Bucknor being dropped for the Perth Test January 11, 2008

'A dangerous precedent'

ESPNcricinfo staff
After several umpiring errors in the Sydney Test, an official protest from the Indian board saw the unprecedented step of an umpire, Steve Bucknor, being sacked from the next Test. A selection of the reactions that provoked.

Got to go: Steve Bucknor has been sacked from officiating in next week's Perth Test © Getty Images

"... the ICC's reaction in this particular instance seems to be extreme ... A dangerous precedent may have been set by the ICC."
Julian Hunte, president of West Indies Cricket Board, dashes off a letter to the ICC

"What is there, eight international umpires on the panel? And if a couple of teams aren't happy with umpires then all of a sudden you have got one to choose from?"
Glenn McGrath is clearly not thrilled with the decision

"I feel for Steve ... it's probably the best for him to stand down and relieve the pressure a little bit."
Darrell Hair, an umpire who has faced his share of the music, offers advice

"... it sends the wrong signal to those countries that are awash with cash, power and influence that they can get what they want as a result of their status."
The West Indies Cricket Umpires Association promises unstinting support for Bucknor

"When I see things like this, I think, 'Thank God I've retired'."
David Shepherd isn't regretting having called it a day a decade ago

"By standing Steve down for the third Test, we have successfully defused the situation, at least for the time being, and so what was a sporting issue has not become a political crisis."
ICC President Ray Mali is certain the issue has been well-handled

"You wonder what confidence this gives umpires. What happens now if Billy Bowden makes a few mistakes?"
Clive Lloyd ponders the consequences of the decision

"Through their actions or inactions, they [the ICC] are threatening the future of the game."
John Buchanan fires a salvo at the ICC

"I really feel sorry for him. After all he is a human being and anyone can make mistakes. I wonder if the same [Indian] people who showered praise on him two years ago [when Bucknor was felicitated at the India-Pakistan Test in Kolkata, his 100th] are after his blood now."
Leora Bucknor stands by her husband