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Kumble slams media sensationalism

Cricinfo staff

October 15, 2008

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Anil Kumble: "And for those who are wondering, I'm feeling good. I am hopeful the shoulder injury I picked up during the match should be fine by the second Test" © Getty Images

Anil Kumble, the India captain, has hit out at the media's "uncharitable" comments on his fitness, calls for retirement, and his performance as a player and captain following India's hard-fought draw in the first Test against Australia in Bangalore. Kumble went wicketless in a total of 51 overs and a shoulder injury restricted him to only eight overs in the second innings.

In his syndicated column, Kumble said the media attention reminded him of the tour of Australia in January when he had to deal with several off-field issues, including the controversial Sydney Test which was marred by alleged racist remarks and cheating claims. On the vexed issue of retirement, he clarified that he will quit on his own terms.

"What has also been somewhat unexpected is the way the Indian media seems to have delighted in analysing and sensationalising every little action, remark or gesture," Kumble wrote. "I didn't really expect to have to go through this all over again on my home turf.

"That time, ten months ago, saw me unfortunately having to split my time between playing cricket and handling a host of unnecessary off-the-field issues, instead of being able to concentrate on playing the game and handling my team."

Kumble said he was confident of recovering fully in time for the second Test in Mohali starting on Friday. Dilip Vengsarkar, the former selection chairman, had slammed Kumble for not declaring his injury before the Bangalore Test and said he should not have played.

"And for those who are wondering, I'm feeling good. I am hopeful the shoulder injury I picked up during the match should be fine by the second Test and that it will be business as usual thereafter," Kumble said. "When I decide to make a final bow, I'll go on my own terms."

Kumble felt the criticism of India's performance in the Test was a little too harsh. Highlighting the positives, he said the bowlers did well to restrict Australia to 430 and praised Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan for scoring half-centuries after the seniors had failed in the first innings.

"Actually, I'm pretty happy with the way things panned out after we lost the toss. From the look of the pitch, this was a track on which 600 could have been made batting first. That the Australians took five sessions and more to make about 400 is a reflection on how wonderfully well our bowling unit performed.

"Harbhajan and Zaheer stood up and made sure they not only cut down the lead, but also showed everyone that our tail can handle this Australian attack with ease. It may also be noted that our four senior batsmen, Sachin and Rahul, Sourav and Laxman, all played a part in this Test."

He also singled out the bowling of Zaheer and Ishant Sharma - they shared 13 of the 16 wickets to fall - who "bowled with heart and spirit to shape the way this series might go." Looking ahead to the Mohali Test, he said the team certainly didn't lack self belief.

"I can't promise things I have no control over, but the one thing that I can guarantee is that I won't give up the fight. We won't. The belief that I have in my team, and the belief that the team has in me is what matters the most."

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Posted by Alfi on (October 16, 2008, 20:33 GMT)

Not to forget, Kumble caught and bowled ponting in the first innings that was turned down as an half volley. If he would have got that wicket things would have been different for him and for India. Its better to rely on experience than to romp in a new comer in tests. Kumble had not faded in the last 2 decades and I am sure the Aussies are also wary about that fact. Leave him alone its good for Indian cricket.

Posted by ruffryder81 on (October 16, 2008, 10:04 GMT)

Some people who blame the media and side with Kumble are forgetting that we are talking about a sport and not some benefit scheme or charity. In sport there is always competition and you either perform at the highest level or you leave. There is no room for sentimental nonsense about how long you served and how many runs you scored or wickets you took. Kumble is feeling the heat because he knows that as a bowler, he does not deserve to be in the team. His being a captain is compromising India's chances of winning this series. More seriously if Kumble speaks the language of 'I will leave on my own terms' then the only option he is giving to the selectors is to kick him out once they have had enough. How glorious is that?

Posted by BVK_SRT on (October 16, 2008, 9:57 GMT)

Sice Kumble has said that he will quit on his own terms. So, Indian media should focus on encouraging him rather team. Remember that fielders too did not co-operate enough to see Kumble taking wickets. Fitness levels are to be maintained throughout the 5 days.

Posted by tusharkardile on (October 16, 2008, 9:30 GMT)

Kumble might be right in venting his anger towards media, but his assessment of his own form and place in Indian team is way off mark. He is not the messiah that Indian cricket needs desperately. He should be realistic and pick 4/5 best bowlers on the day for the pitch, if he is one of them, very well, but if he is not, then its not end of the day.

Posted by vedichitesh on (October 16, 2008, 8:45 GMT)

I am really surprised the way people act. Every time we keep on picking on the seniors and want them to retire.......Give youngsters a chance has become a slogan....... Why give a chance let them make a chance...... let them make the fab 4 silly with their youth and game..... when the youngsters are given a chance they squander it..... none of them have cemented their place in the team..... Ganguly started with a century and again another one..... Dravid was consistent ..... Sachin blasted stalwarts then.... So they stayed.... Look at Dhoni he always is in the team..... Gauti has cemented himself others need to do that. There is no free lunch for anyone.Why are we insisting on Sachin's retirement he is only 35..... Lara played till he was 38 Inzy played till 38... Sanath 38 and still playing......why should we miss Sachin just to give chance to youngsters..... he is good fielder, a team player, adds to the team think tank, and is still a threat to the opposition.... His last 2 years record is good too....

Posted by dhiren464 on (October 16, 2008, 7:03 GMT)

Unbelievable how every one is indulging in this debate. Anil Kumble after a bad performance is being questioned wrongly. He got injured during the first innings, after bowling 40 over. Aint that fitness enough?? Agreed he didnt pick up wickets. Even Lee got just 2 wickets. Did the Aussies slam their primary bowler that he is ineffective?? He couldnt get Bhajji & Zaheer out?? All know that MSD is going to be the future captain. It will happen in due course. When people start questioning bad performance of Kumble in a couple of test matches they forget all players have phases when they dont do too well. Take MSD's record in tests as batsman for instance he has done nothing of note. But you dont give up. You see talent you see ability and you stick with them. Have faith they will come up with the goods in this series. India will win... Kumble will ensure all critics have to eat their words... I have faith , do you ??

Posted by DMwestindy on (October 16, 2008, 6:53 GMT)

i wish that people would stop telling the seniors to "quit while theyre on top". Its the most absurd thing i have ever heard. If youre at the peak of your form, then why would you quit??? i totally support kumble on this. Just a year ago he was one of the top 10 bowlers in the ICC list and was consistently getting 3 wickets every innings. Give him a breakand a chance, he has been one of indias best spinners ever.

