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Pakistan's disciplinary crisis

The illogical yet predictable PCB

In revoking all the punishments they had themselves imposed, the self-defeating streak of the Pakistan board is highlighted again

Osman Samiuddin

June 5, 2010

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A young Pakistani is enraged with the PCB over the team's performance in Australia, Karachi, January 29, 2010
Maybe Jamshed Dasti should take over at the head of the PCB from Ijaz Butt © AFP

Bear with me. Jamshed Dasti, the Elliot Ness to match-fixers, sport's corrupters and the inept, had to resign recently as a parliamentarian and head of the national assembly standing committee on sports. You'll remember the champion for first accusing Younis Khan and his side of deliberate underperformance in the Champions Trophy last year, sparking off a period of great unrest within the side.

Crusader Dasti was removed soon after, by the Supreme Court no less, after it was discovered that the Masters degree he held was, in fact, fake. Never mind; Dasti went back, fought for a party ticket again and got it (for the record he is a member of the PPP, the party of Bhutto and democracy and all that). He ran an election in his South Punjab constituency, won and is now back as a parliamentarian. One report had him fairly swaggering back to the national assembly to take oath, wearing a protest band round his arm and one round his forehead.

Legally and constitutionally his return is fine. He was voted back after all, and there is no bar on degree-less politicians in parliament anymore. The question is, of course, whether his return is in any way good for Pakistan? Only about as much as a bullet to the head might be for a human life.

It is precisely this kind of self-defeating strain that gushes through the PCB permanently. In revoking all the punishments they had themselves imposed - and the overturning is their decision rather than a conclusion reached independently by an arbitrator - it is apparent once again.

The procedure is in the constitution, says the board chairman, and a process was followed, and no doubt it was. Still, from the moment these punishments were handed out just under three months ago, everyone knew they would be removed eventually. The PCB's judicial landscape is full of the fanciest monikers: inquiry committees, tribunals, appellate tribunals, independent arbitrator panels. Their function remains the same: one makes a decision, the next overturns it.

So there are now - or will be in England - basically the same players who so obviously cannot play with each other, sharing the same dressing room. Presumably the responsibility will fall to Aaqib Javed to instruct Kamran Akmal how to whip off the bails when attempting a run-out. Perhaps it will be left to Yawar Saeed to help Younis eradicate those momentary lapses of concentration that have crept into his batting.

Thank god, then, that according to the chairman the infamous video of the inquiry now stands null and void. That is a relief, but should someone tell him that the contents of the video, the players and their views, might not be nulled and voided as easily?

Just to keep the mix punchy, they'll have a vulnerable Test captain to look up to. Anyone who thinks a man returning to the most challenging format of the game as captain - one he hasn't played for four years and has rarely looked convincing in - is not vulnerable doesn't think.

Not that they matter, but it's still worth glancing at the justifications given to revoke the punishments. The classiest was the revelation that the board had been monitoring Shoaib Malik for three months and found him rehabilitated. He did get married and divorced once, while playing zero cricket, which admittedly can be quite rehabilitating. Batting average 25 over 12 months, he came straight back into the ODI squad as well. No wonder some are convinced he'll be captain again for the 2011 World Cup, though he probably needs another ban, a failed retirement and an average of three over the year to nail it down.

The rest? Afridi's punishment they lifted because he had already been punished by the ICC once. The PCB would need to have crawled out from under a stone to not have known that Afridi had already been punished once for that offence.

Younis' was clever. He was banned, but only until the PCB considered him again. As he was considered in the 35 probables, the arbitrator said, it stood to reason that the ban be lifted. Which means (does it not?) that he was just dropped for a while and that too only from the Asia Cup, which even its organisers struggle to get excited about? That's an awfully long way to go to get round to that particular conclusion.

The Akmals have been provided relief because, hey, everyone else was getting it too. That makes them beneficiaries of Pakistan cricket's National Reconciliation Order (NRO), an executive order passed by former President Pervez Musharraf, which wiped the slate clean of all sins committed by any politician between 1986 and 1999.

The elder Akmal has actually been rewarded by being made top dog again. Someone should tell the fool of an understudy Sarfraz Ahmed, who didn't even make it to the 35 probables, to drop four catches and screw up a Test and then very publicly oppose the selectors and board. Then there'll be no removing him from the top spot.

To end brightly, rumours are that Dasti might become sports minister soon. We should make him PCB chairman instead.

Osman Samiuddin is Pakistan editor of Cricinfo

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Posted by   on (June 11, 2010, 19:46 GMT)

Pak President, Zardari for UNO chief.

