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How will you react on meeting a cricketer?

Spotted a cricketer at the bar? Take our quiz before fishing out your camera phone

1. A cricketer attends a sponsor event in your neighbourhood. You will:

2. You're reading the newspaper at an airport lounge and notice the person sitting next to you is a well-known cricketer. You:

3. A cricketer falls asleep in the seat next to you during a flight. What will you do?

4. You're stopped from entering a store in which cricketers are shooting an ad. You:

5. You see a cricketer at a pub in a fairly inebriated state. What do you do?

6. If a cricketer is eating in a restaurant with his family, will you think of interrupting them?

7. If a cricketer is set to conduct a coaching session at your children's school, will you attend?

8. If you bumped into a cricketer on the dance floor of a nightclub, would you ask him to dance with you?

9. If you won a contest to spend the day with a cricketer, where would you take him?

10. If you had to click a photo with a cricketer, what pose will you assume?

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