Logie in line to be appointed coach February 28, 2005

Bermuda unhappy with managerial appointment

Cricinfo staff

The appointment of El James as Bermuda's coach appears to have ruffled more than a few feathers, according to a report in the island's Royal Gazette.

James's management technique has upset several members of the national side, and some of them are intending to take the matter up with the Bermuda Cricket Board ahead of this summer's ICC Trophy. They would prefer Wendell Smith, the interim coach, to travel with the side to Ireland.

James, a former BCB president and a member of the side which competed in the 1982 ICC Trophy, said he was surprised to learn of the unease. "I have no time to deal with any ignorance. When are we going to get positive? I'm shocked, but I guess there will always be negativity. I'm not out to make friends. I've only been asked to do a job which I intend to do to the best of my ability. And my track record speaks for itself."

The appointment comes amid rumours that Gus Logie, the former West Indies batsman, is on the verge of being named as Bermuda's new coach. "There's a strong possibility that he will be coming," a board spokesman said. "We can't say yes yet because there's a contractual agreement and other things that have to be looked into. All those things have to be decided first."