Ejaz Butt for Pak President

Dasti for Prime Minister

Irfan Qadir for PCB chairman

Kamran Akmal for test Captain ( for 10 drop catch).

Shoeb Malik for sports Minister.( No test cricket team)

Vote now.

Pakistan Zindabad.

Posted by   on (June 9, 2010, 11:37 GMT)

It's shame PCB behave like a 3 year old boy. Banned players then forgive them easily.

Posted by bshyamm on (June 7, 2010, 23:55 GMT)

@sgkri - 'click on it and please yourself.' - Nice one !

Posted by nsidd75 on (June 7, 2010, 18:13 GMT)

Logic is not applicable to Pakistani cricket or cricketers.

Posted by sgkri on (June 7, 2010, 16:46 GMT)

btw Aura123, just look at the homepage and Sidharth Monga's article "Apathy in Africa" on India's performance in Zimbabwe. It's highlighted in Specials, much more than this article. It's also linked to at the top of this page on the right. You can click on it and please yourself.

Posted by sgkri on (June 7, 2010, 16:41 GMT)

Aura123, pleas stop believing in your ridiculous theories about Cricinfo's bias being based in India etc. The article has been written not by an Indian, but by Osman who is Cricinfo's Pakistan editor. I wonder how you would have reacted if an Indian had written the article. India's loss to Zimbabwe has duly been covered as part of match reporting. The series just wasn't important enough for reams to be written about it. India's performance in the T20 world cup was extensively covered and highlighted. There is no end to complaining, but it will help you if you start thinking logically.

Posted by asadkum on (June 7, 2010, 15:22 GMT)

Mohammad Asad from USA....

PCB is really a joke -- they can do anything -- on top of it influence of bureaucracy / politics-----e.g. inclusion of Malik -- who plays dirty politics into the team, lier , a bit mentally disturbed.....He will spoil the team spirit / morale again...

Welcome Younis -- only on test format.... Wants to see new talents on T20 & ODI..

We will miss yousuf in any format.. and feel sorry for the injustice on him by Management........

Posted by   on (June 7, 2010, 14:51 GMT)

Since the start of 2009 younis apperead in 24 innings made 487 runs, faced 799 balls, his average for the period is 20(pathetic) strike rate 60 (miserable)

Now we will look into the stats of younis for the two popular series where players took oath against younis In champions trophy younis made 53 runs in 3 innings with the average of 17 and strike rate of 56. In UAE series he made 22 in 3 innings average of 7 and strike rate 39, I like to state that in this series pakistans number 11 saeed ajmal scored more runs with bertter average and strike rate, when compared with younis

Posted by amin_sagi on (June 7, 2010, 14:28 GMT)

Same old story. Nothing has changed in Pakistan Cricket. I have been follwing Paistan Cricket since past 25 years and haven't seen any professionalism even in Imran Khan era it was Imran's personality and rigid attitude which made him so strong and after that its been the same story and atleast we have some consistancy in that.

Posted by usmanrahim on (June 7, 2010, 14:24 GMT)

The turmoil in Pakistan is effecting every aspect of life and Cricket is not an exception. Bloopers made by PCB in last 3-4 years are disgraceful in the history of Pakistan Cricket! The saddest part is " There is no end of madness"

Posted by MNIK on (June 7, 2010, 14:15 GMT)

Mr.Osman: Your last lines 'that DASTI might become sports minister soon' was most scary lines of your wonderful satirical news item, I had been enjoying reading. Salute goes to the smart arbitrator Irfan Qadir who made PCB looked as bunch of Jokes and incompetent as well as impotent. Instead of Mr.Dasti, let us recommend to reward Mr. Irfan Qadir to chair the PCB at this very difficult time. At least nation will be relieved from Ijaz Butt and bunch of his pet cronies like Wasim Bari and 8 others he has assembled during last 2 years, I call it 'the stupid Nauratans' of PCB. History of Pakistan Cricket lovers will never forget Ejaz Butt and the Nauratans.

Posted by Himayun on (June 7, 2010, 13:18 GMT)

I am glad that the writer starts with the fact that Pakistani team represents what today's Pakistan is. These mediocre bunch of players (apart from yusuf and younus) cannot win on their game alone. Their biggest asset is their big mouth hence it is used everywehre from ball to badmouth each other.

Nothing has changed for the better. The more things change the more they stay the same. All that trashing each other, washing dirty laundry in public, was for nothing! Now go and get your rear ends kicked in England.

