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Which side of a player's strike would you be on?

You're either with us or against us

1. The Australian players threaten to strike if they don't get a share of television revenue. What's your opinion of their threat?

2. The international schedule is overburdened and FICA calls for players to refuse to participate unless the load is reduced. What's your response?

3. The Indian board suspends Sachin Tendulkar for saying the BCCI is run by "a bunch of cretins who I could buy out and turn into a T20 franchise in less time than it takes me to get a hundred hundreds". His team-mates, touring abroad, refuse to take the field till the suspension is withdrawn. You think:

4. The New Zealand players all opt for the IPL when it clashes with a Test series. Do you think the board should revoke their central contracts?

5. Tired of only getting to play Zimbabwe, Bangladesh's players refuse a tour to the country and demand they should no longer have to play "minnows". You think:

6. Shah Rukh Khan says that unless he is allowed to swagger into the Wankhede Stadium, trash it with graffiti and cigarette ash, he won't field a Kolkata Knight Riders team in the 2013 IPL. Should his players support him?

7. The West Indies Players Association calls for a boycott against the West Indies board when Christmas cards from the WICB to the players don't begin with "Dear". How should the WICB react?

8. Upset at being accused of ball-tampering, the Pakistan team occupies the Lord's pitch and refuses to continue the match. What should the MCC do?

9. The South Africans refuse to participate in the World Cup unless the ICC makes sure no "choking" references are made at all. Should the ICC agree to their demands?

  • We need sophisticated technology to deal with chucking
    Darren Berry: Still images and slow-motion replays are more effective than lab testing
  • India's Constant problem
    Rewind: How a row over the appointment of an umpire in 1982 led to the Shakoor Rana-Mike Gatting stand-off
  • Aftab's unfulfilled talent
    Mohammad Isam: Aftab Ahmed could have been a superstar for Bangladesh, but he didn't have the desire and work ethic to follow through
  • Test cricket's young Fab Four
    Martin Crowe: Kohli, Root, Smith and Williamson will take turns as the No. 1 Test batsman. So far each has shown only one technical weakness
  • Can keep, can bat
    Numbers Game: The modern wicketkeeper needs to be more than capable with the bat, and West Indies and Pakistan have had some success with them recently
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