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Where do you think West Indies will go from here?

They won the World Twenty20. What next?

1. Do you think they will defend their World Twenty20 title in 2014?

2. Do you think they will become an unbeatable side at home?

3. Do you think they can be as dominating as the West Indies of the '80s?

4. Where do you see them in ten years from now?

5. Do you think West Indies can capture the imagination of the Americans?

6. Will we see full stadiums in West Indies for Tests?

7. Do you think West Indies players will continue to opt out of national commitments to play the IPL?

8. Do you think the constant battles between the West Indies board and the players association will now come to an end?

9. West Indies are popular for the joy with which they play. Do you think they will retain that in the coming years?

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