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How would you entertain spectators during delays in play?

Duckworth and Lewis is all right for calculating what must be done after a rain delay, but what to do during stoppages themselves?

1. What would you do during a rain delay?

2. The outfield is still wet. How will you entertain fans while it's being dried?

3. What will you do when bad light stops play?

4. There has been a broadcast failure, and play is halted till it's fixed. How do you keep the crowd from getting restless?

5. Some bulbs in the floodlights are malfunctioning. What will you do?

6. Players start brawling on the field. What do you do?

7. The coin for the toss has been misplaced. How do you entertain fans during the delay?

8. Moths have invaded the field. What will you do?

9. A dog's loose on the field. What will you do?

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