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How would you face the press?

Cricketers are blamed for talking in clich├ęs and never saying anything of substance. Do you think you could do better when faced with a mike?

1. Your team has just lost by an innings. The press asks you what went wrong. You say:

2. A player has been controversially left out of the squad. The press believes you had a hand in it and asks you about it. What will you say?

3. Who is your favourite famous orator?

4. If asked, "Has this match been fixed?", what would you say?

5. What would you say when asked: "Do you think Sachin is under too much pressure to score his 100th hundred?"

6. You have had a poor run of form for months now and you are asked why you haven't been dropped yet. You say:

7. You decide to sit out a Test series after playing the IPL. The press asks you why you chose the league over country. You say:

8. Your players are dropping like flies during an international tour. Even the replacements are injured. You are criticised for poor planning. What is your defence?

9. You have changed your hairstyle. The press asks you if you think the new style will help you win more games. You say:

10. While you're answering questions at the press conference, a phone-cum-recorder rings in front of you. What do you do?

11. You have been fined for showing dissent to an umpire. A journalist asks you if this is the death of the spirit of cricket. You reply:

12. A famous actress is romantically linked to you. The press is agog with questions. What do you say?

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