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Can you spot a honey trap?

If you were a cricketer and met a beautiful girl who was interested in you, would you get suspicious?

1. A lady comes up to you during a match and asks for your autograph. What do you say?

2. A stranger comes up to you during dinner at the hotel restaurant and asks if she can join you because she hates eating alone. What do you say?

3. A woman you've known for a short while asks you to meet some businessmen friends of hers. What do you say?

4. Your lady friend asks you about pitch conditions and line-up. Do you give her the information?

5. She asks if you'd like to bet on your own team's performance. After all, you'll have some control over the result. What do you think?

6. At an ICC anti-corruption briefing, you are asked if you know what a "honey trap" is. What do you answer?

7. You're then told that the term "honey trap" is used for an attractive woman used to lure sportsmen into fixing, and asked if you now understand the dangers. What do you say?

8. What is your opinion of the fashion shows and lavish parties hosted during a popular Twenty20 league every year?

9. You notice your team-mate's girlfriend frequently steps out to take phone calls. What do you think these conversations are about?

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