Shaun Tait February 1, 2014

'You can either bowl quick or you can't'

Shaun Tait likes to keep an eye on the speed gun, makes no-bouncer pacts with other fast bowlers, and loves him some TV

You've played 19 T20Is for Australia. Do you still hold hope of adding to that number?
If Australia wanted to select me for T20s, I would play.

There's a T20 World Cup around the corner. Any chance the call might come?
I don't think that will be happening now.

Tell us about the fast bowlers' union. Have you heard or made a pact not to bounce someone?
I've made pacts with a lot of bowlers around the world about no bouncers. Never with a spinner, though!

You've bowled the quickest ball ever in Australia. What's the secret to bowling rapid?
I don't know what the secret to quick bowling is. It's one of those things where you can either do it or you can't.

Do you keep an eye on the speed gun during games?
I sometimes keep an eye on the gun, but they don't always show it.

Which batsman from the past would you have loved to have had a bowl at?
I would have loved to have bowled to Viv Richards. They say he took it to the bowler, which would have made for a great, aggressive contest.

You have played T20 cricket over the world in all the big leagues. Where's the best?
I think the IPL is the best competition, followed by the Big Bash in Australia. The IPL stops a nation of a billion people. Playing with Indians and other players from different countries has been the best experience of my career.

Which one thing could you not live without on a desert island?
Pay TV.

Who's been the toughest batsman you've ever bowled to?
My good mate Brad Hodge.

Which of your team-mates - past or present - has the worst dressing-room banter?
James Faulkner.

Are you a fast bowler who enjoys his batting?
Yes, but only when facing spin!

Are you big on keeping mementoes from different teams through the years?
I've kept a playing shirt from every team I've played for. The cupboard is getting full.

Give us one name to look out for who's destined for a big future.
Travis Head from South Australia. He's an attacking young batsman.