H. Mirza, USA

Posted by TheOnlyEmperor on (June 7, 2010, 12:25 GMT)

As I see, all value systems have broken down in Pakistani society and what happens in Pakistani cricket is just symptomatic of that. How else can one explain the fact that a large majority of Pakistanis don't even feel outraged that Afridi is in the Pakistani team after the "bite the ball to change its condition" incident in Australia? Forget outrage, he was actually made captain in the T20 WC in the WI. It's a shame that ICC has not been able to intervene and bring PCB to its senses for the greater reputation of the game. ICC ought to play the role of a regulatory body, especially in countries where society at large and the game in particular is ruled by despots...What are they afraid of? A bomb attack by some clowns at their HQ?

Posted by   on (June 7, 2010, 11:50 GMT)

Aura 123, that's plain ridiculous, it's begging the question. How is any business firm/franchisee supposed to pick a player unless they know if he's available, banned or what not? India's never really stopped Pak from playing the World Cup, that conclusion defies my imagination. And as to India's loss to Zimbabwe, not even the news channels in India are that bothered, neither are the people because the a second string side was sent in order to identify new talent. And all credit to Zimbabwe, they are a better outfit now, and true, the Indians did play badly. If you're accusing this accurate, fast and free website of being biased, go read all the IPL scandal coverage they put up. Please make informed comments/criticism.

Posted by spiritwithin on (June 7, 2010, 11:46 GMT)

@Aura123..the news on IPL corruption is there for the last one month or so..or is it that IPL is based on pakistan??india's loss to zim is not a big news as its their 2nd string team..its ur PCB chairman Mr Butt who refused to play in champions league earlier but now makes an U-Turn but is'nt thats what pakistan's PCB is known to d?? for example removing bans on all those players etc etc..when nobody is willing to visit ur country even now than how is it possible to hold world cup matches in pakistan with so much concern,so india is not at fault here..get a life and dont bring india at every instance bcoz this article is not about india...

Posted by Aura123 on (June 7, 2010, 9:11 GMT)

Its seems that Cricinfo want to present PCB as mad house as this news is on the front top page for the last three days and India lost from Zimb twice and no comments on that. This is just one example. Most of the crininfo staff is based in India. You guys has stopped us playing IPL / Champion league / world cup and now trying to create a bad image about our cricket. Stop doing this and geta life please

Posted by bane on (June 7, 2010, 9:08 GMT)

hmm, sometimes I think that a bloodless coup might be the best solution ............................. "bloodless" being an option........................

Posted by   on (June 7, 2010, 9:03 GMT)

Mr. Osman Samiuddin, we as pakistanis bearing daily pain from sports to daily routine life. What you wrote is straight from heart and every liegitimate literate citizen feels the same pain. We have now habit of bearig all, lets not bear anymore and not criticizes them, lets do something resultsome that we can do in our capacity for relief of our pain and for bettement of this nation.

Posted by Pramod75 on (June 7, 2010, 7:37 GMT)

Well written. As an Indian, I believe politics and sports work hand in hand in the subcontinent. Even Sri Lanka cricket has politicians these days. The only difference is that Pak cricket feuds are more raw and public in nature. Indian Cricket players and administration has learned to be more subtle in public and their feuds are limited to board rooms and team selections. There is nothing much of a difference in the way sport is managed in the sub-continent. While it might be just to paint a caricature of Pak Cricket, India is also in a similar league albeit more sophisticated.

Posted by biggyd on (June 7, 2010, 7:31 GMT)

pakistan and us (south africa) seem to suffer under the same comical autocratic 'otherwise' motivated board. or maybe the green outfits that inspire such pathos? at least pakistan seem to be able to turn the turmoil into unpridictable exciting cricket, where the saffas come across as unimaginative gum chewing moustacheed watch tapping civil service employees. grow some b*lls. embrace diversity. ie, give clive rice a big stick and a blank cheque... and cc imran on the memo

Posted by Mantan on (June 7, 2010, 5:39 GMT)

I wonder Shaib Malik has some relation with Rehman Malik (our interior minister) or Ejaz But has some relation with Zardari ( our president). Both the presidents protect both the Maliks no matter what you bring against them. They some how find a way to bring them back in action.

Posted by Mantan on (June 7, 2010, 5:36 GMT)

I was 12 when Pakistan won 92 WC. Ever since Ive been supporting Pak cricket no matter how bad it had been. But now its enough. Either i have matured enough or Pak cricket has been so pathetic that i cant take it any more. No hope atleast till the time Ejaz Butt stays. Pak cricket is performing worse than other areas of our beloved country. Cricket has taken lead from politicans, bureaucracy, militry and police in corruption and immorality. I wonder how will PCB find a way to take Pak cricket further down from where it is.

