Canada-Namibia result

Cricinfo staff

The ICC Trophy Technical Committee has ruled that there will be no change to the result of the match between Namibia and Canada. Namibia, who lost the match by two runs, had complained about a possible discrepancy in scoring in the 45th over of their innings, but the committee ruled that there would be no changes.

"The Trophy Technical Committee may not over-ride the laws of cricket," the committee said in its decision. "Insofar as the umpires' decision regarding the accuracy of scores took place within the time frame of the match and is therefore subject to the umpires' jurisdiction under the laws of cricket. The Trophy Technical Committee has no jurisdiction to overturn an umpire's decision regarding the accuracy of the scores."

The six-man technical committee reached the decision after speaking to Malcolm Jarvis, the Namibian team manager, Francois Erasmus, the chairman of the Namibian Cricket Board, umpires Billy Doctrove and Trevor Henry, and the scorers.