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How would you investigate and report on a rift in a team?

Rumours, denials, sniping, acceptance, and a whole lot of confusion. Can you get to the bottom of it?

1. Your editor asks you the best way to approach this story. You say:

2. It is believed that punches were thrown in the dressing room. How would you confirm it?

3. Two players, rumoured to be at the centre of the controversy, hold a joint press conference in which they declare their love and admiration for each other. What do you do?

4. Two players are arguing on the field. How do you find out what it's about?

5. The board sends the captain a letter telling him to stop making anonymous calls to the vice-captain's mother saying her son is raging alcoholic. How do you access the letter?

6. The vice-captain has plenty to rant about. How do you get in on it?

7. A player comes to practice with a black eye. He says he fell down the stairs. How do you find out the truth?

8. What headline would you give for a story about the captain and vice-captain publicly bad-mouthing each other?

9. If you were looking for a whistleblower to out the team's shenanigans, what sort of person would you pick?

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