Posted by SillyPointer on (October 16, 2008, 3:17 GMT)

Whenever a senior player proclaims that he will leave on his own terms, it implies that regardless of his performance he expects to be on the team. If these players really want to leave on their own terms, they ought to do it before such questions are asked and leave on a high when they are still playing well. It is sad to see such great players, in many ways, cricketing heroes for an entire generation of Indian fans, just clinging to their spots in the twilight of their careers. Cricket today is a young man's game and fielding is as important as batting and bowling and the Indian Test fielding is downright pathetic. May be its the adulation, may be its the limelight, but by not bowing out gracefully, these players are not only doing a disservice to themselves, but also to the youngsters waiting in the wings. 20-20s don't breed test players. Anil, Dravid, Sachin,& VVS should chart out a timetable and exit with grace and not drag this out into a soap opera like Sourav.

Posted by afrison on (October 16, 2008, 3:13 GMT)

It appears that there is a great humbleness to Anil Kumble towrds the media comments. But we fail to accept the truth and the facts while we take the matter emotionaly.Lets admit the fitness to Kumble has been a long issue but due to his bowling speciality he was being considerd on the side and had to be placed on the field probably at a postion where less ball would come. Yes its difficult to decide when to retire and this is being encoureged by the authority otherwise by now we would have seen Ganguly ,Dravid and Laxman and probably Sachin as well out for retirement. By now we would have already replaced and groomed upcoming youngster .....Rohit Sharma who due to this seniors gets unjustified treatment .....this is just one example

Posted by Myadersh on (October 16, 2008, 2:16 GMT)

I am really disappointed with the way Indian media has been dealing with one of the legendary cricketers, Anil Kumble. Dhoni hasn't played any significant innings for the last twelve months and nothing has been written about it. I think media is overly enthusiastic about every moment of the Big 5. Their failures are being shown in magnifying mirrors and creating unwanted pressure in the Indian dressing room. I don't know what sort of good is it going to do to Indian cricket.

The most funny thing is that the former Chairman of selection committee Mr. Dilip Vengsarkar also made some bitter remarks, making Kumble responsible for the draw. He has to remember that he had also once been a cricketer and in no way he can be compared to Anil Kumble's stature as a dedicated cricketer. Kumble's absence will definitely boost up the morale of the opposition and will be a major set back to India. People have to remember that a lion is a lion whether it is young or old. All the best Mr. Anil.

Posted by Sorcerer on (October 16, 2008, 1:34 GMT)

This attitude of petulance in Kumble was seen in droves in Inzamam too when he was hauled up by the media to explain personal failings. But then one should take the rough with the smooth. These are skippers who carry the responsibility of leading teams followed by a huge fan-following and thus hold the mantle for national pride. Stark is their attitude when things are going well, and such skippers are all too happy soaking in the eulogies and praise coming from critics towards the team, even trying to project themselves as the ones responsible for the performances of the team.

This is a demanding environment in which matters of governance and accountability are crucial. What Kumble is implicitly asking for is for the same famous attitude of "mollycoddling" which was accorded to a regularly-failing English team of a decade ago.

Inzamam also ranted and raved in rage when his glaring failings were pointed out by an unforgiving media, even blaming the media for the loss indirectly!

Posted by r1m2 on (October 15, 2008, 22:47 GMT)

Media should not be dictated to, on what the media should do or not. It's free press. They ought to report on facts as they see it. One needs to keep in mind that it's someone else's reporting. We all know the facts, Kumble has not been getting wickets, 17 wickets in his last 8 matches. India under Kumble appears defensive. These things whether reported or not, are truth that we can all find out from the last few matches. So, in my opinion it's not the reports that bother him as much as the harsh reality of it all. I have a feeling he's going to retire at the end of the series and that's what he wishes to do regardless of his performance or lack of it. I think he deserves to go in his own terms and I hope he's afforded the dignity. I just hope it's not at the cost of another Aussie triumph. Bhajji has been figured out by the Aussies and should be replaced with Munaf for Mohali where he did sensationally in his last match. Besides Mohali has a bit of initial assistance for pacers.

Posted by skelker on (October 15, 2008, 22:06 GMT)

Kumble has clarified that he will quit "on his own terms". That will be completely unnecessary if the selectors show some spine and honourably drops Kumble and Indian cricket moves on! Kumble had his day but now he is about to become laughing stock! Selectors please spare the humiliation to Kumble and the country and act fast :)

Posted by indiandiehardfan on (October 15, 2008, 21:44 GMT)

Truth is always bitter. Kumble should realise that when people like Ian Chappel question his form then it is time to introspect/go. It is not on the basis of just one bad performance, but after string of poor outings- in later part of australian and entire SL series- making people question his place. It's ridiculous to make statement that I will go out on my own terms -just goes to show that indian cricket is so individualisti.Selection is mostly done on the basis of past performances .In India, youngsters' entry have always been blocked--a case in point when Srinath's entry was delayed by at least 2 years in order to ensure Kapil surpass Hadlee record.What did we achieve by that? Kumble has been, no doubt, probably the greatest testmatch winner India produced in recent times but now his presence is working against the cause. It would be foolish to draft him in playing 11 in Mohali,traditionally fast bowler bastion. Add to this injury. Time to pass baton to Dhoni orSehw

Posted by Test_Match_Fan on (October 15, 2008, 21:17 GMT)

Kumble, Tendulkar, Ganguly need to retire right away......I mean before second test match and spare the Test match fans further agony. All 3 are way past their prime and a team like Australia woud have long bid them good bye. The fact that Kumble can say he will go on his own terms says a lot.......that meritocary has no place in Indian criket, but basically politics has a major role.

Posted by popcorn on (October 15, 2008, 20:00 GMT)

It is time Anil Kumble called it quits.

There is something seriously wrong with Anil Kumble.Mentally too.

He is gloating that Australia could not bowl out India in 82 overs!

In the recent past,India have been systematically blown away on the final day by Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Australia.So does Kumble think that the Bangalore escape from defeat is a great improvement? This is a sure sign of complacency and insecurity.

And to think that before the start of the series, Sehwag and company opined that Australia are a rookie side, no experience and are the underdogs!! Sic!