Posted by tick on (June 7, 2010, 4:25 GMT)

If Pakistan become a well oiled and proffesional team,who will fill the cricinfo news?as far i know no team has that enough potential.lolz... well seriously talking this has been Pakistan since 1952.team politics,opposing captain,weak cricket board,political preesure etc,etc....tell something new??still Pakistan is at 3rd number in terms of their crickting records.so this will happen and nothing can stop this.I still remember Pakistan match against india in champs trophy in centurion where Younis khan was the captain and there was a record partnership between Shoaib malik and Muhammad yousuf.malik made a 100 and yousuf 80 odd and its not too long ago.interesting???ANY THING CAN HAPPEN DUDES.PAKISTAN ROCKS...

Posted by bharath74 on (June 6, 2010, 23:48 GMT)

Chopping,changing,changing chopping,,,,,, over the years, has been the story of PCB to yield dramatic results overnight. Lack of firmness in decision,lack of vision, greed for money and politics are spoiling crickets future in pakistan. I wont be surprised if PCB are looking for a new captain, new coach, new manger and new physio after their next tour. PCB may make Shoaib Malik as their next captain and VC may be K.Akmal after the next tour. PCB: Definitely illogical and Certainly predictable

Posted by   on (June 6, 2010, 21:40 GMT)

First post on here from Naveed Khan, I hope you're joking?! If not, you clearly do not get sarcasm!

Excellent article this, made me chuckle. Nothing quite like straight talking from somebody in the know, who is not scared to say things how they are.

The PCB is quite clearly a farcical organisation that can't be taken seriously. It's little wonder that there is no cohesion within the Pakistan team itself if the body in charge of team affairs is so utterly incompetent.

Posted by donbanda on (June 6, 2010, 21:38 GMT)

I am a Srilankan supporter but follow Pakistan cricket for its entertainment value in every respect. Often its better than watching Comedy Central! Pity you cant bring Imran back as he is on to higher things now. In recent times he was one of the few who managed to bring the best out of the team in spite of the PCB or whatever it was then. Good luck to the most unpredictable team in world cricket. Hope things work out in time for the world cup.

Posted by   on (June 6, 2010, 19:29 GMT)

Hello Osman, I can understand the exasperation in your writing. For lay people and fans of cricket, could you explain how is it even humanly possible to do all the things that the PCB and the Pak cricketers do? My understanding is that the cricket board duties are to further the sport, pick the best and the brightest, form teams, administer the activities of the sport such as scheduling etc, manage the finances, bring up new talent to strengthen the team and improve its winning capabilities. The teams objective is to work hard and try and win matches in a team based manner. If so how do all these different characters manage to do what they do and make the whole thing a soap opera.

Posted by   on (June 6, 2010, 19:14 GMT)

Naveed Khan..i think Osman's sarcasm was so clever throughout this piece, that it went completely over your head. He's NOT justifying what the PCB did. He's mocking them!

Posted by topspeed55 on (June 6, 2010, 18:30 GMT)

Pitch Tampering, Ball eating, Removing Yusuf from captaincy. May be shoaib and Yunus Khan who knows. Everything he does is negative. So obviously he should be the captain of Pakistan and he is. So Pakistani Players learn how to become pakistan captain from Afrirdi

Posted by   on (June 6, 2010, 18:07 GMT)

It was very much on cards the way PCB works unpredictably. I can't see any rationale or logic for lifting the ban on Shoaib Malik, as he was the main culprit in creating all this mistrust, misunderstanding and split in the team. In case of Younus Khan, I think its his moral victory after he refused any "settlement". Whether good or bad, he is the only one with commitment, fighting spirit and plays with heart for the "team". Lets see how would be the atmosphere of dressing room when the oath takers and X-Captain will be there together again

Posted by gujratwalla on (June 6, 2010, 17:54 GMT)

I feel with you Osman but you will realise that in Pakistan it is always acquintance and bribery that gets a man anywhere and that there has never been a team selected on talent alone.That Dasti thing is an example of the situation in Pakistan.Need i say more? i believe we can pick a strudy team from the many talents available in the poor and middle class and mark my word they will fight to the last drop for Pakistan; PCB has never encouraged these classes or given them a chance..Instead we have childish,uncouth and spoiled men who do not know anything about pride or discipline.I thought Mohsin Khan would sort them out but he is even worse than the corrupted PCB stooges already in charge.

Posted by Bling01 on (June 6, 2010, 17:51 GMT)

Dude you so nailed it!

