Tests of Character

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How popular are you with your team-mates?

KP wasn't very well liked in the dressing room. Would you be?

1. When meeting up for a tour, how do you greet your team-mates?

2. What do you do with your Man of the Match cash?

3. How will you congratulate your batting partner on getting a hundred?

4. How do you motivate team-mates during a team meeting?

5. What do you say to a team-mate when he gets out on 99?

6. There is no "I" in team…

7. How do you spend your free time on tour?

8. Do you follow your team-mates on Twitter?

9. What do you do if a team-mate gets into an argument with opposition players on the field?

10. How will you react if your team-mates pull a prank on you that ends up turning your hair fuchsia pink?

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