Posted by bright_boy on (October 15, 2008, 19:10 GMT)

I dont agree with kumble..

Posted by cricsand on (October 15, 2008, 18:35 GMT)

India should have gone in with 3 seamers. Munaf bowled well in the warm up match. He would have been a threat with his ability to reverse swing the old ball. Zaheer, Ishant and Munaf would have kept up the pressure and all three have the ability to work with the old ball. I feel with Munaf in, the three can give the Aussies a real working. Aussies are just as vulnerable to late swing (read Ashes) as they are to spin. We seem to obsessed that spin is the only way to get them. But then the quandary is which spinner to drop. On current form Kumble would have to sit out, but we don't have the concept of a non-playing captain in Cricket like we do in Tennis.

Posted by Nathan_a on (October 15, 2008, 17:58 GMT)

Media should stop putting pressure on the Indian captain while the series is on. They can do it afterwards. They do miss Ganguly who feeds them with excellent headline news.Now that he has retired they need another one. Kumble ironically has never done well (by his standards) for India in his home ground Bengaluru. Injuries do happen to players and to doubt the credibility of the player who bowled in west indies with sever injuries is insane. By the way Vengsarkar should not have commented that Kumble played knowing he had an injury. He is not a qualified medical practioner to say so.

Posted by Manoj1234 on (October 15, 2008, 17:44 GMT)

To BlessyS for his comment on Indian media and his low regard for them: I think Indian media is evolving , but they still represent the free-est thought of most media in the western world including Australia. They may be silly at times, but at least they are unbiased of influence unlike CNN/ FOX / ABC / BBC / NYT etc.. , some among seem to consider themselves holy cows. Its difficult for such news networks to have any credibility on their opinin columns and editorials. Manoj

Posted by spreddy1 on (October 15, 2008, 17:23 GMT)

I agree completely with what Kumble haas said in his article. The important question that was not addressed by the media from last test match is why the aussies were not able to pick atleast half of the indian wickets in second innings even after bowling for 73 overs. I strongly feel that the claims (opinions) made by Siddharth Monga of cricinfo and Suresh Menon of espnstar in their respective columns were ridiculous. We have been watching this game right since our childhood. We are no fools to agree with the views of Siddharth Monga and Suresh Menon. The analysis of the match has to be done in many ways and it should not be uni-directional and should not be aimed at any particular individuals.

Posted by bulldog on (October 15, 2008, 15:03 GMT)

I think calling it quits at the right time is difficult for even the greatest of athletes. There is always the temptation to overcome diminishing skills and athletic ability, with passion and "experience", one more time. Even Michael Jordan, the greatest sportsman and athlete of all time, did not realize that even he is not immune to the passage of time. He had the chance for a storybook ending to a great career when he hit the championship-winning basket with about a second or so left. But alas, he wrecked it by coming back back one more time a few years later and embarassing himself. While Kumble is no Jordan, the great cricketer has reached that point of diminishing returns and it is time for him to say adieu to the sport he loves. He should take a final bow at the Mohali test. It will be sad to push a great cricketer and a fierce competitor out because, he gives the selectors no other option.

Posted by RaviNarla on (October 15, 2008, 15:00 GMT)

Everything about sport in India is criticizing when people are not performing. Criticism is good provided if they are constructive. If we keep castigating these sports person very often about their performances, they tend to get a feeling it is just another person bad mouthing about the performance. Kumble on the other day quoted saying "Just one bad match doesn't make a player bad". How about 25 bad matches in the entire career. Is that good enough to judge a person. When someone is not performing it is for them to realize the time is up to hang up the boots. But sadly none of cricket icons have realized. Probably they may need to have a good look at the stats below. LAST 50 INNINGS LAST 10 INNINGS KUMBLE 93 wickets 12 wickets Tendulkar 1842 runs @ 37.24 157 runs @ 15.7 Dravid 1810 runs @ 36.2 251 runs @ 25.1 Laxman 1739 runs @ 34.78 345 runs @ 34.5 GANGULY 2080 runs @ 40.3. 269 runs @ 26.9

Posted by Springsam on (October 15, 2008, 14:40 GMT)

It is true Kumble and other senior members -the fab 5- have rendered yeomen service to Indian cricket. We have enjoyed their contribution and are grateful to them for their entertaining performances over long years.

However, one should accept the fact that ones faculties diminish and the body fails to respond to the call of quick reflexes as age advances. Kumble is 37 and the modern day cricket demands tremendous amount of hard work. Even a younger man like Dhoni opted out of Sri Lanka tour, honestly admitting that he needed that break. Kumble with a shoulder problem and under-par bowling and fielding should first withdraw from the Mohali test and give in form Amit Mishra the chance. Kumble shold announce his retirement

Fab 5 barring Dravid cannot claim any credit for lifting the game to earn a respectable draw against a relatively week Australian team. Zaheer, Ishant, Harbhajan, Sewag and Gautam Gambir did the good work.

Similarly Tendulkar should make way for Rohit Sharma

Posted by MeherzaanAli on (October 15, 2008, 14:23 GMT)

We must remember that great men are noted for their failures and ordinary men for their success. I don't hold Indian media in highest of regards anyway. They are evolving and most of them are fresh graduates who have no creditibility whatsoever.

Posted by Cricket411 on (October 15, 2008, 14:16 GMT)

Kumble, You must realize, it's time to go. TEST or 20-20's your time is up. You are giving it all, but, there is the natural factor, your body, cannot take it anymore of the grind, the never-say-die attitude you have shown all these years. I am sure you have many avenues you can serve cricket. Adam

Posted by snethaji on (October 15, 2008, 14:15 GMT)

Media will make the money when they are in to and loow too. but they are like barking dogs never stop baking but never bite anyone but indian media getting wrose. i think they becoming like leaders in jokers battle best of luck media. if you keep doing things like you will become top on list where no one running in race on the graveyard

Posted by asksasu on (October 15, 2008, 14:02 GMT)

Now the question is not about Kumble's contributions. If u people speak about contribution of senior players then u can keep Kapil, Srikanth, etc., in the present team. Every sportsman has their own talent and their contribution to the team. Just think that Kumble has dropped two catches in his own bowling and unfit to run even in field and also with bat. So Kumble has to think that if he is not fit to play then he can take rest or give the openings to younger generations. Don't put pressure on selection committee to select or drop or to face the queries from media. Media has to criticise because if at all they are who can? Look at the Aussies performance without specialist how they are surviving. Indians are only full of sentiments and records.