It's a wonder that Pak cricket can servive after that bungler of a "Butt" bungling again. All the cold hard facts you presented are a thorn in the side of any body who is even remotly interested in Pak cricket. You can only shake your head, look up to the sky oh, and roll your eyes too! And wonder what's next.Tell you someting you don't know that your satirical line about Shoaib Malik becoming captain again may become ture. I mean it isn't out of the realm of possibilities. Hay, it's Pak cricket. Sometime I think that I am cursed with the love of cricket especially with Pak cricket. People who are more practical then I, have turned away with disgust at this circus.

Posted by   on (June 6, 2010, 16:10 GMT)

Osman, please do not defend PCB. They are inept, politically motivated and probably corrupt. The way the reinstated Malik and the tolerated Akmal, despite clear charges of probability of Match Fixing speaks of their ineptitude and political nepotism. How an inquiry into squandering the Sydney test has been brushed under the carpet and how can Malik be part of team when he is considered "The Trouble Maker". Osman, we deserve better and the rot is at the top of PCB. Why are you justifying "constitutional Process". Where is the transparency in that step? Osman, I am very disappointed in your comments.

Posted by   on (June 6, 2010, 15:37 GMT)

Well, its a lot of mess in pakistan cricket and it make perfect sense that no one understand what is going on. Recently I threw my green shirt that I wore during Pakistan matches and bought a blue one that I can wear on India, Sl or England matches. After all this mess why we still support pakistan? Its true that we're Pakistanis but I prefer being called a cricket fan rather than a Pakistan cricket fan. Its hard to do so but once you make your mind to appriciate only good cricket regardless of hich team playing, you will not get hurt that often. I almost cried when Pakistan lost to Australia in sydney and not for the first time, its a long story that begins in 1996 world cup but when they lost to Australia recently, I was okey because I didn't see Pakistan winning that match in the first place.

Posted by   on (June 6, 2010, 14:16 GMT)

I feel the problem with PCB is more grave then just stupid administration (as it might seem). There has to be something more sinister. Recently there were reports of corruption with in the PCB audited accounts and then no news followed. I personally believe that all this recent fiasco is stagged by the not so stupid PCB managment to prevent the public to raise suspicion or even talk about it. Every one is just too busy to follow how this drama unfolds. We must not lose focus here, and I request PCB and give an account on the recent audited reports and account for each and every penny.

Posted by   on (June 6, 2010, 14:06 GMT)

*sigh*....well.....what is it? It is Pakistan cricket and its rubbish orders.I think its time to finish PCB...no need for it!!!! We have embarrased ourselves enough and now either some ex cricketers or any GOOD and non corrupt politician should stand and talk for the total CHANGE in the PCB

Posted by JamJar on (June 6, 2010, 11:50 GMT)


I feel your pain and angst as will any other Pak fan. Sometimes (and i've crossed this path before many times) I think why do we bother supporting Pakistan cricket? The players themselves have continually been seen as muppets who cannot gel together for the sake of their own country or national pride, but a bunch of individuals just in it for themselves. They do not deserve the emotion and passion Pak supports invest in the team. The PCB are just a bunch of imbeciles. Why of why do the do the usual circus act of banning players then reinstating them? The leaked video showed some serious concerns with the team, I though the PCB actually had shown some courage to root out this malaise from the team by banning those involved. I certainly wont be watching them in England. Jokers.

Posted by SachinIsTheGreatest on (June 6, 2010, 11:35 GMT)

Why is the same old deadwood recycled every time? Are these players so powerful even out of the team that they can damage their national team? Never have I seen non-performing and scheming players hold so much sway over a Board.

Posted by MFNadeem on (June 6, 2010, 10:52 GMT)

Dear Osman: I have been iterating this time and again on your and Kamran's articles, that AFRIDI is a fair bet as a test player than his reputetio Here are some statistics to support my claims. His test average: 37.4 (in 26 tests with 5 Hundreds) which is better than, MALIK and BUTT. Even greats like Lara, Steve Waugh, Ponting, Dravid didn't have 5 test centuries at this point (26 tests) of their careers. Bowling: His average is same as (34) than much-hyped KANERIA with better strike rate. His bowling is much better than before now. His fielding is much better than Kaneria. :)

Posted by   on (June 6, 2010, 8:36 GMT)

And if Cricket Australia were to even suggest the possibility of reviewing the status of an ICL player (eg Jason Gillespie) they would be criticized world wide.

