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How do you feel about minnows?

You know, those weak teams that you see every other World Cup or so

1. Bangladesh reached the Asia Cup final by beating India and Sri Lanka. Can they still be called minnows?

2. Are you following the ICC World Twenty20 qualifiers?

3. How did you feel when Trinidad & Tobago reached the Champions League final in 2009?

4. How did you feel when Zimbabwe returned to Test cricket?

5. When England were beaten by Netherlands in the 2009 World Twenty20, it was:

6. When England were beaten by Ireland in the 2011 World Cup, it was:

7. How do you feel about the use of the word "upset" every time a weaker team beats a stronger team?

8. What do you think of India's refusal to host Bangladesh for bilateral series?

9. Does Ireland deserve Test status?

  • 'The craziest group of people I have ever seen'
    Fan Following: Perfect weather, a historic hundred, and plenty of singing in the stands made it a day to savour
  • That ball was hard to spot
    Fan Following: There was the excitement of being part of history, but this fan in Adelaide is doubtful if he will be in favour of day-night Tests. Plus, he could not sight the ball well
  • Is it ABD or ABV?
    Fan Following: An Indian fan couldn't have asked for more on day one: great weather, spinners running riot and a fighting knock from a modern great
  • A real life 'back to the future'
    Fan Following: A fan is overjoyed and overwhelmed at seeing his childhood cricketing heroes playing together in New York
  • Who says there's a problem with Test cricket?
    The Long Handle: There's too much of a kerfuffle over the death of the format. Can't we just let sleeping dinosaurs lie?
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