Tests of Character

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Do you have the spirit of cricket?

All that drama about the Ian Bell run-out made us want to introspect and judge our own characters

1. If you saw a batsman stray out of his crease, like Bell did, thinking the ball was dead, what would you do?

2. Would you walk if you had edged a ball?

3. What if you gloved it?

4. Would you claim a catch even if you knew you had grounded it?

5. Would you use candy to aid swing?

6. Would you call back a batsman if you found out he had been dismissed off a no-ball?

7. Would you run out a batsman who fell short because he collided with the bowler?

8. Do you think it's wrong to use a graphite rod in your bat?

9. How about bouncing tailenders?

10. Is commiserating with an opponent on losing the right thing to do?

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