Posted by fsq09 on (June 6, 2010, 8:27 GMT)

My verdict- Afrdi banned for 3years (for his wild behavior and being part of the oath takers). Malik banned for life (no arguments needed on that). Yousuf banned for 3 years (his involvement in oath taking plus arguing against managment during nz ODIS) Salman Butt banned for 2years (for his behavior on nz-aus tours where he refused to play on a green track). Rana banned for 2 years (deliberate under performing + player politics) Kamran akmal life ban (heading player politics and confronting management) the decision being irrevokable..

Posted by   on (June 6, 2010, 8:20 GMT)

Its really funny the way the PCB functions,not that the BCCI is any better.But still the difference is that PCB can change its functioning any moment as it wishes.In this so called professional setup,it surely is a laughing stock.But mark me,all this will be nullified when Pakistan team take to the field in the Asia Cup,as they have the firepower and more importantly that X-factor to take home the trophy,so what if there is any infighting inthe team,any misunderstandings or any hatred.Has this ever mattered in Pakistan cricket's history?They can string up memorable performances.

Posted by   on (June 6, 2010, 7:30 GMT)

@ MHK, maybe there are mess ups in every cricket board, but this perhaps, is one of the most ridiculous set of occurrences to befall any board, PCB included. It's been no secret that the Pakistan cricket team itself, notwithstanding the board, is rife with politics. Inzamam himself once said so. Being an Indian cricket fan, I would love to see Pakistan cricket come back to what it once was. I don't understand this banning-unbanning process, neither do I understand why Shoaib Akhtar is back for your National team. I believe there is much more new talent in Pak, without having to rely on him. The PCB as it stands seems to lack pride, a sense of direction and worst-commitment to Pakistan's growth in the sport. That being said, I hope to see Pakistan back in action at the top flight with fair selections because I'm beginning to miss plain old fashioned cricket.

Posted by kkhurram on (June 6, 2010, 7:16 GMT)

Hello Osman .. first of, I have become a Huge Fan of YOU. I don't think anyone else can transcribe the "bizzarness" and stupidities of Grand Scale that probably our Middle East Sheiks could not overcome in their exhibit of wasteful extravagant spending!!! Thank you for the entertainment :)

How about you comments on Salman Butt who apparently after almost 6-8 years is still learning what is expected of him as an opener ... hint: stop praying and start batting with conviction when at the wicket Salaman. But ofcourse there is no way he can be left out infact all he needed was 2-3 decent battings to be rewarded with Vice Captain title -- Wow. It looks like PCB has forgotten how the rewarding paradigm of success works ... perhaps that's too complicated for them to understand! I am awed at our nation that has tolerance for such pathetic organization and lack of performance for years ... yet they somehow hold their peace. Osman: Excellent article again! Thank you for such a Great Job!

Posted by   on (June 6, 2010, 7:04 GMT)

Osman I do agree with some content of this article but not everthing. Here is my take on the issue. Yes there is no doubt that PCB is responsible for this circus and they should have been banned Officials first then the players. Why was the Tour management to Australia was not fined for not handling the situation. Coming to Younis. I think he was and is a good captain , but he often behaves like a DRAMA QUEEN willing to resign for every other issue and thats his fault he should have faced allegation and then resumed. I am not defending any player but do you think Sarfraz is Better then Kamran? NO. Kamran is a Batting Wicket Keeper instead of Keeper who can bat and we have to live with it because he is a good bat else you give options. If you are a Knowledgeable person which i am sure you are then please give solution and write what team PCB should select. The problem is no one have seen any great talent in the recent Pent-angular or 20/20 cup except few who are selected for asia cup.

Posted by Fuad.1474 on (June 6, 2010, 6:47 GMT)

Disgusting is the word to describe PCB,the Akmal brothers,Shoaib malik & Rana naveed,these players can stoop that low to undermine the captain they underperformed purposefully and are pardoned.You can bet these group of players will do the same thing with Afridi also.The sooner we get rid of them the better for Pakistan.Now we hear stories of Mr Dasti comeback a good for nothing illiterate person who will destroy what ever is left of Pakistan cricket.Just like his mentors are doing. GOD HELP PAKISTAN CRICKET.

Posted by natural_born_gamer on (June 6, 2010, 6:36 GMT)

really depressing post, but one which is the truth. Its heart breaking the lack of unity in our team. But as far as Yousuf and Malik are concerned, they have been the two biggest contributor of negative vibe in the team. The way they both treated and stripped Younis of his authorty and captaincy is staggering. As far as i am concern good riddance that Yousuf has retired and Malik will most prolly will have an average test career. Younis has ALWAYS played for Pakistan and not for personal gain. His career stats and his records against all test nation is quite amazing. The guy has an average of 50 in test. The team need Younis and heres hoping Afridi and the rest of them pick themselves from the dirt and proceed to become one of the best Test team Pakistan has ever produced!!

