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UAE could be considered as CLT20 venue - Gavaskar

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Sunil Gavaskar, BCCI's president for the IPL, has said that the United Arab Emirates could be considered as a venue for the Champions League Twenty20, scheduled to be held later this year. The UAE had hosted one leg of IPL 2014 in April due to general elections in India and Gavaskar said factors like weather and the host broadcaster's preferences could influence the board's decision on the Champions League venue. A final decision on the issue will have to be taken within four weeks.

"[It is] certainly a possibility because there are two aspects at the back of the BCCI's mind," Gavaskar, who was given a life membership at the Els Club in Dubai Sports City, said. "The first is the weather in India at that stage, because it will be monsoon-ish still and the monsoon will be tapering off and you know don't want to have matches washed out. That will be one at the back of their mind. And the fact that you know at that particular time there will be a lot of people wanting to come to Dubai.

"So I guess, you know, those are the factors that will certainly come into play. Eventually the decision will depend on the host broadcaster, and what he feels about it because timings sometimes can make a difference so I think all those factors have certainly to be sorted out within the next four weeks or so."

Gavaskar also said the BCCI could consider scheduling an India tour to the UAE, given the quality of facilities. The Indian federal government had banned the national team from playing in Sharjah for three years in 2001 following the match-fixing scandal. The BCCI has also maintained an unwritten rule that Indian teams would not play in the UAE. However, following assurances from the UAE government and cricket officials in the country, the board decided to conduct a part of the IPL there.

"I think now that we've had an opening through the IPL, I think certainly that is something that the BCCI will definitely consider," he said. "Because they have seen what the facilities on offer are and when you talk about facilities you are not only talking about on-field playing facilities, you are talking of practice facilities, which are so important when you need to prepare for the match. Those were actually world-class as well and that has made a huge impact on the authorities in India.

"As soon as there is window available, India will be looking to come down. Whether it is to play Pakistan or whether it is to play some triangular tournament, I'm not too sure but India will be looking for that window to come back here."

In March, Gavaskar was asked by the Supreme Court to head the BCCI for the duration of the IPL, after the court asked N Srinivasan to step down as BCCI president until investigations into the allegations of corruption in IPL 2013 were complete. With the IPL over, Gavaskar said he had written to the court over his future role in the BCCI.

"Well, at the moment, I am a little bit unsure," he said. "When the appointment when first came through from the honorable Supreme Court, it was pretty sure it was till the end of the IPL. In the middle also, there was a hearing where the honorable court said that I should carry on till further orders. So I have just written to them and I will know in the next few days whether my role is over or whether I still continue. So at the moment, I am little bit in the dark about it."

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  • Android on June 30, 2014, 9:59 GMT

    Asia Cup now should be held in UAE as UAE has got an ODI status and 6 teams can be divided into 2 groups

  • Chandamouli on June 25, 2014, 13:06 GMT

    @ Victor Wilson AND @ ramz30380 - Thank you so much for supporting my point!!!

    I wish Champions League Tournament would be held in Australia!!!

    Unlike @JJAbraham 's point here about the attraction of crowd for the event in UAE, Australia would attract more crowds as there are many settled Indians, Sri Lankans and also the native Australians who are more likely to come and watch the best domestic teams play against one another. I've observed the attendance for every Big Bash matches held there! And By the way, I'm not from Australia. But from India. But I just like to see more Cricket events in Australia in addition to the World Cup, Big Bash, ThE AsHeS and other Bi-Lateral tournaments/Tri-series, Which could possibly be the Champions League T20, provided if the BCCI enables!!!

  • Dummy4 on June 21, 2014, 7:49 GMT

    Remember that in Australia that September is the month for AFL Finals in Australia, so the tournament will have to be held virtually at the start of October so it doesn't clash with AFL Finals Series. the Broadcasters in India will have their matches telecast live earlier in the day By about 4 hours, unless no one watches the TV during late morning and mid afternoon in India, I don't see any problem with Broadcasting (I don't know what programs run in India since I live in Australia). The other problem about Australia is that travelling will be an issue especially since the Perth Scorchers are playing, they will probably want matches at the WACA which is remote compared to most of Australia's other stadiums.

    AFL finals and interstate travel are the only two problems with hosting the CLT20. I feel that this year should go to Australia and perhaps next year they go to UAE.

  • Chandamouli on June 21, 2014, 5:13 GMT

    Surprised that Sunny sir chose to host CLT20 in UAE with the fact that Mumbai Indians lost 5/5 with a win percentage of 0%. I'm saying this because he is from Mumbai and he is a die-hard Mumbai Indians fan and so as Tendulkar's preacher. I've always noticed him being very biased in favour of MI when he is in the commentry box. BTW I'm NOT from Mumbai.

    Another point to make, I've always seen CLT20 being hosted only in India and South Africa : 2009 - India 2010 - SA 2011 - India 2012 - SA 2013 - India

    But now suddenly the BCCI has jumped onto a different venue in the UAE, this reveals more about the disputes between BCCI and CSA.

    Even there is no UAE domestic team participating in CLT20 nor there is a domestic tournament held there, then why does BCCI host the tournament there?

    Its a well known fact that Australian players have been the most dominant overseas players (in IPL) and have equally dominant domestic T20 teams from BBL (in CLT20). Then why not host the CLT20 in Australia?

  • Ramya on June 19, 2014, 6:37 GMT

    @Chandramouli.G - u have a valid point there but the fact is tht Aug-Sep is peak winter in Australia and its rugby season, so it may not be possible to conduct matches there! But if they can, then there is nothing like tht - also the Indian boys will get some practice playing in those pitches!

  • Dummy4 on June 18, 2014, 16:15 GMT

    What a ridiculous decision by the BCCI, there are so many stadiums in India which are never able to host matches, CLT20 matches should be hosted in Tier-2 cities rather than shifting it to UAE.

  • Deepak on June 18, 2014, 15:35 GMT

    A better idea is to have Asia Cup in UAE. It can have 6 teams, including UAE & AFG, divided into two groups. Since UAE have qualified for 2015 WC and also got ODI status, I think they are a decent side and can be competitive.

  • Dummy4 on June 18, 2014, 14:55 GMT

    yu will see packed crowd, when Lahore Lions will play in UAE, and same with other indian teams, I believe CLT20 must be organized in UAE.

  • Cricinfouser on June 18, 2014, 13:18 GMT

    I live in the UAE and I know that IPL in UAE was a great success... But actually speaking, they turned out in big numbers just to see their favourite teams play... CLT20 is a league where teams from all over the world play and i'm telling might be a few to watch the indian teams play but not more... Here, when i told my colleagues about CLT20 (who had gone for IPL matches), they were like, "Whats CLT20?" And i'm sure no one will turn up for the matches featuring non-IPL teams... And also, very less people are gonna turn out, even for the matches played by IPL teams... (except CSK & MI)

  • Ashok on June 18, 2014, 13:02 GMT

    Hope to see India-Pak test matches in UAE sometime in the future!

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