Elite Three-Day League 2007-08 June 9, 2008

Kenya's three-day become a two-day

Cricinfo staff

Cricket Kenya has had to reschedule its planned three-day league because of the lack of availability of players.

Due to start last Friday, the event will now run on the next three weekends with game restricted to two days. Tom Tikolo, the board's chief executive, explained that this move had been forced on them by the "unavailability of many players who are students and/or working". He added that it was expected that at least 100 overs would be bowled on each day and that the matches would still be two-innings affairs.

The move will be a bitter blow to Cricket Kenya who had been looking to the competition to highlight any emerging talent outside the tried-and-known national squad.

The tournament had initially be scheduled for January and had been intended to coincide with holidays, making the availability for schoolboys much easier. But the violence which followed the disputed presidential elections put paid to that.