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Could you be an umpire?

It takes more than raising a finger, you know

1. . Does DRS threaten the umpire?

2. What do you do if the batsman shows dissent?

3. How do you ensure players don't sledge?

4. How do you react if you get a decision wrong?

5. What's all the fuss about bad light?

6. Should a fielder's word be taken for an iffy catch?

7. Should you be allowed to no-ball chuckers?

8. Do umpires need people skills?

9. Are neutral umpires a must in today's game?

10. What's your work mantra?

  • Crunch time for Sehwag and Gambhir
    Numbers Game: The Indian T20 tournament presents an opportunity to both to show their class once again
  • The rise of the Associates
    Firdose Moonda: Cricket below the international top tier is well structured. It's a pity the Test-playing world doesn't take a leaf out of their book
  • The choking problem
    Martin Crowe: If they are to live up to their potential in next year's World Cup at home, New Zealand need to look within
  • Impressing Viv and Greg
    Five Firsts: Former Pakistan batsman Haroon Rasheed on the compliments he received, and his admiration for Gavaskar
  • Still plenty of ifs for Butt
    Rob Steen: Salman Butt insists players should refrain from "wrongdoing" but that shouldn't gain him back the trust of those he duped
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