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How much domestic cricket do you follow?

You aren't a real cricket fan unless you've got obscure stats of unknown players from unheard-of teams at the tips of your fingers

1. If you were part of the Combined Campuses and Colleges, you would be:

2. Who lifted the Sheffield Shield last year?

3. What sort of domestic cricket is most popular with our canine friends?

4. True or false: New Zealand's Pukekura Park not only hosted World Cup matches but was also a setting for Tom Cruise's movie The Last Samurai

5. Why was Manoj Prabhakar sacked as Delhi's coach?

6. Where do young domestic South African cricketers getting ignored by the selectors usually go?

7. What is the Ford Trophy?

8. Who is the Ranji Trophy named after?

9. Is the National Bank of Pakistan a safe bank to put one's money in?

10. What goes through your mind when you read the headline "Mountaineers beat Rhinos"?

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