Posted by since7 on (October 15, 2008, 13:53 GMT)

I sometimes thought that kumble was perhaps too diplomatic...But he has proved me wrong...The first two days of the test was devoid of any ill will or so.Normally a cricket fan would be happy about this.But the so-called cricket historian complained that the teams werent playing competitive cricket and ICC is denying india the oppurtunity to play in the same aggressive manner in which aussies played,by warning the players.This is much more than sensationalism.This is utter desperation and cheap reporting at its best..

Posted by malanraja on (October 15, 2008, 13:52 GMT)

BOTTOM LINE! Kumble 'has' been a fantastic bowler. Kumble is a useless, defensive captain. Kumble can have a few matches, but please go! PERFORMANCE IS KEY!

Chak de India!

NB.I feel the same way about Sachin.

Posted by persian on (October 15, 2008, 13:45 GMT)

Some people who blame the media and side with Kumble are forgetting that we are talking about a sport and not some benefit scheme. In sport you either perform at the highest level or you leave. There is no room for sentimental nonsense about how long you served and how many runs you scored or wickets you took. Kumble is feeling the heat because he knows that as a bowler, he does not deserve to be in the team. His being a captain is compromising India's chances of winning this series. History will look back on this series as one in which India did not win because of selfishness of one individual.

Posted by persian on (October 15, 2008, 13:40 GMT)

Indians have the best chance of beating the Aussies in decades and they are going to blow it because of this guy Kumble. Because of him India has to play either two spinners or just Kumble in every match. It is outrageous that Indian cricket is held hostage by such selfish individuals and selectors who appoint a captain whose place in the team is itself doubtful.

Posted by persian on (October 15, 2008, 13:38 GMT)

Here is the difference: - Gilchrist drops a catch and decided to leave while on top - dignified - Kumble goes without many wickets, fields badly and drops catches - says I will leave on my own terms when I decide to leave

Posted by persian on (October 15, 2008, 13:35 GMT)

No one is questioning the greatness of Kumble as a bowler however cricket is a sport and competition is natural and essential. Kumble is nowhere near the bowler he was. The selectors have to infact review whether he should still be the captain because as a bowler he simply does not fit in the team. It is prudent for selectors to give his place to a deserving pace or spin bowler. If Kumble is in the team then the team combination and balance is seriously compromised. Even the most ardent fans of Kumble would agree that first priority is India and then Kumble. More seriously if Kumble speaks the language of 'I will leave on my own terms' then the only option he is giving to the selectors is to kick him out once they have had enough. How glorious is that?

Posted by mrgupta on (October 15, 2008, 13:26 GMT)

Well we all know that its true that Anil kumble is one of the greatest bowlers to play for India, no doubts about that. However, i think his time is up, its not only the B'lore test his form has not been with him since few years now... Apart from that last day at B'lore against Pak I dont remember Kumble proving dangerous to any batting lineup in recent years. As for Fab 4 i guess they are doing well... They all played their part, if Aussies feel that they were pushing for a victory on the last day then i wud say they underestimated our batting strength.... India too bat deep down as was proved in the first innings. I dont think Aus were in a winning position just because they got 70 runts lead in first innnings... Also, Statistically Our Fast bowlers did better then their more famous ones...

Posted by PowerKid on (October 15, 2008, 13:09 GMT)

If we cannot even win in our home turf then where do we expect to win. It would been good to groom a youngster in home condition against Australia but we have lost that opportunity. We will blood them in England and mark them for life as failure.. It was encouraging to see Sachin's innings btw. It was the first time I saw him in almost 10 years to be batting on a difficult pitch for so long

Posted by PowerKid on (October 15, 2008, 13:09 GMT)

If we cannot even win in our home turf then where do we expect to win. It would been good to groom a youngster in home condition against Australia but we have lost that opportunity. We will blood them in England and mark them for life as failure.. It was encouraging to see Sachin's innings btw. It was the first time I saw him in almost 10 years to be batting on a difficult pitch for so long

Posted by vpadmana on (October 15, 2008, 13:09 GMT)

I find this whole notion of respect and deference to aging athletes very unique to Indian Sports. The sentiment is, "How dare you criticize xyz? He's done so much for our country. He has toiled with bandages and broken fingers.".

Well, great then! Give him a Bharat Ratna and send him home with a nice flat in Bangalore. Just don't retain him in the team until he a. has become a shadow of his former self OR b. has to be carried off the field in a stretcher.

We had the same sort of situation with Kapil Dev who overstayed. We kept asking him to open the bowling and bat at 6/7. He'd concede a whole lot of runs and get out after his usual two boundaries.

Indian fans have to stop this hero worship of their cricketers, movie stars and politicians. When they have reached their end of shelf life, it's time to move on and move forward.

Posted by PowerKid on (October 15, 2008, 13:06 GMT)

A simple question how long will these old thuds play on past laurels. Was the one day fiasco in World Cup or Test Fiasco in Sl not sufficient to prove their ineffectiveness. Its a shame that even with India having such greats it was never the best side in all their years of which they claim great records,

Posted by vsrajan on (October 15, 2008, 12:40 GMT)

Anil Kumble must be left alone to decide abt his future as he had done on his ODI career. Firstly what is the big fuss about his performance and his captaincy? Yes he did not live up to his status in the last few matches. And that happens to everybody....... Why cant the media and the public give a honourable time to a LEGEND to decide. He is not the type of cricketer who waits to show the exit door and he has been dignified throughout his career. No doubt his captaincy lacked intensity in Bangalore so was his bowling. And people talk very high of MSD's ability as captain which he did in about 2 hours. What about his performance? Did anybody talk about that. Because of his poor keeping, we gave away 145 runs (Hussey was dropped by him when he was on 1) and later MSD himself fell for 5 runs. People talk about Fab 4 failure but it is a collective failure by all the batsmen including the 'high-flying' MSD.So dont crib on the issues again and again.Wait and see the Fab 5 leave with honour.

