Tests of Character

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How would you react in a nail-biter?

If we pop you into a pressure cooker, would you blow off steam or explode?

1. You need six runs off the last ball. What do you do?

2. The opposition needs six off the last ball, bowled by you. What do you do?

3. You are batting with a tailender and need to get off strike on the last ball of the over. What do you do?

4. A big-hitter is killing your team out there. He mistimes a ball and it goes up in air and circles down towards you. How will you catch it?

5. The opposition are scrambling for the winning run when you have a shot at the stumps. What do you do?

6. You appeal for a plumb lbw that will hand you the match. But the umpire turns it down. What do you do?

7. You're in the pavilion while your last pair is chasing a steep target. The camera pans to you to catch your reaction. What do you do?

8. It's the World Cup final and nerves are jangling. The opposition sledges you. What do you do?

9. Your team-mate gets into a scuffle with the opposition just before having to bowl the final over. What do you do?

10. How do you distract yourself during tense moments in the game?

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