Tests of Character

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What sort of cricket administrator are you?

Find out if you have it in you to rub shoulders with Pawar and Co

1. When given a load of cash, you:

2. When preparing your team's international schedule, you:

3. If a player from your side causes an embarrassing international incident, you:

4. Spectators to you are:

5. You are old enough:

6. If you were asked "Are ODIs dying?", you'd answer:

7. At the opening ceremony of a marquee tournament, your speech would contain:

8. And what would the opening ceremony contain?

9. To get votes at a board meeting, you:

10. Your opinion of rebel leagues:

11. India is to cricket:

12. The home of cricket is:

  • Come now, Mr Faulkner
    The Long Handle: The Australian allrounder would have us believe sledging is inevitable. Is it?
  • Wahab's roar, and mad Maxwell
    Fan Following: The Wahab v Watson subplot, a Geoffrey Edelsten lookalike and a clinical chase made for a great experience
  • Keeping a quarter-final streak alive
    Fan Following: Bringing a bugle out of hibernation and donning face-paint for a unique hat-trick of India's World Cup quarter-finals
  • A disappointing result, and a solemn farewell
    Fan Following: The quarter-final match between Sri Lanka and South Africa promised plenty of electric contests but turned out to be tepid. It was the last chance, however, to see two Sri Lankan greats in action for the last time in ODIs
  • Do you want to listen to umpires chat?
    The Long Handle: What's so interesting about two middle-aged men discussing how to operate a remote?
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