Posted by ramesh_sound on (October 15, 2008, 12:18 GMT)

Why is the Indian media so negative about every single thing, in cricket or in life? There used to be a time when India would win a test match outside every 10 years. Even then we used to be proud of the spin quartet and very good batsmen that we had. Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev are all heroes, but no one including Rahul Dravid has won more matches than Anil Kumble. Even before being grateful to such a performer, the media has started treating cricketers like they treat politicians. THey do not realize how many people are starting to be tuned off from media and its shrill tones; especially those who know little ( little knowledge is a dangerous thing; Ask the people who predicted Sensex 40,000) about cricket or how much these players have meant to a generation

Posted by shenbaga on (October 15, 2008, 11:30 GMT)

Ponting was quite generous when he set 299 in 83 overs at 3.6 runs per over for India. But what happened after this is testimony to Ponting's statement- They Play Old School Of Cricket! It was alright...everyone knew only one team was playing for victory. But, Ponting had a fielder at third man and cover-point throughout 5th day. He had many fielders spread to restrict singles. Ponting was way of the target! Only one team playing for victory and only one team playing to avoid defeat! The Indians were like blind-men rowing boat; at their own pace waiting for boat to hit bottom. It's a pity to see aussies, the champion side, play this Indian team, a brand of old school of cricket-Draw the Match!

Posted by nishi567 on (October 15, 2008, 11:15 GMT)

I think media should pay some respect towards Kumble and they should not forget that kumble is India's highest wicket taker bowler, and i am pretty sure that he wil bounce back in 2nd Test and this same media will praise this braveheart bowler. As far as his retirement is concerned, i think he is still fit enough to play for another year or so and best person to know this would be Kumble himself .. we cannot criticise kumble after being wicketless in 1st test this was a rare sight but we all Indians know that kuble must have put in more than 100% in his efforts. I wish him all the very best for entire series and come out with positive note

Posted by Overdrive on (October 15, 2008, 11:08 GMT)

Criticism and media coverage of the fab four is understandable with the kind of icon status they have. But Kumble? common.. he needs better treatment. He has been one of the most honest, hardworking, never-give-up cricketers of the era. Even on placid of pitches or green tracks he used to toil away bowling 50 odd overs in every innings. Who can also forget the commitment he showed by bowling with a broken jaw and infact taking the wicket of Brain Lara. His 10fer against pakistan etc. etc. ok.. even if you discard them as old..remember the way he handled the fiasco in Australia. He was stern, straight forward and was a tremendous ambassador of india during the Sydney Crisis.. I cannot even image any other captain who could have handled a fragile sydney situation betten than Kumble.. kudos to him!!!

Posted by Davesh_cricket_analyst on (October 15, 2008, 10:47 GMT)

I think no one would disagree with the fact that Kumble has won the most number of test matches for India than any India cricketer ever. But then things change with time & there's no shame in accepting changes. One of the problems with Kumble is (and media is majorly responsible for that) that he is hell bent on proving seniors worth and denying budding cricketers a chance. Thanks to media, a serious rift has been created between ODI & Test team players. All seniors fear that moment Dhoni becomes the captain they will be out of the team & for that reason they want Kumble to be the captain. Before SL series he said "he wonders how someone like Dravid, who plays with a straight bat, would get out to Mendis" and we all saw that straight bat in SL. My argument is in which other country you will find the same XI playing against Australia who literally embarassed us in SL in 3 consecutive test matches. Come on, you need to make few changes. They are just not winning matches.

Posted by cosair89 on (October 15, 2008, 10:28 GMT)

Kumble has served India well for a very long time and has been rewarded by being made its captain. It is always difficult for one whose life has revolved around cricket and has an intense passion for the game to deal with the harsh reality of retirement. When this eventualty is suggested the immediate reaction is one of anger. Having watched him play over the last year, it is quite evident that he has lost his main weapon and is now a pale shadow of his past. The statistics will prove this point. He is also nearing 40 and his fielding and batting are well below par. He should do what is the right and honourable thing to do - retire and give the younger players the opportunity to develop themslves so that India would take over the number 1 spot in test cricket. Kumble will go down in the history books as the greatest spinner India has produced and he could now help in the process of building a team which will be pride of India for years to come.

Posted by dhiren464 on (October 15, 2008, 9:51 GMT)

I sincerely request all our media persons and unlimited news channels to please leave the 5 seniors alone. The amount of contributions they have made to Indian cricket is immeasurable and they will still contribute and they have it in them to still perform. Also have some sort of trust that if they feel they are not upto it they will themselves accept it. A man who even came out to bowl with a broken jaw, a man that has taken 600 wickets, a man that has won more test matches for India than any other bowler or batsmen in India has a bad match and the swords are out.

Ian Chappell a very respected former player and a person with strong views on captaincy comes out and terms Anil as a defensive captain. As much as I respect him and his views, I must really state his version is totally wrong. At the end of the day he is a proud Australian and he can see that this is India's biggest chance to put it across the Aussies. continued

Posted by dhiren464 on (October 15, 2008, 9:49 GMT)

15th October 2008

The cricket is over but the talk is just starting. Ricky Ponting starting the mudslinging that Indians play a lot of drawn test matches. Whoa !!

Just for the record India batted at 3.26 runs per over in the first innings and Australia at something around 2.65 runs per over. For Harbhajan Singh & Zaheer Khan at times there were 4 boundary riders. Pretty attacking cricket that.

He got a fitting reply from Zaheer, he went on to taunt them that they couldn't get me and Bhajji out, what more do I say. He even went on to proclaim that the Aussies know they can't get 20 wickets and the pressure is well and truly on them. He also added that on the 5th day track their spinners were ineffective and even their pacers on such an up and down track.Things just hotting up.


Posted by 12kris on (October 15, 2008, 9:32 GMT)

Kumble has undoubtedly been the best Indian bowler after the famed quartet retired by the '80s. He has won many matches for India, and has shown exemplary courage at times (bowling with a broken jaw in the West Indies). But it does not stop me from wondering why there is such incongruence in some of his actions at times. Remember the mindless down-the-track stroke against Australia in S.L. which made sure Aus didn't get penalized by a couple of overs, and the world-cup match against Zimbabwe in England, where he spent several minutes arguing with the umpire about no-balls, to ensure that India didn't bowl out in time and was docked 3 overs and got beaten. In the last match too, when Australia were looking for quick runs on the 4th evening, he bowled himself (injured) and Harbajjan who was very tired, when the pace bowlers might have forced Aus to appeal against light. But this does not justify the way the media went after him.

