Spin coaching February 5, 2009

Jenner to conduct training camp in Kerala

Cricinfo staff

Terry Jenner, the spin coach best known for mentoring Shane Warne, will conduct a specialist spin coaching camp for Kerala Cricket Association players from February 7 to 10 in Kochi.

The camp, to take place at the BPCL Refinery ground in Ambalamugal, will involve 20 players, including those who represented the state at the junior level or are in line for selection.

Jenner will be assisted by Peter Fernandez, head coach of the MAC spin foundation in Chennai, where Jenner is currently holding a training camp."There are 23 boys and three girls being introduced to the basics. They're being put through the process, and their progress monitored through video tapes," Jenner told the Hindu. "For example, they're being taught the strengths of the side-on action and the front-on action, and various other aspects broken down into different sessions.

"A young spinner needs to be given time to develop his craft. I might be a lone voice here, but he needs to play the longer format to develop as a spinner. What we see in four overs in a format like Twenty20 is slow bowling, not spin bowling," he said."Impatience is where we're losing quality bowlers. The kids need to mature physically and mentally as well, through their development as spin bowlers.

Jenner said academies and selectors must look at Amit Mishra, who debuted in the India-Australia Tests in October last year, as an example."By bowling slow, he showed us that spin bowling is not all about pace. He is very exciting to watch, since he changes pace and has a lot of variation. He had the Australian batsmen second-guessing."