India v Australia 2010-11 September 18, 2010

Injured Josh Hazlewood misses India tour


A back stress fracture has ended Josh Hazlewood's chances of a debut Test in India next month, but it has handed an unexpected opening to Mitchell Starc and James Pattinson. The 20-year-olds will join Australia's squad as standby players at least until the end of next week's tour match in Chandigarh.

Starc, a left-arm fast bowler from New South Wales, will travel with the team from Sydney on Sunday while Pattinson, a right-armer, will stay with Victoria at the Champions League Twenty20 in South Africa until their finals prospects are determined. Andrew Hilditch, the chairman of selectors, said the injury was disappointing for Hazlewood.

"He is one of the young fast bowlers we have identified as having an important role to play in Australia's future," he said. "At the same time it does create an opportunity for another two young fast bowlers who we are equally sure will make the most of the opportunities."

Hazlewood, 19, earned his one-day debut in June and was only an outside chance to play during the two-Test series, which starts in Mohali on October 1. Mitchell Johnson, Doug Bollinger and Ben Hilfenhaus form part of the first-choice attack while Peter George was also ahead of Hazlewood in the team hierarchy.

The injury comes after a busy off-season for Hazlewood, who also spent time at the Centre of Excellence in Brisbane. When he arrived at the Academy the coaches were intent on improving his fitness, but the extra load has taken its toll.

"During the past week Josh developed low back pain while bowling in preparation for the upcoming tour," the physiotherapist Alex Kountouris said. "Scans have confirmed the early stages of a low back stress fracture."

Hilditch said both Starc and Pattinson had made a significant impression at the Centre of Excellence during the winter. "The need for these standby players to return to Australia will be determined at the end of the tour match," he said.

Peter English is the Australasia editor of Cricinfo

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  • Shruti on September 22, 2010, 14:30 GMT

    Hilfenhaus,Mitcha and Dougie can prove more than handful for Indians if grass is not shaved off the track at Mohali before the test.Barring Sachin ,on current form, not many Indians are comfortable against genuine pace attack .T20 match at Barbados against Aus was evidence of their discomfort.Dravid struggles these days,Gambhir,Raina and Laxman are suspect against moving and raising deliveries .Sehwag is a freak batsman who can either murder any attack or spoon -snick a tame catch early in his innings.Dhoni can ,at best,hang around but not score fluently.These guys havent stepped out of the sub Continent for a test series since Jan 2008.Let Ind,Aus ,SA and Eng play each other outside the Subcontinent to determine which of them is best in the World of test cricket.These four are certainly the top teams.SLK,PAK ,NZ and WI are the lower rung test teams.

  • Hanah on September 22, 2010, 4:04 GMT

    poor guy. But he will get his chance in the future

  • Ryan on September 20, 2010, 4:58 GMT

    Can someone explain the anti NSW sentiment to me. I can understand people not being happy about Ben Cutting (for example) not being picked. But this is hardly Starc's fault or anyone else's in NSW's. None of the national selectors are NSWmen. If the squad's that get picked have a heap of NSW players in them, this is other state's fault since they are the one's who pick the team! I repeat NO ONE FROM NSW PICKS THE NATIONAL TEAM. If you have a problem with NSW players getting picked, get angry at the non-NSW selectors not at NSWmen! I don't know why Starc is being picked, but then again I haven't seen him bowl but I think people tend to place too much importance on stats when someone gets picked. We generally aren't told by the selectors why they pick some players and not others. But it is unfair to pick on Starc, it's not as though Pattinson has done much either! It just seems the selectors are looking 3-4 years down the track in some selections and I can partly understand that.

  • Andrew on September 20, 2010, 3:08 GMT

    @setu11186 - TBC. Whilst I think that Indian pitches need to remain with a certain charactor, the fact is they are not generally great contest orientated pitches. There are statistically far too many runs scored. In Oz whilst the pitches are faster & bounce more, they offer more all round cricket, early help for seamers, late turn for the spinners, even bounce over the first 3 days with a gradual decline in hot conditions of even bounce. Also with the grounds being smaller in India, mishits are more likely to clear the fence than in Oz, which can vastly alter how a batsmen plies his trade. @sachin_vvsfan - good onya. I think he was taking the piss. @Santhos Kudva - LOL you have struck on an issue for non-NSW states regarding selection. In saying that McGrath statistics were never that good for his state. Nobody foresaw Gilchrest being the w/k-batsmen he became - it is a hunch that Hazlewood has the right stuff.

  • Andrew on September 20, 2010, 2:50 GMT

    @Stranded Immigrant - a stress fracture does not mean from overwork, it could be one instance, and I have read reports where it is been identified as pre-fracture. @Arish.Rajan - agreed. Although I am not yet convinced on Raina or Gambhir. @Arun Padmakumar - very cocky mate, I wouldn't be too sure about that, given some of Australia's finest performances of the years have been with the "weakest" teams. Think Border's 1989 Ashes, reclaiming the Frank Worrell cup in the WI in 94, & the last series in SA. Also - I would like to throw in the ODI series last played in India, where a C-Grade Oz team spanked India. Write the boys from OZ off at your own peril. @Dalesguy - India have never won, (a Test), in Queensland - get your fact straights mate. @setu11186 - agreed partially. However, one of the fundamental problems with Indian pitches is it seems the richest Cricket Nation in the world can't put grass on a pitch! Not that hard to do if your motivated. TBC

  • Jackson on September 20, 2010, 2:16 GMT

    Can someone please tell me why Trent Copeland has continually been overlooked? Is he injured, or is it just a series of oversights? I guarantee the NSW selectors will pick him ahead of Hazelwood & Starc this season, & his form last summer was far better than that of George & Pattinson. This is a strange one...

  • Sanjay on September 19, 2010, 14:40 GMT

    @Stranded_Immigrant. If it is being played to retain the no1 spot the BCCI couldnt have picked a worse team. Inviting the aussies to retain the no 1 spot is like shooting urself in the foot. Besides we already played a 7 match odi series last year so this one seems unneccessary too. I think Ind vs Aus matches esp test matches attract higher TRP's here and the reason looks more monetary to me.

  • Lou on September 19, 2010, 13:28 GMT

    Spot on, Santosh, those figures are nowhere near international level, but talking about NSW players, there is actually a NSW quick who has played as many games as Starc with far, far better stats, but he appears to be completely ignored.

    The Aus selection panel is in a very weird place these days.

  • Desmond on September 19, 2010, 10:53 GMT

    Why people don't talk of different turfs for cricket like tennis? Why discuss about some team(s) not being able to bat on fast pitches? A good batmen or bowler should be able to excel in a variery of conditions. A variety of turfs should also be provided for hockey not only astro-turf.

  • John on September 19, 2010, 9:52 GMT

    I wouldn't worry too much about the comments, Sonjjay. This is all in fun. Unfortunately, however, there is more than a grain of truth in what your compatriots are saying about the Australian lineup.

    I think it will be thumped. We have a captain who is not very good. We have a weak batting lineup. Finally, we have a bowling lineup that blows hot and cold.

    I cannot think of a single reason why the current, sorry, lineup can achieve anything other than dismal defeat.

    What I do wonder, though, is why Australia are in India again. Weren't we there last time the two teams had a test series? Whose idea was it to compete there again? My understanding is that, originally, this was going to be an ODI series and the BCCI changed this to a two-test contest.

    Is this an attempt by the BCCI to artificially top-up the Indian team's test score by staging two successive contests in India? Average as the Australian pace attack is, it would be enough to handle India in Australia.

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