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Tanya Aldred

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So long, Shahid

If ever a cricketer has been delicious, it has been Afridi

England are shining but is anyone watching?

So they beat the old enemy, but did anyone notice in the noise of the football and the tennis?

Spare a tear for the underdog

Often the cricket fan's sympathy lies with the vanquished, not the victor

Hail Britannia, you dear old multicoloured thing

The England team full of players from other countries? Well, knock us down with a feather

Delighting in the Modi mess

Breathes there a fan with soul so dead who hasn't taken joy from cricket controversies?

Oh for a spot of fixing

Some bowlers are accused of involvement in irregularities; for others there's no such excuse. And who knew bookies watched county cricket?

Greedy or good?

There's plenty of over-the-top excess in the IPL, but there's a fair bit to like as well

No more the rocker

The thrill of watching Brett Lee at the top of his run-up in a Test match was something else

Here's to Gibson

It's good to see a West Indian at the helm of this once-great side

Good on you, Graeme

He's a crowd pleaser, an effortless charmer, a top-drawer spinner and better than a lower-order biffer. If the IPL doesn't want Swann, it's their loss, really

Vaughan behind the mike

The former England captain is, somewhat surprisingly, good on radio: funny, articulate, shrewd and insightful

What cricket can do for the environment

Players need to travel to play, but do they need to play so frequently?

Three from Tendulkar

There's something about the passion Sachin inspires that makes cricket worth it

The terrible treachery of Jonathan Trott

England's newest South African-born batting star a traitor? Oh the humanity!

Manchester United Cricket Club?

What if the football behemoth took to cricket? It might be the only way England could produce a winner in Champions League Twenty20

Where have all the villains gone?

Australia's clean-cut, ever-smiling pack of current cricketers makes you long for the scowling grouches of old

Damn the bloat

Day-nighters in autumn? English cricket has crossed a certain line with this one

A giant leap for womankind

This tournament has been a fine evangelical exercise for the women's game

Sixteen again

In which Shahid Afridi rediscovers his old self

Green, mean and dreary

South Africa should be crowd favourites but it seems their fate to be boring as England - only better

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