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No India coach yet despite CoA's push

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Kohli will be consulted, but he's not the main decision-maker - Ganguly

By Tuesday evening, no decision had been reached on the next coach of India, despite the Committee of Administrators' urging the BCCI to make a decision as soon as possible

A BCCI official said the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), which was tasked with finalising India's new head coach, was yet to arrive at a unanimous choice, but was hopeful that a decision would be made on Tuesday night.

"CoA has advised us to that effect and rightly," the official said. "We are also of the same view."

The official, though, said the BCCI was not pushing the CAC to make a hurried decision. "Nobody is pushing them," he said. "There is no problem, and they are also equally sensitive to the fact that the conversation should be comprehensive. But it should also be time-sensitive."

The CAC, comprising former India cricketers Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar, had interviewed five candidates in Mumbai on Monday, and said they would make their final decision after speaking with captain Virat Kohli. Ganguly even hinted that India could embark on their tour of Sri Lanka with the current set-up of batting and fielding coaches, but no head coach or bowling coach.

ESPNcricinfo understands that CoA chairman Vinod Rai suggested to the BCCI that if a decision had been made it was best to announce the final pick and end all uncertainty and speculation. Rai offered that suggestion once he was told that there was a difference of opinion within the CAC as to when they should finalise their choice.

Ganguly indicated that the CAC had not expected the CoA to push so strongly for a quick announcement.

"We'll speak to him. He's a very respected man, Mr. Vinod Rai, and I will speak to him this afternoon," Ganguly said. "I was supposed to go to Delhi, so obviously that's been cancelled now because of this. We'll speak to him, because what all was announced yesterday was with all permission and everybody was informed about it."

Although the CoA had not been involved in the interview process, it was happy with the CAC's decision to speak to Kohli on his return from the USA to discuss the issue before announcing the new coach.

"The COA was fine with the CAC having a discussion with Virat - not about him getting involved with their decision, but whatever decision they made surrounding the coach," a BCCI official said. "There is no harm in having a discussion with the captain saying we have gone through a process, this is the individual that we believe is good for the team. These are his views in terms of how he views his role. Hopefully this will work out so that there is no repeat of the Kumble situation. So there is no harm in a having a transparent conversation and then making it public."

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  • divynl6307086 on July 11, 2017, 17:13 GMT

    @Person who talked about Holiday, surely when the entire fan community is jumping to and fro and decision-making had to be done and dusted by 10th of July (extended only because the decision had to be discussed with captain), an individual's chill-time is way more important. I'm sure there were no ten commandments to be read out to Captain Gung-ho, possibly some points to be put across. But in all honesty no one is sure what was to be discussed. Anyways after Vinod Rai's intervention, it seems we are destined for a decision and maybe it has come already. (And Finally) Captain Gung-Ho gets his Coach Maverick for his next adventure (in the Pearl of the Orient), but the CAC have seemingly put in a couple of riders, in the name of Zaheer and Dravid, let's see if this is the final-final or there are further rounds to this event. It would be good if we finally have a coach after all this. -Pinch-Hitter-Night-Watchman.

  • rohinikapur on July 11, 2017, 17:13 GMT

    on paper and merit, Tom Moody should get the job.....he's got humungous experience.....but my sense feels like Shastri will get the job coz he had done a good job of massaging Virat Kohli's back everyday while he was 'team director'. They both went to massages and SPAs everyday. I dont think Sehwag has the experience to be team coach yet...he should not have qualified...just by being mentor or whatever of an IPL team for less than 6 months doesnt make you eligible for an international coach position.....Phil Simmons might be a dark horse...he has had excellent experience with Ireland, though he fell out with lesser teams like AFG and WI

  • bleeky8141017 on July 11, 2017, 17:10 GMT

    Just let Kohli have his way. What else can the BCCI or CAC do?

  • Arvind on July 11, 2017, 17:05 GMT

    The new coach combination is Ravi Shastri - Zaheer Khan - Sanjay Bangar. Officially announced.

  • ganeyf on July 11, 2017, 17:03 GMT

    Coach selected. Ravi Shastri - Head coach. Rahul Dravid - Batting coach and Zaheer Khan - Bowling coach.

  • Vivek on July 11, 2017, 17:02 GMT

    I love the way Ganguly conducts himself. Calm, composed and under control. He used to handle difficult questions during his playing days the same way. Even Dhoni has lost his cool with the media at times, but i haven't seen Ganguly lose his cool. Would love to see him as the BCCI chairman sometime soon. Regarding the coach selection, i have a feeling that the CAC is in the favor of Tom Moody. Even if they end up choosing Shastri, I trust Sachin, VVS and Saurav to make the right decision. They did it the last time too when they choose Kumble ,but they did not foresee the personality issues. I am sure they will learn from that experience and choose the best person for the Job. They played for India with Passion and love and they would want the best for the country.

  • Rohit on July 11, 2017, 16:56 GMT

    BREAKING NEWS: Ravi Shastri appointed new head coach and Zaheer Khan bowling coach of Indian cricket team: BCCI

  • Rupak on July 11, 2017, 16:46 GMT

    Those people who are asking for a video call, answer a simple question. Do you really know the meaning of a holiday ?

  • divynl6307086 on July 11, 2017, 16:41 GMT

    @Jose Sir, your style is well-known to the many regulars here. It would not be tough to guess if this was your post. It did occur to my mind that if this time interviews (possibly a change in conditions from last time? Or maybe they were intimated by candidates' regarding lack of their physical availability) were conducted through Skype, why couldn't the discussion on conditions take place with captain, through the same means. But then many would say that the 'almost' coach Ravi Shastri applied only because he was given the surety of being selected. (After all reports said that he won't apply again, after last year's fiasco) One of the conspiracy theories in my mind is that it was Captain Gung-ho's idea to have him after CT (tough), so that he can ease in through WI, SL tours, then even if the team flounders in SA (tough) etc. Then it could be said oh but wait we succeeded in so and so tours. But that's being thwarted. But that's what it is, a conspiracy theory. - PinchHitter

  • Anil on July 11, 2017, 16:26 GMT

    The comment "CRICINFOUSER ON JULY 11, 2017, 15:12 GMT" (People's impatience...and relax) was posted by me, ANILKP. It appears that Jose...P and others assume that Sachin is for Ravi, and Sourav/VVS for someone else. Why must we think so? Even if it is so, so what? If Ravi (and whosoever) can have pleasant and "productive" relationship with the team, that's all we want; don't we? Many credit India's good run during Fletcher's later days to Ravi. If that's true, why should we object? True, his loud voice annoys us (but hey, the TV owners still hire him), he was a mediocre player (but hey, many mediocre players have become great coaches). Finally, the Indian team has great talent. Besides, thanks to Rahul Dravid, the "inflow pipeline" of youngsters is secured for talent. Therefore, all the Indian coach has to do, mostly, is man-management. If Ravi (or whosoever) does it well, so be it. Let's stop being too anxious and too speculative. ANILKP.

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