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What do you watch cricket for?

What gets your pulse racing in a game? Find out by answering these 10 questions

1. What are your thoughts during the opening session of a Test?

2. Would you take a bathroom break when a batsman is nearing his century?

3. At what point during a game do you switch off the TV?

4. Does the DRS enhance your viewing experience?

5. What do you think of a batsman who turns down an easy single so he can reach his landmark before the match gets over?

6. What do you think when bowlers bowl negative lines?

7. Do you like Twenty20?

8. What's your favourite cricket venue?

9. What did you think of the Newlands Test where South Africa were bowled out for 96 and Australia for 47?

10. What's the one thing that irks you about today's cricket?

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