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How would you react to cricketing controversies?

We like to make fun of cricketers when they bungle up, but what would we (or rather, you) do if put in the same situation?

1. What would you have done if you had been in the place of Greg and Trevor Chappell during the underarm incident?

2. How would you have caught the ball and celebrated if you had been in Herschelle Gibbs' place during the Super Six match against Australia in the 1999 World Cup?

3. If you had bitten the ball like Shahid Afridi did, how would you have explained yourself?

4. Would you have taken a diuretic pill like Shane Warne did, if your mum had offered it to you?

5. What would you have said instead of "I intend to make them grovel" a la Tony Greig in 1976?

6. Would you have taken a joyride in a Tiger Moth, like David Gower and John Morris did?

7. Would you have kicked down the stumps like Michael Holding did in Christchurch in 1979?

8. Would you have asked your partner to walk back with you if you weren't happy with your dismissal, as Sunil Gavaskar did in Melbourne in 1981?

9. Would you have taken your shirt off like Ganguly did on the balcony at Lord's?

10. Would you have played with an aluminium bat like Dennis Lillee did?

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