Ronnie Hira November 3, 2012

'I'd like to be a bit taller'

Ronnie Hira is tired of short-people jokes, and of being called Ron Weasley

How did you end up being a left-arm spinner?
I used to open the batting with Martin Guptill, and we've played in the same team since we were about eight. I actually used to bat ahead of him. Eventually, at 13 or 14, I ended up bowing spin, and here we are. Things change as you get a bit older.

If there was a body part you could take from one of your New Zealand team-mates, what would it be?
I'd like to be a bit taller - everyone in our team is taller than me. Short guys battle with short jokes all the time.

Are you and Kane Williamson in the same boat then?
Kane thinks he is a little taller than he is.

Any personality traits from any of your team-mates that you don't want?
Everyone talks about how Tim Southee is a bit of an annoyance, but his humour is good at times. Some guys get angry when they have been dismissed - I don't want to say which ones - but I try to stay away from that.

Ever unintentionally bowled one that turns the other way?
No, definitely not. I've tried to throw it a few times, but it just won't happen for me. I need to break it down right from the start if I wanted to start doing that. It would be handy.

You're moving to the Canterbury Wizards this season. What will you enjoy about living there?
The earthquakes will take some getting used to, but I'm looking forward to the change of scenery.

Given your new team is called the Wizards, do you have any fictional wizards you're particularly fond of?
My brother has reminded me that Ron is a wizard in Harry Potter, so he's been calling me Ron Weasley, which I'm trying to get him to stop doing.

You're touring Sri Lanka during the monsoon. What do you wish hotel rooms had to help while away rainy days?
Andre Adams is usually good on rainy days, because he carries around an Xbox and a projector, and that can be quite handy. I've just bought a laptop myself and the boys are talking about watching TV series. I need to get a hard drive, though.

What's the thing you miss the most about Auckland when you're travelling?
The rainy weather's probably pretty similar, but I'm not used to international cricket just yet and I haven't been home since August. Just looking forward to getting home in general.

Fish and chips or biryani?
Neither. I've had a few different cuisines since I've been away, but hopefully when I get home I can get some souvlaki in. Some Turkish food would be great.

Any nicknames in the team?
I hardly ever get called by my real name. The Auckland boys call me "Rocket", after Ronnie O'Sullivan, the snooker player. Everyone else just calls me Ronnie.

Who in the team would you say is the worst influence on you?
In this team, we probably don't have anyone like that. In the Auckland team, Lou Vincent gets up to some strange things. Lately he's been carrying around this Justin Bieber doll. He's one of the weirder characters I've been around.

You're not a big sledger. Any reason for that?
I just don't have time for it. I've got other things to worry about when I'm playing. It's hard enough to keep the ball in the park and not get hit for six.

Do you think you bowl better with sunglasses on?
It's not a fashion statement or anything, I've just got used to bowling with them on.

Andrew Fernando is ESPNcricinfo's correspondent in Sri Lanka