Posted by testfan on (October 15, 2008, 9:04 GMT)

am not sure what the fuss is all about. the media conveniently dishes it out, often unfairly and more often with poor analysis and facts. so when a player expresses his own views on how he feels, the media should accept it with grace and reflect on the other point of view. have we as a country stooped to the level where we question the integrity of one of the few remaining persons in the spotlight that has a blemishless record of commitment. he has agreed that he had a bad game. time for the media to get behind the indian team and help in beating the aussies. the aussie media machine invariably backs the team. the media is free- it will be nice if that freedom is used judiciously.

Posted by RajithaS on (October 15, 2008, 9:03 GMT)

I think its clear to everybody that Kumble is a world class bowler. There is no way that one can take over 600 wickets and play over 100 Test Matches if you don't have something very special in you. But the problem is, just because you may be a world class bowler that doesn't mean you can be a good captain as well. Did anybody think why Murali has never captained Sri Lanka ever in hes life? Because hes not the captain material. What India and Kumble needs to understand is that one should do what they are good at. And M.S Dhoni has the brains and temper to captain any side in the world. He has proved that as well. So why dont we let Dhoni do what he does best and let Kumble do what he does best.

Posted by ruffryder81 on (October 15, 2008, 9:02 GMT)

Ofcourse Kumble was a great spinner few years back and his contribution to the team during 90's was immense. But I gotta say he is not even half the bowler he used to be. He hardly matched the performance of Harbhajan on Sri Lanka tour forget about matching Murali or Mendis. He got no variations, he hardly spins the ball, keeps bowling same line for hours and most of all his body language (his face always tense and shoulders always dropped) makes him look pathetic. Its not that india don't have good spinners. Piyush chawla, Amit Mishra and Pragyan ojha are immensly talented. But Kumble is gonna leave on his own terms that means forget about winning this series. He is gonna leave when selectors get sick of his performance and strip him of captaincy and show him the exit door. Believe me there wouldn't be any dignity in that. Till then hope for a miracle......

Posted by schak82 on (October 15, 2008, 8:51 GMT)

Over and over again the breakdown of this test match has been India saving their own back sides and Australia forcing the issure but not having the ability to finish the job. Day 1 was good batting and Australia batted. India's good bowling made sure Australia couldn't flourish. Day 2 Hussey said there was 'uneven bounce' but there was good batting. Then it rained. Day 3 the Australian bowlers used the air swing to get wickets (FROM THE RAIN). Still India mananged 360. More rain and a crumbling pitch meant the only possibilities could have been a draw or victory to Australia. India batted brilliantly to hold out and because there was no big hundred from the 'Fab 4' everyone wants their heads. Had India won the toss, the whole thing would have been on its head and we would have been talking about Ponting's continued problems in India. Give me a break people...

Posted by Sekhar_S on (October 15, 2008, 8:43 GMT)

Well done,Kumble.Such a response is what the topic-wise bankrupt Indian media deserves.All they know to discuss is retirement,retirement and only retirement.Because of this,the media sees the glass as half-empty instead of half-full.How does it matter if Kumble and Harbhajan did not pick up more wickets? Zaheer and Ishant did it in their place.Even Shane Warne has gone wicketless many times.There's no rule in Indian cricket that says that if Kumble is playing he should get atleast 40% of the wickets.Such dumb rules have been established by the dumb Indian media only and if Kumble's comments don't shut them up there will be no end to the Indian media's repeated display of insanity.

Posted by guch on (October 15, 2008, 8:39 GMT)

Anil Kumble does not deserve the captaincy and even a place in the team. Everybody knows how he became the captain of Indian team and because of that he has a regular place in Indian team as of now and he's just taking advantage of that to maximum his time. As a captain he was not able to make any revolution in the team he's only trying to hold his place . We don't understand what kind of fight he is doing and talking about he's not taking wickets not scoring runs and not giving any chance to the new attacking players for the future of Indian test cricket. So it's time for him to step down immediately and let the right team to play cricket for India.

Posted by CJUTHUP on (October 15, 2008, 8:34 GMT)

When Kumble says "Own Terms" does he mean the selection committee is now defunct. Kumble was at his best a trundler - anybody who bowls for so long is bound to have got some wickets, the law of averages will take care of that The one problem facing Indian cricket and aspiring youngsters is how to pry out such steadfast leeches.

Posted by vivek.k on (October 15, 2008, 8:33 GMT)

I think with Kumble's captaincy, its like Rahu Dravid all over again..we were way too defensive. Playing at home this should never be the case. We were more attacking when we played the aussies in their own backyard! I still think Kumble is capable of bowling well and taking wickets, but the captaincy, no...Id like to see Dhoni or Sehwag in his place

Posted by nzbOynz on (October 15, 2008, 8:24 GMT)

It's fantastic following this test series from a neutral perspective. I thought that while Kumble's playing wasn't too great, his captaining was at it's usual high standard. I also think the way India played under Dhoni, while Kumble was off the field, showed the great culture the team has and the potential. Australia played pretty reasonably, but they were slow to score runs. They clearly struggled with Sharma and Khan.

Anyway, I'm very excited for the second test and hope for the same level of test cricket to be portrayed.

Posted by rohanbala on (October 15, 2008, 8:24 GMT)

Senior players like Kumble should have by now, know how to take criticisms in their stride.. When it is time to go, please do not wait longer than necessary. The shoulder injury should be a blessing in disguise for Anil because the vultures are waiting to swoop down and get you.

Posted by daredavid on (October 15, 2008, 8:20 GMT)

Its mere stupidity to call kumble to give up. Kumble is the right candidate for the post at this period and so called dhoni has not done anything in test matches. He is below average in test and not upto the mark when you compare him with Parthiv patel. He is a wonderful leader in T20 & ODI but not fit for Test matches. Dont blame kumble with stupid aussie media. You cant judge him with one or two matches. Give him time and he will show you the results. So called Mongia,Manjrekar, Vengsarkar and other co,have not done anything to Indian cricket and they are not fit to speak about Kumble's performance. First Drop Dhoni from test match and go for Parhtiv. If seniors like Sachin, Dravid, Shewag doesnot perform for one two matches will BCCI drop them. When are you in deep shit keep the mouth shut idiots.

