Tests of Character

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What sort of review would you carry out?

'Tis the season for navel-gazing. Let's indulge

1. Your first-class system has been churning out batsmen clueless about playing the moving ball, the short ball, the spinning ball… in short any ball that does anything. What do you suggest in your report?

2. Your away record is appalling. What do you do?

3. What will be the title of your review?

4. Your selectors' decisions have been ridiculous enough to be featured on Page 2. How do you rectify that?

5. Will you hold the captain responsible for losses?

6. How do you solve the problem of frequent injuries?

7. What about scheduling?

8. Would you restructure the administration as well?

9. Will the Twenty20 league phenomenon feature in your review?

10. What message will your review send out?

  • Four afternoons into immortality
    Rewind: In 1899 a 13-year-old orphan at Clifton College established a world record which stands to this day
  • A crisis that defines the age
    David Hopps: In England, changes in social attitudes, the demands of work, and other factors are contributing to a decline in recreational cricket
  • Momentous at the WACA
    It may have been a one-day match but the Western Australia-Queensland Gillette Cup semi-final was no ordinary game. By Alan Shiell
  • No place like Arundel
    When you spend your childhood in the shadow of a magnificent cricket ground, you tend to take it for granted. Revisiting helps put things in perspective
  • Misbah's Pakistan or Imran's Pakistan?
    Numbers Game: Pakistan have notched up some fine wins under Misbah's leadership, but they haven't been consistent outside the UAE
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