Once Upon an Anecdote

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Nari Contractor


April Fools Day in Trinidad? Got to be skeletal room service

Andy Atkinson

Wayne gets the bird

Big fast bowler v seagull

Daryl Harper

The other Harper

An umpire makes friends with a namesake

Gladstone Small

Driving under the influence

When Botham asked for spikes of a different kind

Makhaya Ntini

The mock's on you

The con artist who went down and came up sans a piece of clothing

Peter Kirsten

Lamb gets a roasting

Mess with Bunter and you'll get it in the neck

Deryck Murray

The keeper dunnit

You put on a match-winning stand in a World Cup game your team-mates are resigned to losing and the match award goes to someone from the other side

Shaun Pollock

The No. 10 who ran

Edgbaston 1999 comes back to haunt at a race track in Durban

Ewen Chatfield

Puree Cup

Need to end a game quickly? Bring out the tomatoes

Marcus Trescothick

Chairman of the bored

Mushy gets a soaking

Dean Jones

King of pain

Being forward short leg for Viv Richards

Derek Pringle

Clapham has left the building

World famous guitarist makes dressing-room appearance... and exit

Trevor Chappell

Cheer up, mate

An Englishman becomes part of the Aussie entourage... with a little encouragement

Maninder Singh

Sunny says

When Gavaskar said, "Watch me score a hundred" and proceeded to do just that

Paul Nixon

Chucking at Sir Viv

From throwing to a legend to playing against him

Ken Rutherford

Asleep at the wheel

A good night's sleep never hurt anybody - except Tony Blain and New Zealand

John Traicos

Headless chicken run

The man who followed orders all too well

Allan Jones

Dad's lad

When Mike Griffith followed in the footsteps of his father

Murali Kartik

Slip slidin' away

A five-for - of a different kind

Basit Ali

Slippery and wet

When Miandad and Akram decided everyone needed to get wet to celebrate a win

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