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"Pujara seems to have a real weakness in his game when he's just passed 200. Something Australia can exploit through the rest of this series perhaps?"

Mar 8, 2013

"Lyon can't be dropped, he leads the team song. The guy that leads the song gets picked before the captain."

Mar 1, 2013

"... maybe we should make it mandatory for all pencils in Australian schools to have big concrete knobs on the end of them, so to strengthen the wrists of our children so they can rip and turn the thing in a ways Warnie couldn't even dream of?"

Feb 22, 2013

"Something's not right. I've seen the word 'blockhole' twice in the commentary today. Are you not watching the game properly?"

Feb 20, 2013

"The rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated. How entertaining is this?!"

Feb 15, 2013

"There was once a bowler called Steyn/ who made the batsman grimace in pain/ 'He finishes the game too fast,' the broadcasters would lament/ Hey, it ain't his fault, he is just quick, accurate and adamant."

Feb 6, 2013

"Would you believe it? There is not a single Akmal in the team! Maybe that's why it's not going for Pakistan."

Feb 5, 2013

"Maybe there could be an exhibition match between the San Francisco 49ers and the Pakistan 49ers?"

Feb 2, 2013

"Is it Steyn beck after lunch? Of Mice and Men seems appropriate, or perhaps In Dubious Battle."

Feb 2, 2013

"Rohit? Are you serious? Apparently Pujara is the new Mr India!" Yeah, Mr India, that is why he remains invisible, right?"

Jan 31, 2013

"Ah the good old New Zealand cricket team is back. There I was, almost starting to feel proud of them again."

Jan 26, 2013

"Presumably Starc will be rotated out of the next match because of his excessive work rate scoring 22 not out. We must keep looking to the 2015 World Cup."

Jan 19, 2013

"Under the runs column, you sure it's not a telephone number for Ponting and Hussey? Looks very much so!"

Jan 19, 2013

"I don't understand all this talk of 'NZ batsmen don't know how to make hundreds' because they sure seem to spend a lot of time watching everyone else do it."

Jan 13, 2013

"Sachin playing for Mumbai and Rahane playing for India now. Who would have expected it."

Jan 9, 2013

"This short bowling is getting gory, fitting then that it's the FranklinSteyn show..."

Jan 4, 2013

"For sale: 2 Tickets, SA vs NZ in Cape Town, day 3"

Jan 3, 2013

"Dropped catch, missed stumping, dropped catch, dropped catch, catch that wasn't even dropped because no one touched it... The Aussies want to let SL back in to the game, but SL aren't having any of it. Who will win this epic battle of will?"

Dec 27, 2012

"Mitchell Johnson reminds me of the Schrodinger's cat experiment - which Mitchell turns up, we never know until the match starts!

Dec 19, 2012

"Mitchell denied the other Mitchell a 'Michelle'."

Dec 13, 2012

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