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Are you jinxing the 100th hundred?

Is it you who's making everyone wait in agony? We'll unmask you if you just oblige us by taking this quiz

1. When anyone brings up the 100th hundred in conversation, what do you say?

2. How do you react to those who say Tendulkar is obsessed with records?

3. What are your thoughts when he walks out to bat?

4. And when he hits his first four?

5. Do you pray for him during his innings?

6. Would you be happy if Tendulkar got his hundred but at the cost of losing the game?

7. Have you planned what you're going to do when he gets it?

8. So when do you think he'll get it?

9. What were you doing when he got out into the 90s in Mumbai?

10. Do you have any superstitions that you indulge in during his innings?

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