Posted by   on (June 6, 2010, 6:21 GMT)

Now we will have three captains in the camp. All three of them have said things against each other, so it will be fun seeing them pulling each other's leg...we are so going to win Asia cup and England tour :)......

Sheharyar Khan was dismiised just because of ovals fiasco...but Ijad Butt still there after Srilankan team incident, Australian tour and now this controversy.

Posted by   on (June 6, 2010, 6:06 GMT)

the whole setup is a mess. but it is difficult to see it getting improved.. only way out is to stop political interfernce and poliltical appointments.. i cant understand how few people get rotated in different posts in pcb: wasim bari, yawar syed, aqib jawed, salim altaf, and few more. look at BCCI they conduct elections for all posts. No appointment on influence basis.. arshad india

Posted by ABRAR-JANJUA on (June 6, 2010, 5:36 GMT)

Well As usual a great article from Osman.As far PCB decision is concern these things are not new.PCB impose ban initially and than immediately removes it.Controversy and PCB are always appear together.I Agreed Osman again here that Dasti should be PCB Chairman.if PCB want to make these sort of the Decisions than at the End people will anticipate Foolish decision from A FOOL person...

Posted by AndrewFromOz on (June 6, 2010, 5:14 GMT)

Pakistani cricket is bewildering. A team with no discipline is not a team.

Posted by hasan-hameed on (June 6, 2010, 4:56 GMT)

hmm.......... us pakistanis neet to think before we do. i think yousuf will come bak. i must admit mike hussey didn't do anything spectacular and was made in to a hero for no reson because if pakistan caught the catches and had bowled razzaq, they wouldve owned australia ina ll formats............... p.s. asif shouldve played in semi final!

Posted by   on (June 6, 2010, 0:49 GMT)

The country has turned to being a laughing stock of the world, why should the PCB be any differnet

Posted by Hassan.Farooqi on (June 6, 2010, 0:48 GMT)

Finally. Someone showed some spine to say everything the way it is. Usually one belongs to one lobby and the other to the other. Only O.S. said things the way it is. The only Pakistani writer on cricinfo to have my full endorsement. Way to go O.S.

Posted by souwesterly on (June 5, 2010, 23:47 GMT)

Haha haha,

Somehow the word 'whitewash' comes to mind....

Perhaps that word will also be appropriate for the outcome of the England tour!

There'll be more fighting in the dressing room than there will be on the pitch!

Posted by   on (June 5, 2010, 23:04 GMT)

haha... I cannot just stop laughing at the fact that people are taking the current situation as norm in Pakistan Cricket

Posted by Shahzadhussan on (June 5, 2010, 22:34 GMT)

Very unfortunate Usman you did not mention about the unjustice being done to Yousuf who was the least responsible of this mess. He is one of the best batsmen in history of Pakisan but not very clever and political like malik and younis. He is very simple, sensitive and deseves the most to be in the team than Malik and younis. I still blieve he can come back to the team after current top administration of PCB is changed. I just pray, this change happen as soon as possible. What a strategy is: fire seven players and take back 6 leaving behind one who rely only on God but not political links.

Posted by M_H_K on (June 5, 2010, 21:16 GMT)

1- Why so much space was given to irrelevant person like Dasti here? 2- Why should we discuss the personal matters of any player with so much detail here? 3- How did PCB monitor Younas? He had been very vocal and arrogant during this whole period of ban. 4- Why are we bringing political matters like NRO in this so called sports colomn? 5- Why telling jokes like "We should make him PCB chairman instead. ". This is disgusting. 6- Why so much coverage is being given to Pakistan matters. Why not the same attention being given to messes in IPL and ECB. 7- Why this author is always more than ready to throw mud at Pakistan?

Posted by   on (June 5, 2010, 21:05 GMT)

I now know why PCB chairman's name is Ijaz "Butt". Afterall this is where is makes all his decisions from, as there is nothing upstairs!

Posted by   on (June 5, 2010, 20:29 GMT)

Well said Osman !! The depths that the PCB will sink to know no bounds. In my opinion, the entire senior team other than Aamer should be consigned to the dust heap of history. They are all conniving, self-serving, sanctimonious dregs, who are the very antithesis of "team spirit". Notwithstanding the fact that a lot of them are also has-beens (in some cases even never-beens) on their 7th+ attempt to succeed and failing just as misreably as they did the first few times around. Why can't we just replace this whole team with the Under 19s who have done us proud time and time again. Can they possibly do worse than this sorry bunch who have the audacity to call themselves professionals ? I fear that until we have a real cricket board run by people who are actually professional administrators (even if they know nothing about cricket) we will continue to plumb depths that even we didn't think possible and cricket will go the same way as any other sport has in our sorry history.

