Tests of Character

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What milestone can you reach?

So you probably won't play 100 Tests, but there must be other things you could achieve in cricket

What type of captain would you be?

You keep shouting at the TV, telling your team what to do. So take our quiz already

What sort of a Test innings would you be?

Pakistan's 49 has a great personality. Do you?

What is your favourite cricket fantasy?

Yes, it can only be one of these three

What will be the next stunt Jesse Ryder pulls?

He's broken windows, fought with fans, and had us believe that without him NZ cricket is doomed

What do you think MS Dhoni is annoyed about?

He looked mightily bothered during the Rajkot ODI. What could it be?

What would you do if you were Ross Taylor?

He's probably hanging out with Jesse Ryder, and the two are crying on the inside for what's happening to New Zealand cricket

What is your great prediction for 2013?

But if you're Mayan, you will no doubt be wrong

What is your stance on MS Dhoni?

He's getting plenty of flak for India's performances. What do you think of him?

How would you celebrate your hundreds?

Virat Kohli likes to mouth off. What about you?

What sort of a streaker would you be?

It takes all sorts to get naked on a cricket field

What sort of a No. 3 are you?

With Dravid and Ponting gone, there's room for fresh talent

What would you do if you were the BCCI?

About world cricket, that is

Who will you support in India v England?

These questions will reveal your true leaning

Are you Test Match Special or Test Match Sofa?

Answer these questions to find out, but remember, the most fun is to be had is on ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball

What would you offer in exchange for an IPL franchise?

We'll take anything you can throw at us… except maybe the kitchen sink

How will you protect your star players?

Cricket Australia realised Shane Watson needed to be cotton-woolled for national duty and called him back. What would you do?

Where do you think West Indies will go from here?

They won the World Twenty20. What next?

What sort of cheerleader do you want to see in cricket?

It seems they weren't happy with the cheerleaders in the World Twenty20. What would you like?

What cricketing power would you want?

If you could have one super-special skill in cricket, what would you pick?

How popular are you with your team-mates?

KP wasn't very well liked in the dressing room. Would you be?

Do you think Tendulkar should retire?

Which side of the debate do you stand on?

Are you like Shane Warne?

Would you look good dangling on Liz Hurley's arm?

What is your cricketing mantra?

We saw plenty of drama in the latest episode of KP v the World. What would you have done?

Are you a cricketing smarty-pants?

In other words, do your friends find your conversations about the game annoying?

How quick are you between the wickets?

Inspired by the 100m Olympic final, we felt the need for speed

Are you a fierce fast bowler?

Do batsmen wet their pants when you say Howdy to them?

Are you a fan of India-Pakistan cricket?

You know, those teams that don't play each other when their countries aren't on talking terms

Why do you hate Indian cricket?

You know you do. We have three possible reasons why

What sort of pitch would you be?

Everyone's pouring hate on the SSC. Could you do better?

Do you think cricket is cooler than football?

It's not the beautiful game, but perhaps it is one that kicks more ass?

Which side of a player's strike would you be on?

You're either with us or against us

How would you entertain spectators during delays in play?

Duckworth and Lewis is all right for calculating what must be done after a rain delay, but what to do during stoppages themselves?

What sort of IPL scandal appeals to you?

So many dirty deeds to choose from

Are you a county cricket lover?

Of course your dog is, but what about you?

Are you KP?

Obviously you're not really Jessica Taylor's husband, but something like him?

How do you feel about the IPL?

Love it or hate it, you can't ignore it. Or can you?

How do you feel about minnows?

You know, those weak teams that you see every other World Cup or so

Can you spot a honey trap?

If you were a cricketer and met a beautiful girl who was interested in you, would you get suspicious?

Can you be like Rahul Dravid?

Everyone's saying there won't be another cricketer like him. Well, why don't you try?

How will you react on meeting a cricketer?

Spotted a cricketer at the bar? Take our quiz before fishing out your camera phone

How would you investigate and report on a rift in a team?

Rumours, denials, sniping, acceptance, and a whole lot of confusion. Can you get to the bottom of it?

How would you react in a nail-biter?

If we pop you into a pressure cooker, would you blow off steam or explode?

How would you sell products during a game?

If you sponsored cricket, what sort of innovations would you come up with?

What pastimes will you indulge in on tour?

There's plenty of dead time during an overseas series. Apart from tweeting inanities, how will you spend it?

What do you think is the greatest evil facing the game today?

No ranting here. We're giving you only three options. Pick one

When would you retire?

Many are demanding that India's big three call it quits. Would you go when asked why or when asked why you have a walking stick for a bat?

What sort of broadcasting channel would you be?

Would you show cricket between the ads or ads between the cricket?

What do your New Year resolutions say about you?

2012 is here and you have promises to keep

What sort of cricketing speech would you give?

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend us your words

Whose side are you on?

It's Australia v India, so there ought to be some controversy for us to enjoy. But how will you react and who will you back?

Are you jinxing the 100th hundred?

Is it you who's making everyone wait in agony? We'll unmask you if you just oblige us by taking this quiz

How would you face the press?

Cricketers are blamed for talking in clichés and never saying anything of substance. Do you think you could do better when faced with a mike?

What do you watch cricket for?

What gets your pulse racing in a game? Find out by answering these 10 questions

How much domestic cricket do you follow?

You aren't a real cricket fan unless you've got obscure stats of unknown players from unheard-of teams at the tips of your fingers

How would you react to cricketing controversies?

We like to make fun of cricketers when they bungle up, but what would we (or rather, you) do if put in the same situation?

Could you be an umpire?

It takes more than raising a finger, you know

Can you be a wicketkeeper?

It's a specialised position, requiring agility and an annoying personality

How would you name your Twenty20 franchise?

What'll be your style? Think you could find a name less perplexing than Super Kings? Take our quiz

What sort of review would you carry out?

This the season for navel-gazing. Let's indulge

Do you have the spirit of cricket?

All that drama about the Ian Bell run-out made us want to introspect and judge our own characters

Do you have it in you to be No. 1?

The rankings have changed hands. If you led a team, who would it be like?

Would you know a bookie if you saw one?

Cricketers are blamed for suspicious approaches, but can these shady men be spotted easily?

What cricketing era would you belong to?

Are you a product of a different time and didn't know it?

What sort of a sledger would you be?

Warning - asterisks ahead

What sort of a commentator would you be?

Are your dulcet tones fit to be heard?

Where would you bat in a Test line-up?

The 2000th Test is coming up. We're doing our bit

Has too much cricket burnt you out?

Does bile rise to your mouth when you see bat, ball or Shastri?

Are you cool like Chris Gayle?

Does being around you make everyone else feel inferior? Answer these questions to find out

What sort of a fielder are you?

Would Jonty want fielding lessons from you? Find out

What type of a spectator are you?

Find out if you're fit to watch cricket in a stadium

Could you be India's next coach?

Find out if Dhoni and his men should answer to you

Will your partner leave you for your cricket obsession?

Answer these questions to know your fate

What sort of cricket administrator are you?

Find out if you have it in you to rub shoulders with Pawar and Co

Are you a Tendulkar stalker?

Find out here by answering these 12 helpful questions

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