Tests of Character

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What sort of review would you carry out?

'Tis the season for navel-gazing. Let's indulge

1. Your first-class system has been churning out batsmen clueless about playing the moving ball, the short ball, the spinning ball… in short any ball that does anything. What do you suggest in your report?

2. Your away record is appalling. What do you do?

3. What will be the title of your review?

4. Your selectors' decisions have been ridiculous enough to be featured on Page 2. How do you rectify that?

5. Will you hold the captain responsible for losses?

6. How do you solve the problem of frequent injuries?

7. What about scheduling?

8. Would you restructure the administration as well?

9. Will the Twenty20 league phenomenon feature in your review?

10. What message will your review send out?

  • Most consecutive Tests, and vowel-less surnames
    Ask Steven: Plus, the shortest turnaround times between Test series, and the nervous and not-so-nervous 90s
  • Keith and Marjorie
    Tales of a dashing airman-cricketer in wartime, from a lady who knew him then. By Alan Butcher
  • A decade of Mushfiqur
    His selection at 18 was viewed as a gamble but he has repaid that faith with his consistency over ten years, a rarity for a Bangladesh player
  • Playing alongside Adam Sanford
    Eleven Tests and 30 wickets for West Indies, and a stand at Windsor Park named after him. And he now plays club cricket in the USA. By Scott Oliver
  • Cook's clarity breeds resilience
    Ed Smith: His immaculate concentration at Lord's on Sunday revealed his mental toughness. Whatever the sphere, the latter flows from the former
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