Posted by   on (June 5, 2010, 20:04 GMT)

great comments osman.it is unbelievable hw dumb the PCB are.they are the 1 that are at fault for anything that happens to the pakistani cricket team.y dont they get banned or fine.

Posted by   on (June 5, 2010, 19:48 GMT)

Well done! but one comment is necessary, the world is already watching the saga of PCB, they don't need an insider report from a Pakistani to laugh at our embarrassment. Granted that the PCB is predominantly political and highly questionable board but presenting this report to the world biggest medium is rather unnecessary. After all, all we Pakistani's have is patriotism left within us.

Posted by   on (June 5, 2010, 19:11 GMT)

Pakistan cricket is a disgrace.

They should destroy the whole team, keep Aamer and U Akmal and re-build from scratch. We'll be crap for about 3/4 years but should be ready to conquer the world in 2015.

Posted by   on (June 5, 2010, 18:58 GMT)

LOL! Hilarious and yet it spoke my mind.

I wonder who's boots Rana Naved didn't lick (or in which top dog's parking space he parked his car) that they haven't even considered him for the general amnesty?

Posted by   on (June 5, 2010, 18:43 GMT)

But u did not touch Yusuf's case, he is the BASERA here, he deserves better respect....all in all he is(or was) better than Afridi/Akmal/Malik or even Yunous.....he is a much better cricketer...may be he does not have good political backing

Posted by   on (June 5, 2010, 18:27 GMT)

absolutely agreed...all this situation is very disgusting and I feel helpless...lets wait till team wins something special under Afridi then surely he'll to removed to give chance to Malik:D

Posted by   on (June 5, 2010, 18:09 GMT)

Pervez Musharraf at least made one great law, the condition that every politician in the parliament should have a masters. Why was that law undone? Was the parliament empty for a while? The PCB shouldn't have ever handed out such lofty bans, everyone knew they were never quite going to go through with them, just to make an example the PCB should have kept the ban on Malik.... he is useless anyway, wouldn't have been a loss.

Posted by ratee on (June 5, 2010, 17:44 GMT)

PCB is to be blamed for everything. Please stop criticism of players Osman sahib and cricinfo as we had enough of it. All the acts of mismanagement reflect on PCB indiscipline of players is nothing is but bad systems put in by PCB itself!!

What is your personal vendetta against Shoaib Malik please stop it now!! Look to the future now please can you?

Posted by   on (June 5, 2010, 17:40 GMT)

PAK cricket iz no doubt the most unpredictable sport of the world... it hz been proved before and it hz been proved now!!!

Posted by   on (June 5, 2010, 17:31 GMT)


Posted by hassoo84 on (June 5, 2010, 17:18 GMT)

what an article! amazing piece! 100% agreed with what u said Mr. Osman

Posted by aukhan420 on (June 5, 2010, 17:17 GMT)

PCB missed the trick.... the real pakistani way would have been ... ban them from team and appoint them as adviser/coach..... as was Mr. Dasti after being virtually disqualified by the Supreme Court.

Any way PCB did its actual trick .... again as ever....

Posted by   on (June 5, 2010, 17:10 GMT)

I dont understand the fact that why do people in Pakistan think that the ouster of Ejaz Butt would bring good to Pakistan cricket. How can we forget what his former predecessors (Tauqir Zia, Shahryar Khan and Nasim Ashraf) have left a legacy behind for Pakistan to face.

Logic has certainly gone for a six when you give punishments that are as harsh as asking players to swallow a burning coal for they have don stuff that would lead to Life bans immediately in any other cricket constituency. And then by telling them: Go ahead with all what you guys are doing, we do not really mind it. Give me a break!!

This has finally become a message to the world that the Pakistan Cricket constituency cannot live by its own words. How can we hope cricket returning to our greenland after what is happening now. Even if the violent peace situation improves in the country, Cricket boards would not be very confident sending their teams to Pakistan, the simple reason being that PCB is not committed...

Posted by meensa on (June 5, 2010, 17:05 GMT)

that was really depressing but true! on the bright side i still laughed at some of the parts so it undoubtedly very well written :)

Posted by nsidd75 on (June 5, 2010, 16:45 GMT)

well said Osman, Can't wait to see what will happen when we get hammered in England.

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