Posted by pragmatist on (October 15, 2008, 8:15 GMT)

I would like to question how much genuine, useful match practice the Indian Test team gets. Their Test schedule is sporadic at best, and the Test specialists seem to play Tests and nothing else - no 4 day domestic cricket, no county cricket (I think Modi feels they're too valuable for that and can't be seen alongside "dirty" ICL players). So how can these guys get into a groove? And when the replacements come in, they're going to have the same problem. Look at Steve Harmison's resurgence for England - it's no coincidence that he's played a lot of competitive 4 day cricket recently which has helped him get his mojo back. I can only think this situation is going to get worse given BCCI's emphasis on the T20 circus.

Posted by hotcricket on (October 15, 2008, 8:13 GMT)

I strongly agree with Anil Kumble's outburst at the media. The Indian media has a tendency to create sensational news without due respect to the players. Anil has been associated with the game since 1990 and he has been the mainstay of our bowling attack in test matches. Taking 600 plus wickets in test cricket is no mean achievement, and speaks of his commitment and discipline. The younger generation of cricketers, especially Yuvraj, are not half as good as Anil with regard to discipline and commitment. The way Anil handled the Australian media was an example for overseas captains touring Down-Under. Just one bad patch and the media started injecting rumors about his retirement plans, and even worse the voluntary retirement scheme. I feel the Indian media should hire reputed and pro-India journalists, at least during such an important series. Shame to Indian media!

Posted by a133936 on (October 15, 2008, 8:10 GMT)

As they say, attack is the best form of defence and it is completely evident from Kumble's article that he is being defensive about his place in the playing XI. In his last 8 tests, he has taken 17 wickets for 1050 runs in 349.5 overs with an ave of 61.76 and a S/R of 123.4.

Every player has to go some time, and I think, it is right time for Kumble to step down with dignity. He has served very well for all those years and by streching his stay he is not doing justice to the team and more importantly himself.

Posted by Jayanth on (October 15, 2008, 8:09 GMT)

I for one agree with the feelings that Jumbo has portrayed. This is his third match in his career, where he has gone wicket less, and why should he be tormented? If the Oz players and media slam him, let them do. We should support our players guys. He is totally right in saying that this pitch offered 600 plus runs, and the bowlers have done a great deal in restricting the Oz to 450. We all know how dangerous their batting lineup is. He has been performing consistently. Ok. He might have had a couple of bad series, but that does not mean, this is the end of the road for him. Even Mathew Hayden failed to impress in the match. His age is 37. Did the Aussie media suggest retirement for him? Let us concentrate on performances. Yes. I also agree that Kumble's performance in the match, as a player was bad. As a matter of fact, he himself has agreed to it. But, fine, he cannot be written off, and the Aussies know that more than anyone else, in the world. Let us not discourage our captain, esp

Posted by Ed_Lamb on (October 15, 2008, 7:50 GMT)

I totally agree with Kumble. Journalists do not have the interests of the side at heart - they have selling their newspaper or magazine, or increasing viewing/listening figures for their TV channel, radio station or website. Or people making comments like Vengsarkar just have their own self-promotion at heart, otherwise they would make their comments privately rather than through the media. This means that selectors need to ignore the media and show loyalty during a series and only consider radical changes between series if they want to stand the best chances of winning.

England have a habit of forcing out their captains mid-series - I hope for Kumble and India's sake that they don't make the same mistake here. For the sake of the national side they need to stick together and assess if mistakes were made post series, but the chances of the media putting their national team ahead of sales is zero, unfortunately. And that goes for all countries round the world.

Posted by ABP235 on (October 15, 2008, 7:43 GMT)

Well, well... there is no doubt that Anil Kumble has been extremely a valuable cricketer & a true gentleman, but there is an end for everything. Kumble should read the writing on the wall - his failure in Sri Lanka and a not too successful series with SAfrica and now, going wicketless in India for the first time after bowling 50 overs - its a shame that a gentleman cricketer like Kumble is not able to read the lines well. What does he mean going by his own terms? It would have been graceful exit for Anil if he had decided to quit at the end of Bangalore test - on his home ground. He can still do so, he can quit at the end of Delhi test, a ground which gave him the world record of 10 wickets. Now the fun begins - Mohali being a pacer's pitch, what will he do? will he drop himself for a pacer? can he drop Bhajji? or will he go with the same 2 pace 2 spin story? or can he drop a batsman, in which case will it be Ganguly or Laxman? Or, will Gambhir be the scapegoat to protect seniors?

Posted by joe_antony on (October 15, 2008, 7:29 GMT)

It's natural to get irritated when we tend to compare that BP XI almost made Aussies follow on and Aussies almost made India to follow on. I think it's quite clear and hypocrisy is something we should get rid off. India winning is more important than anything else. I think the freedom given to the seniors to announce their own retirement is the respect given to them. But this respect may not last long. Either perform or quit.. It;s as simple as that. And especially when there are a great pool of youngsters waiting outside it makes great sense. In my opinion India winning this series is more important than anything else like Sachin getting some records. We have to think in that direction only then we will be a winning team like Aussies otherwise we will have only records.

Posted by don69 on (October 15, 2008, 7:21 GMT)

One thing I totally agree with is that Kumble doesn't need to make any excuses for the way his team played. The Indian bowling was very good throughout, against a determined Aussie batting lineup as deep as any (White, batting down at 8, has 13 first class centuries to his name!). The Indian batting, while fragile first time around, saved the match in convincing style in the second innings. Kumble himself may have been a little flat, with match figures of 0 for 160, but Harbajhan, who bowled well, didn't do a whole lot better with figures of 3 for 179. Admittedly, he took 3 wickets, but he also never looked like he was in charge. One thing I will say against Kumble - his captaincy was off. He wasn't proactive and wasn't as involved as Ponting was. Dhoni looked much better in the time that Kumble was off the field. Kumble should really perk up in that department ahead of the second match, otherwise I would have to say Kumble has too much on his plate with both bowling and captaincy.

Posted by adsathish on (October 15, 2008, 7:14 GMT)

His answer to the media cannot be refuted because pessimistic way of publishing an article towards ones' personal career has become conversant nowadays. As quoted by him "The belief that I have in my team, and the belief that the team has in me is what matters the most", it accounts for only one way all the time. Why don't we let them to concentrate only just towards the game but not towards answering the critics. Particularly, this Indian team is under a lot of scanner everyday and why it is needed to raise the questions over their legacy. Aren't the players are capable of doing a master act or have they failed below par? Assumptions and prejudice provided ain't healthy.

