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"An ode to the bearded wonder/ Single-minded, what pillage what plunder/ He looks like he's set/ 200 he'll get/ Unless there's some rain and some thunder"

Dec 6, 2012

"They are slowing down. Only five an over now. If they keep slowing at this rate, they will come to a complete standstill at 1281/4."

Dec 6, 2012

"Looks like Starc has got over the disappointment of me bowling him out six years ago when was playing for Auburn 4th Grade."

Dec 6, 2012

"Australia started their surge to the top after getting beaten by New Zealand in Hobart last year in a two-match series. Let's hope Sri Lanka can take the same route from the next series. Of course, I'm being extremely optimistic though!"

Nov 30, 2012

"I think my calendar is broken. Either that or Christmas has come early! NZ on top in a Test match?! Thank you Santa!!!"

Nov 28, 2012

"I know for a fact that "How to bat like Chris Martin" is a best seller in SL."

Nov 28, 2012

"A chanceless 180 from Tahir had the crowd excited."

Nov 24, 2012

"Has a doctor checked Philander yet? Did he really wake up with a bad back, or just a premonition of what was to come... "

Nov 24, 2012

"I was at the Gabba for the Aus/SA Test wearing my NZ jumper, and a guy asked me about whether the All Blacks were playing the next morning (which they were), to which I mentioned that I had far more interest in cricket than rugby. He piped up, saying, 'Yeah, how's that working out for ya?' We all had a good laugh, but deep down I think I was crying on the inside... "

Nov 18, 2012

"I'm really starting to understand the look I get abroad when I tell people I'm more interested in NZ cricket than NZ rugby."

Nov 18, 2012

"Facing Steyn from one end, Smith from the other. You wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry!"

Nov 12, 2012

"It took me months to explain my wife about the Powerplay rules and duh they have changed them."

Nov 6, 2012

"Why in God's name do cricketers think they can get away with picking their nose? My workplace isn't internationally televised, and I'm still terrified to scratch my backside."

Oct 31, 2012

"With the match delayed by rain what about water-related name changes. V Seawag, Morne Snorkel, U Boat Chand

Oct 25, 2012

"Who was that guy with 'stache bowling to Sachin? For good measure they brought in someone from 70s to make the test match practice even more authentic!"

Oct 23, 2012

"Ya game like this just Gibbs far too Mennie opportunities to make puns. I'll sit back with my Beer and try not to Hogg all the good ones."

Oct 21, 2012

"I stay about 50kms from the stadium and tried to explain the situation to my wife. She just looked at me with that confused look and asked why they don't pick the ball up and run for the try line. Go figure!"

Oct 18, 2012

"Yes, that wicket really upset the Ballance of the game. Highlights quite a Starc difference between the two sides, if you ask me."

"Did Moses just up-Root the stumps? The man could split the Red Sea such is his form.."

"Gale vs Gayle... what a difference a 'y' makes!!"

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