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Illustration: Abraham Lincoln

"I was wrong. Page 2 is proof that you can fool all of the people all of time."

Apr 9, 2012
Illustration: Alfred Hitchcock

"Drama is life with the dull bits cut out. Page 2 is life with the funny bits cut out."

Apr 3, 2012
Illustration: Britney Spears

"... And if you ever catch me reading Page 2, hit me baby, one more time."

Mar 28, 2012
Illustration: Virat Kohli

"I've never raised a finger at Page 2. Only a fist."

Mar 21, 2012
Illustration: Darth Vader

"Page 2 likes to think it's the light side, which is why I went to the dark side."

Mar 15, 2012
Illustration: John Lennon

"No Page 2 below us / Above us only sky"

Mar 9, 2012
Illustration: Che Guevara

"Guerrilla warfare was inspired by the habits of Page 2 writers. Attack the establishment when it's weak, spend a lot of time in the company of blood-suckers, and wear clothes that will make it hard for your enemies to spot you."

Mar 3, 2012
Illustration: Saeed Ajmal

"The teesra and Page 2 are works of genius. You don't have to use either. Only mention them and watch people tremble with fear and trepidation."

Feb 26, 2012
Illustration: Michael Jackson

"To Page 2, I'll repeat what I first said back in 1983: just beat it"

Feb 20, 2012
Illustration: Douglas Jardine

"The world needed Bodyline to stop Bradman then, and it needs bodybags to stop Page 2 now"

Feb 14, 2012
Illustration: Shakespeare

"Page 2 is such stuff as nightmares are made on; and our little life is rounded with a screaming in our sleep"

Feb 6, 2012
Illustration: George Bernard Shaw

"Assassination might be an extreme form of censorship, but it's too merciful for the likes of Page 2."

Jan 31, 2012
Illustration: Albert Einstein

"In a universe where everything is relative, Page 2 offers eternal reassurance by being uniformly dreadful across space and time."

Jan 25, 2012
Illustration: Santa Claus

"For me, Page 2 is like Christmas Eve. There's a lot of sneaking, sliding through dirty places and delivering things fit for children."

Jan 19, 2012
Illustration: Garry Sobers

"Sorry, no, Page 2 can't be called a world-class allrounder just because it's hated all round the world"

Jan 13, 2012
Illustration: Usain Bolt

"Every time I run, I imagine someone trying to tell me a Page 2 joke".

Jan 7, 2012
Illustration: Lex Luthor

"Page 2 is the ideal supervillain. It's smart, it's funny, it has grand ambitions and it never wins."

Jan 1, 2012
Illustration: Fred Flintstone

"Yabba Dabba Doo. You know who's more extinct than dinosaurs? Page 2, that's who!"

Dec 26, 2011
Illustration: Batman

"You know what's worse than being a superhero without superpowers? Being a page without content."

Dec 20, 2011
Illustration: Ludwig van Beethoven

"Writing music while being deaf is a breeze when compared to writing jokes while being blind to people's tastes."

Dec 14, 2011

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