Posted by ashutosh.didwania on (October 15, 2008, 7:14 GMT)

It's difficult the understand the basis on which Kumble is being such a crybaby. His performance in the first test match was one of the major reasons why India ended up drawing the match instead of winning. I've been following cricket for long long time and never have I seen such a defensive captain both on and off the field. His field placements were ridiculous to say the least. I mean who on Earth would allow Mike Hussey to play with fielders spread near the boundary line. Even a club-level cricketer would know that Hussey thrives on singles & twos rather than boundaries. But here was the great Anil Kumble spreading out his fielders all over the place. The two-hour period when Dhoni captained the side clearly showed how an aggressive captain can make things happen. All off a sudden the Indian team was looking energetic and up to the mark but then again Kumble was back on the ground and started deploying his innocuous defensive tactics. I just hope the selectors observed this.

Posted by Sumeet.Gupta on (October 15, 2008, 7:11 GMT)

It is really surprising to see that Kumble is being given such a hard time by media and fans alike. Here is a bowler who has taken 600+ wickets and now the fans are saying that he has been sorted out. Is he sorted out now? What was happening when he was getting bucket loads of wickets? Give this guy a break. He is going to be our trump card. It is important for him to perform, yes, but not to silent his critics but to beat Aussies. He is too great a player to deserve a treatment like this. The fans must not be so fickle.

Posted by PowerKid on (October 15, 2008, 7:09 GMT)

We are bored by looking at the same faces being defeated time and again. All of them should have taken responsibility of the World cup mess and have resigned but they are shameless.

Posted by HarishAnantaneni on (October 15, 2008, 7:00 GMT)

I think Indians are trying to make themselves tensed for the next test... The media was like this... and is like this.... and will be like this... It's just simple to say that Amit Mishra and Piyush were the two bowlers in the place of our great spinners... I think they could have won this match for India... When we talk about Harbajan's batting... Piyush is better batsman than Harbajan... so it's the time to take a step and give a chance to at least one these boys... When Aussie spinners bowling there was a momentum that they might pull one wicket at any time... may be cause of their fielding... But when our spinners bowling... it seen just simple... Aussies were simply scoring and securing the wickets...Hope to see new bowler like Ishant in spin department too... I think we have many quality spinners knocking the doors... Selection committee should open doors at least for England series...

Harish Anantaneni

Posted by AmitMan01 on (October 15, 2008, 6:47 GMT)

Thank you Kumble for speaking out. Honestly, can we just watch cricket instead of focusing on all these mind games etc.

This series should be a very competitive one, and only time will tell which team will emerge victorious. People can say Australia had a huge advantage the entire game, but they did take 2 days or more to make the 450. The batting wasn't anywhere near as aggressive as I've seen from Australia (yes in test match cricket) and they lacked a spinner to really apply pressure like warne has done so often. India has there bad times, and they had good times.

In the end good competive cricket.. Let us wait for Mohali

Hindustan zindabad!!

Posted by PowerKid on (October 15, 2008, 6:43 GMT)

Does Kumble think that playing 2 spinners in Mohali will be a good idea if not is he going to sacrifice his position for better spinner Harbhajan. Seniors never seem to be confident of beating Australia. The wins of new India team in T20s and One Days are exposed the weakness of Seniors to fight against stronger opponents which Kumble and team is not able to accept.

Once the seniors went out of the other two formats their limitation was exposed, Its a fact that if these are left out for 2 series and the fresh team win Tests they will never be able to make an entry again. Kumble is never going to accept that he has lost his magic..

Posted by SajinVarghese on (October 15, 2008, 6:35 GMT)

It is rather surprising to see that all the Media is following Anil Kumble after Ganguly's retirement saga. Let our captain to think and perform and concentrate on australian's problems,like the way , we have to handle them and should support our captain. We should ensure that our captain is not losing his confidence in this hard-fight battle. Whatever allegations are put on Kumble, is anybody can find a suitable replacement to him as a bowler and a captain.I am sure, the answer is 'no' barring the likes of sehwag and dhoni for captaincy where the spinner replacement is yet to be made sure. While Dhoni has to prove his credentials in scoring in test cricket atleast in subcontinent pitches and Sehwag should support his claim that I am a consistent and believable batsman? Hope our media will not continue this unnecessary scoop findings?

Posted by Sprewell on (October 15, 2008, 6:25 GMT)

Unless Kumble turns his bowling performance around, this series will probably be his last. I dont rate him as a captain and he is very defensive when it comes to the media. He responds to the media as if he and "his" Indian team are unfairly picked out and criticised. Especially when he was in Australia, he came across like the poor boy who never had anything go his way. He has been a great bowler for India, but i think its time he moves on or be removed. This series promises alot, it'd be great to see some new guys given a crack to make their mark.

Posted by rameshsr on (October 15, 2008, 6:19 GMT)

I had real high regard for this bloke until I got a chance to read his views.

He has not written about his failure in the match - not only in this instance, but even previously, I remember that he circumvents the aspect of his personal failure. A captain is first a team member and as a team member is expected to perform. If he does not have the moral strength to talk and admit his failure, then how can he expect his team members to own up to their performance? He has had a miserable test - no wickets in a test with over 50 overs bowled and dropped 2 catches - and no word on that!

Second - how does he have the audacity to say that he will leave on his own terms - surely, he is not a selector and his stay in the team should be based on his performance. Some of the greater captains in the past have had the inner strength to step aside when they lost their touch, and this guy says that he will linger on until he wants to.

I am disappointed.

Posted by Karunaprasad on (October 15, 2008, 5:54 GMT)

The outcome of this series depends on Kumble. India has better chances of winning if Amit Mishra or Piyush Chawla play in the XI in place of Kumble. They may give runs but can take 3-4 wickets and provide good support to Harbhajan,Zaheer & Ishant. Both bring freshness,variety & surprise element to the attack. Kumble's bowling has become monotonous and he will find it difficult to dislodge tailenders. He may have mental strength & willingness to put up a fight but his body & bowling is not supporting the same. Putting all the sentiments aside, he should make way for Mishra or Chawla. India needs to look at winning the series and not at giving proper farewell/sendoff to it's aging players. Since, Kumble has been named as the captain for the series, it will be blessing in disguise if does not recover from his injury for the entire series. India has to forget the series win, if he recovers to lead the team. Karun

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